30+ awesome Crazy Hair Day ideas for a fun time at school

30+ awesome Crazy Hair Day ideas for a fun time at school

Crazy Hair Day is a fun event that more and more schools introduce to add more fun to the curriculum. It's all about embracing joy, unleashing creativity, and boldly exploring extraordinary hairstyles that capture attention and defy conventions. Create lasting memories by adapting crazy hairstyles for girls and boys to let your kids' imaginations run wild!

crazy hair day ideas
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There are many ways to style your kids’ hair and look good. The possibilities are endless, from towering sculptures to vibrant colours and everything in between. Discover these wacky hair day ideas for boys and girls, and embark on a delightful journey of creating unforgettable memories with your kids.

Easy Crazy Hair Day ideas

There are plenty of easy crazy hair ideas that you can do in a few minutes. Check out these Crazy Hair Day styles for inspiration.

Crazy Hair Day ideas for girls

Crazy hair day ideas for girls
Crazy hair day ideas for girls. Photo: @hello_ewo, @kg_89x, @jacobxander_jaydenisaiah, @winneyhuang, @brookelouise0, @ameliakhan2016 on Instagram (modified by author)
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The cute butterfly design with colourful hair is a crazy idea your daughter can try. It will work best with hair of moderate length to achieve a better and unique look. You can recreate this style with accessories such as fairies, favourite characters, bling or flowers.

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Did you know you can turn a simple French braid into something worthy of a Crazy Hair Day with a mermaid hairstyle? You can easily do so by spraying the braid green or blue while leaving the rest of your daughter's hair with its natural colour. You can then slide the doll inside the braid and hide its legs to achieve a mermaid look.

Another crazy hairstyle is making a colourful horn and ponytail. This vibrant and dynamic hairstyle involves using temporary hair colour to create a bold and eye-catching paint streak on the upper forehead and ponytail. Remember to sprinkle glitter along the braids for a magical shimmer.

The snaky hairstyle is a simple and inexpensive crazy hairstyle you can create in less than 30 minutes. Divide the hair into small sections in a snaky pattern from root to tip. Add colour using hair chalk, and incorporate colourful ribbons for texture. The braids are arranged strategically across the head, secured with bobby pins or elastics.

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This Pippi Longstocking-inspired look is an effortless hairstyle for girls. You can modify the style in many ways, but making a twist is the go-to choice for active children who want to engage in various activities at school. You can spice up things by mixing small colourful hair bands on the ponytails.

The cupcake hairdo involves creating high ponytails or buns as the base. A small plastic cup or cone is attached to the hair to resemble the shape of a cupcake. Colourful decorative elements like ribbons or sprinkles can be included in the design. You can secure everything in place with bobby pins for an eye-catching hairstyle.

Crazy hairstyles for girls

Crazy hairstyles for girls
Crazy hairstyles for girls. Photo: @milalandss, @sezenketencioy, @missbrunetka, @just_plain_k8e, @colegiolaarboleda, @rnm.amr_nagito on Instagram (modified by author)
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The doll hairstyle involves attaching a small doll or doll's head to the girl's hair. The style is perfect for kids who love shining and attractive colours and is an effortless way to add fun to their hairstyle.

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The basket full of flowers hairstyle is another crazy hair idea you can try out. It involves creating a high ponytail or bun as the base and filling it with flowers.

Another wacky design is the rainbow hairstyle. It involves using temporary hair colour sprays to create a spectrum of hues, typically spanning the entire hair length. Add white scrunchies to act as clouds at the bases of the rainbow.

The Lalaloopsy hairstyle is a fun idea for anyone who loves Lalaloopsy dolls. It involves styling the girl's hair into buns on the sides of the head. Colourful hair ties secure the pigtails, mimicking the doll's signature look.

The electric maroon ponytail look will give your little one a glowing look, and you can create it in around 5 minutes. To make this look, start by parting the hair down the middle and adding the temporary dye. Then make two high ponytails on each side of the head and secure them with elastic bands.

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The dolls-skating and playing hairstyle is yet another design for kids who love skating in their leisure time. The hairstyle is perfect if you want your kid to achieve an artistic look.

Last-minute Crazy Hair Day ideas

Last-minute crazy hair day ideas
Last-minute crazy hair day ideas. Photo: @becka1082, @rean_k.s, @mgm_hairmake, @busybeelosangeles, @kensi_hair, @emmamiridayo on Instagram (modified by author)
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The ponytail balloon hairstyle is a playful and imaginative look that will make your girl look perfect! Begin by styling the girl's hair into a high ponytail and attach small, colourful balloons to the base of the ponytail.

