50+ geometric tattoos: cool ink ideas for men and women

50+ geometric tattoos: cool ink ideas for men and women

Tattoos have existed for centuries, and people are not afraid to show them off. This has made individuals look for new and unique designs to express their love for body art. Geometric tattoos offer a bold and captivating aesthetic appeal. These designs incorporate a combination of lines, patterns and shapes. If you want cool ink ideas, these geometric tattoos for men and women are ideal for you.

Geometric tattoo ideas
Variations of geometric tattoos. Photo: @eternaltigertattoo, @dinesh_tattoo, @poletteink, @tattoosbynickfierro, @bill.htattooart, abrodlesstravelled on Instagram (modified by author)
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Geometric tattoos have emerged as one of the popular ink designs in body art. They incorporate numerous shapes, lines and mathematical patterns to tell a story. Geometric tattoos are not just unique to the eye but have more profound meanings. Here is a list of geometrical ink ideas for both gender.

Cool geometric tattoos

Are you looking for cool and unique ink designs? Geometric ink designs present creative ink ideas that you can try out. Below are the designs you can try out for a unique look.

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Geometric animal tattoos

Geometric tattoo ideas
Variations of geometric animal tattoos.Photo: @montanatattoocompany, @the_tattootailor, @abrodlesstravelled, @kevintattoos, @jochastney.tattoo, @leobardock_tattoo on Instagram (modified by author)
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Animal tattoos are among the popular geometric tattoos for men. The designs are infused with geometry to make them unique. These symbols have deeper meanings, and there are numerous designs to choose from.

The tattoos range from big to medium and trim. The following animals are some of the choices you can ink.

  • Lion: The animal represents strength, power and dominance.
  • Tiger: This is a strong animal, and it symbolises vitality and courage.
  • Cats: They are spiritual and represent people who are agile, intuitive and loyal.
  • Fox: It symbolises cunningness and wits.
  • Deer: It symbolises grace and innocence.
  • Wolf: It represents family and companionship.

Geometric bird tattoos

Geometric colour tattoos
Variations of bird tattoos. Photo: @banatattoo, @yantinotattoo_ubud, @romaniantattoostudios, @brianhornetattoo_islamabad, @estellep_ink, @powertattoo_coimbra on Instagram (modified by author)
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Birds are fascinating creatures which can be incorporated into body ink artistry. You can pick a bird and have it inked anywhere on your body. Here are some famous birds you can choose from.

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  • Dove: This is the bird of peace. It symbolises tranquillity and harmony.
  • Crane: This bird symbolises long life, grace and balance.
  • Rave: A rave represents perseverance, transformation and mystery.
  • Eagle: The bird symbolises power, foresight and independence.
  • Swift: The bird is agile, adaptable and swift. It symbolises freedom and perseverance.
  • Hummingbird: This bird symbolises different things, such as love, happiness and healing.

Geometric fish tattoos

Simple geometric tattoo designs
Variations of fish tattoos. Photo: @tattoosbypirkko, @dot_tattooshop, @cali_chris49, @k_ink_tattoo, @ksink_tattoostudio, @lucascatanonorena on Instagram (modified by author)
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If you love water and fish, these designs are excellent for you. You can choose from different fish types and incorporate geometry in the design. Here are the common fish tattoos and their meanings.

  • Koi: The Koi fish are seen as strong and courageous. They symbolise strength and determination.
  • Shark: Shark tattoos symbolise bravery, defence and awareness.
  • Mackerel: The fish symbolises abundance and prosperity in many cultures. It also represents harmony and balance.
  • Tuna: This fish is symbolic in many cultures. It represents freedom, positive energy and endurance.
  • Perch: It symbolises freedom and adaptability.
  • Basa: This fish symbolises fertility and abundance.

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Astrological geometric tattoos

Geometric tattoos for men
Variations of astrology tattoos. Photo: @kmikzetattoo, @naomi_graphicsandneedles, @ourmindfullife, @astrotattoos, @cafemom, @astrotattoos on Instagram (modified by author)
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These body ink are linked to the 12 zodiac signs. One can choose their favourite and incorporate geometric symbols and shapes to create a beautiful tattoo. Here are the six common astrological geometric tattoo ideas.

  • Leo: Represents people who were born between 23 July and 22 August.
  • Virgo: This sign is for people born between 23 August and 22 September.
  • Taurus: Represented by the bull is a sign for people born between 20 April and 20 May.
  • Sagittarius: Sign for people born between 22 November to 21 December.
  • Capricorn: This represents people who were born between 22 December and 19 January.
  • Scorpio: This is the zodiac sign for people born between 23 October to 21 November.

Geometric shapes tattoos

Geometric tattoo ideas
Variations of geometric shapes tattoos. Photo: @tattmagazine, @tattoosboygirl, @outsons, @cjhuey, @beckers11, @astrotattoos on Instagram (modified by author)
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If you are a fan of math, geometric shapes tattoos will allow you to get creative. With these tattoos, you can experiment and create a unique design with your wildest imagination. These tattoos are often combined with multiple shapes, lines and patterns to create a unique geometry.

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The designs will also work well with any part of your body. They include strangles, circles, hexagons, octagons, spirals, rectangles, and squares.

