Functions of Standard Organisation of Nigeria

Functions of Standard Organisation of Nigeria

Did you know that there is a government body in Nigeria known as the Standard Organisation of Nigeria? Do you know what the purpose of the organisation is? Just keep reading to know more about one of the important bodies in Nigeria.

Standard Organisation of Nigeria SON

What is the Standard Organisation of Nigeria?

The Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) is the apex body in charge of standardization in Nigeria. Standardization is the process of developing and implementing of technical standards based on the agreement of different entities that include governments, standard organisations, firms, interest groups, and users. They are in charge of all the products, processes and scientific study of measurement standards in Nigeria.

The Standard Organisation of Nigeria was created in 1971 by the Enabling Act No. 56 of 1971. The Acts has had several amendments since then. The Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) currently operates under the SON Act Number 14, 2015. The last amendment was made to give more power to the organisation to penalize offenders and also add more functions to the work of the organisation. The SON is headed by the Standards Council of Nigeria. The daily management and administration of the body are carried out by the Director-General of SON. The Standard Organisation of Nigeria has the following departments:

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● Standards (Engineering, Metrology, Science, Library Services, and International Cooperation Collaboration).

● Quality Assurance (Engineering, Metrology, Science, and Quality Activities in the zones).

● Laboratory Services (Engineering Laboratory, Science Laboratory, Metrology Laboratory, and Textile Laboratory).

● Special Services (Communications, Product registration, Certification and Accreditation, Ports and Borders operations, Customers complaints and collaboration, etc).

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Standard Organisation of Nigeria office

The primary responsibility of Standard Organisation of Nigeria is to make sure that products that are locally manufactured in Nigeria have the required level of satisfaction desired by consumers. They achieve this by making sure that companies comply with the policies of the government on standardization. Also, assessing the products for conformity. The Standard Organisation of Nigeria also makes sure that imported goods meet the minimum requirements of industry standards in Nigeria or other approved and domesticated international standards.

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The SON Act Number 14 of 2015 gives the Standard Organisation of Nigeria the following powers:

● Power to establish, designate, and approve various standards related to commodities, materials, measurements, structures, and processes for the certifying of products in Nigerian commerce and industry.

● To enforce the standards of products, the quality control of products and also acceptable scientific measurements and other things related to the scientific study of measurement.

● To certify industrial products that meet the approved standards.

● To inspect the quality and standard of products and the facilities used for production.

● To seize and destroy or prohibit the selling of any products that are below standard in Nigeria.

Standard Organisation of Nigeria Laboratory

Functions of SON

● Establishing and compiling Industrial standards in Nigeria.

● Compiling an inventory of products that require standardization.

● To provide reference standards for verification and calibration of measurements, and equipment used for measuring in Nigeria.

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● To carry out inspections of the quality of products and materials, and facilities used in production. Also, to institute a quality assurance system which includes the certifying of products, laboratories, and factories.

● To carry tests and make sure every product and service comply with the standards approved by the council.

● They also develop the methods for testing of equipment, materials, and supplies including the ones purchased for the government use.

● Compilation and publishing of general scientific data.

● Work with other national and international bodies related to standardization.

The ultimate goal of Standard Organisation of Nigeria is to keep improving life through quality standardization and quality assurance. They keep working towards making sure that products in Nigeria and the ones exported meet the satisfaction of consumers within and outside Nigeria.

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