The cat's ears hairstyle is a cute feline-inspired look. This style will only take a few minutes to complete. Start by parting the hair down the middle to create two equal sections. Take each section and loop near the top of the head, resembling cat ears.

Another wacky design you can employ on Crazy Hair Day on your daughter is two ponytails with a doll on one side. To achieve this, part the hair down the middle and make two ponytails on either side of the head. Attach a small doll or doll's head to one of the ponytails using elastics.

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The plate with cake at the centre hairstyle gives a creative and unique look. You can begin by styling the girl's hair into a high bun as a base. Place a plastic plate with a hole at the centre of her head. Attach a small model cake to the plate on her ponytail at the top using pins or glue, and you are done!

The tap with flowing water hairstyle creates the illusion of water oozing from a tap on the head. A decorative tap is attached near the top of the ponytail creating the appearance of flowing water from the tap. This hairstyle is sure to make a splash on Crazy Hair Day.

The colourful circular rings hairstyle forms a balloon-like design creating vibrant and playful circular shapes. Colourful hair extensions and ribbons form circular shapes on the top and tip of the hair. The circles are arranged strategically to create an eye-catching effect.

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Crazy Hair Day ideas for boys

Crazy hair day ideas for boys
Crazy hair day ideas for boys. Photo: @veronicacarranza, @ tanr811125, @ hannah_0420, @anaemmarodriguezzz, @yeonhee_, @chava.berjan on Instagram (modified by author)
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The tall cone hairstyle looks fantastic with long locks. You will need a lot of hairspray to achieve it! This hairstyle creates a fun and whimsical appearance but might get a little annoying by the end of the school day.

The short grass-like hairstyle creates the illusion of grass sprouting from the head. Use a styling product to make the short hair spread out. For added effect, you can use green hairspray (or any colour) to give the appearance of green grass.

This comical look is perfect when the hair is medium-sized or short. Attach googly eyes or cutouts of eyes using hairpins. Your boy will fall in love with the unique style; it is a sure way of bringing laughter and attention.

If your boy has short hair, you can try attaching his favourite colourful dolls to a headband. The trick is to mix up clips of various sizes, colours, and designs, allowing for different creative possibilities.

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The bushy grass hairstyle is a creative and nature-inspired look. Use gel to style the boy's hair to have height and volume. Insert bug-shaped toys into the hair, securing them with bobby pins. If you aim to enhance the theme, use green hair spray to give the appearance of grass.

If your boy has a taste for mixing colours, the sharp-edged Mohawk hairstyle will impress him. You should trim the sides of the head, leaving a strip of longer hair in the centre. The edgy centremost part of the hair is sprayed with various colours to add an extra element of uniqueness.

Wacky hair day ideas for boys

Wacky hair day ideas for boys
Wacky hair day ideas for boys. Photo: @allthingsmomsydney, @crochetverse, @luv.jin_, @jjin_kimm, @fazendoartepinturas, @ourgillespieadventures on Instagram (modified by author)
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The bushy hairstyle with lizards and spiders creates a wild and adventurous look. Secure plastic lizards and spiders into the hair using hairclips. This hairstyle combines nature and creativity, making it a playful choice for Crazy Hair Day. You will need a strong hold product to give the hair a spiky texture.

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The mohawk with colourful cartoon ears hairstyle gives a vibrant and playful look. Bright cartoon ears are attached to the sides of the head. Use gel or styling products to spike up the centre strip of hair into a mohawk.

The circular design with a sharp edge at the centre creates a unique and eye-catching look. Begin by styling the hair into a high ponytail at the centre of the head. Use a comb or styling tool to create a circular parting around the bun. A section of hair is left at the centre unparted and styled into a sharp and spiky shape.

If you want a playful and animated look, try the short green hair with his favourite toys attached. Attach small items, such as soccer balls or basketballs, to the hairclips. To spice up the look, you can also add cartoon-themed accessories, such as cartoon characters or logos.

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You can style up your boy's short hair in various extraordinary ways. Have you considered attaching a colourful octopus toy? The style will also enhance a colourful and playful mood, especially when the colour shades are perfectly matched.

If your kid has long locks, and you don't have much time, this is a perfect look. You only need an empty, clean soda bottle cut on one side. Start by styling the boy's hair into a side ponytail as a base and attach a small plastic soda bottle to the top of the ponytail.

With the Crazy Hair Day ideas shared above, finding the perfect hair for your child should be a breeze. Surprise your kids with these wacky hairstyles to create unforgettable memories together.

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