  • The circle: It symbolises unity and wholeness.
  • Rectangle: It is a symbol of learning and knowledge.
  • Square: This is a symbol of order and structure.
  • Hexagon: It means communication and balance.
  • Pentagon: It is a representation of the five elements.
  • Octagon: This symbol represents spiritual rejuvenation and purity.

Geometric insect tattoos

Geometric tattoos for woman
Variations of geometric insect tattoos. Photo: @culturacolectiva, @etsy, @martinkellytattoos, @oeshi_86, @sugar_ink_88 -symbolic, @einfachnurmarco_tattoos on Instagram (modified by author)
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Geometric patterns and shapes can be incorporated into insects as well. This is primarily for nature and environmental lovers. These insects are drawn using lines and patterns or can be surrounded by geometric shapes and designs to add creativity.

Different insects mean different things and are great for simple geometric tattoos. Here are the popular insects chosen by geometric tattoo enthusiasts.

  • Playing mantis: This insect is associated with calm, patience and focus. In some instances, it represents people aware of their spiritual connection.
  • Butterfly: This is a symbolic insect that represents growth, transformation and rebirth.
  • Dragonfly: It is associated with transformation and growth. The dragonfly is a symbol of change and self-awareness.
  • Bee: Represents hard work, teamwork, abundance and sweet life. Best for hard-working people who love their community or family.
  • Beetle: This insect is a representation of perseverance and strength.
  • Ant: This tiny insect symbolises hard work, perseverance, patience and order.

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Symbolic geometric tattoos

Geometric style tattoo
Types of symbolic geometric tattoos. Photo: @savedtattooblog, @brianhornetattoo_islamabad, @tetovazancija, @ink_match, @flamingguntattoostudio, @romaniantattoostudios on Instagram (modified by author)
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These geometric-style tattoos are meaningful. These kinds of tattoos have a deeper meaning attached to them. These symbols are combined with geometric patterns and shapes to make them stand out. These body art ink designs look best where they can be seen, such as the arm, sleeves etc. They include the following:

  • Arrow: Arrows are geometry symbols, and they are a symbol of strength and direction.
  • Compass: This is an excellent body art for travellers and explorers. A compass is a direction tool that symbolises knowing where you are headed.
  • Sun: The sun symbolises life, vitality, positivity and renewed energy.
  • Anchor: It signifies many things, including stability, strength, grounded, hope, security, and safety.
  • Heart: The heart symbolises life, compassion, unity, relationships, love and romance. The ink design is often a dedication or reminder of someone close.
  • Evil eye: This tattoo has spiritual meaning and represents protection against bad energy, awareness and connection to ancestors.

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Unique geometric tattoos

Geometric colour tattoos
Variations of unique geometric tattoos. Photo: @daniele_lo_scritto, @naomi_graphicsandneedles, @scorp.tattoo, @taylahjadeart, @einfachnurmarco_tattoos, @oeshi_86 on Instagram (modified by author)
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Getting tattoos that are out of the ordinary is a great idea to stand out. These tattoos have elements of geometry, making them even more unique. Here are some of the fantastic ink art you can get.

  • Mandala: This comprises circles and shapes and is common in Buddhist and Hindu cultures. It symbolises harmony and harmony.
  • 3D: 3D tattoos are unique and cool. They symbolise modern style.
  • Watercolour: This is a good option if you are interested in geometric colour tattoos. It looks like a watercolour painting. It symbolises gentleness, fluidity and softness.
  • Tribal: Tribal tattoos have different meanings for different cultures.
  • Chemical compound: This is for chemistry lovers and symbolises elements of science.
  • Abstract: Abstract geometry tattoo may not have specific symbolic meanings but is open to interpretation.

Geometric flower tattoos

Simple geometric tattoos
A rose, lotus and sunflower geometric tattoos. Photo: @jynk_ink, @zoefowletattoo @gctcowaveland on Instagram (modified by author)
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These are among the top geometric tattoos for women, and in many cases, the flower is surrounded by geometric lines, shapes or patterns. There are various flowers to choose from, depending on what you like. Flower designs are an excellent choice for lovers of the environment and nature. They can be worn on the sleeves, forearm or leg. The selection of flowers may include roses, sunflowers, and the lotus.

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  • Lotus: The lotus symbolises unity in many cultures.
  • Rose: The rose is a symbol of love, passion and beauty.
  • Sunflower: It represents vitality, joy and positive energy.

Minimalist geometric tattoos

Simple geometric tattoo designs
A triangle and a diamond geometric tattoo. Photo: @alivetattoos, @alivetattoos on Instagram (modified by author)
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Body ink designs don’t have to be complicated. You can choose minimalist tattoos that still look good. They are small with few details. If you are looking for simple geometric tattoo designs, these are the designs to choose from.

  • Diamond: This is symbolic of strength and endurance.
  • The triangle: It is a symbol of the balance of mind, body and spirit.

Tattoo enthusiasts have a wide range of choices regarding geometric ink designs. From minimalist to symbolic designs, geometric tattoos offer a modern twist to body ink. Above is a comprehensive list of cool tattoos you can try for your next ink session.

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