Ricky Berwick bio: age, condition, mom, girlfriend, net worth

Ricky Berwick bio: age, condition, mom, girlfriend, net worth

Ricky Berwick is an internationally known social media sensation. He is famously known for posting creative and funny video crafts that gain massive international views, shares, and likes. Ricky is one of the popular internet personalities that prove “disability is not inability.” He focuses on his creative video crafting skills and online entertainment through his skits and funny commentary. The Canadian internet entertainer doubles up as an entrepreneur through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube social platforms.

Ricky Berwick

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The Canadian internet entertainer is popularly labelled as the “King of Social media.” Just by searching his name on the social platforms, you will be overwhelmed by the number of videos Rick Berwick has posted online. The number aside, the views are quite impressive. The funny skit producer uses his disability to put a smile on the faces of his followers and viewers. Apart from internet entertainment, his popularity has earned him business deals hence becoming an entrepreneur through Fan-fiber.

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Who is Ricky Berwick?

Ricky Berwick is a Canadian citizen with one of the greatest sense of humour. His date of birth falls on 23rd April 1992. This makes him a member of the Taurus horoscope. The Canadian national has his roots from the white ethnicity. Ricky possesses most of his horoscope traits that are behind his online entertainment. His down to earth, persistent, and independent qualities have enabled him to inspire many disabled individuals all over the globe. His success is also a challenge to other healthy individuals not undermine individuals with disabilities.


Back in Canada, Ricky Berwick was brought up by both her mother and father. His father's name is Devon Berwick while Ricky Berwick mom is Barbara. Further information concerning his early childhood life and education is not available. Ricky seems to be private about the information concerning his sibling or close family members. As an internet sensation, he greatly focuses on channelling his content through his social platforms.

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How old is Ricky Berwick?

If you passed your arithmetic class, ever since his birthday in 1992, Ricky Berwick age is 26 years old, soon he will turn 27. It is right to say that Ricky is at his prime age. This is evident through his hard work in coming up with diverse skit content. He has maintained consistency in the rate of videos he posts on different platforms. He is also active on his collaborations and online investments with various brands in the market. The “internet comedian” possesses brown eyes and brown hair colour.

Ricky Berwick disease

Have you ever heard about Beals-Hecht Syndrome? What about Congenital Contractural Arachnodactyly (CCA)? It sounds like something you probably never want your doctor to diagnose you with. Ricky Berwick is diagnosed with this connective tissue disorder. This was way back when he was an infant. According to his history, he was born bearing this genetic condition.

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By taking a look at Ricky Berwick creative internet videos, you will instantly notice that he cannot walk. Besides, you will see that his fingers and toes are slightly longer and his muscles seem to have contracted. All these result from the genetic Beals-Hecht syndrome. Some of the common signs and syndromes include contractions of major body joints. These include ankles, elbows, and knees, especially after childbirth. Individuals tend to possess bent fingers and toes, underdeveloped muscles, and a skinny body. The leading cause of Ricky Berwick disability is the occurrence of mutations of genes. The condition can only be transferred from parent to sibling hence inheritable.

Ricky Berwick bio

Image: instagram.com, @rickyberwick
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The most amazing fact concerning Ricky Berwick videos is how he manages to overcome all the challenges concerning his condition. In his videos, you will often see him on an electric wheelchair or seated on his bed. In some videos such as one that he depicts himself as Tarzan, he crawls in his room and still nails the 30 seconds video. He has transformed his bedroom to become his work station. Despite his disability, he outperforms many healthy individuals in all aspects ranging from creativity, hard work, and sense of humour. He has one of the bubbliest and a big heart. Ricky Berwick condition could not put him down.

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It all started in the year 2006. As a young Canadian teenage boy, Rick officially opened his YouTube channel. Just like most teenagers, he had a dream of doing something that will make him famous. As a result, by the help of his webcam, he started recording and posting YouTube videos. The internet can be such a cruel place. He did not get any positive feedback hence decided to take a break. This means that the break was based on lack of sufficient content.

Nine years later, Ricky Berwick decided to try his luck. As summer approached its end in 2016, he decided to move from YouTube and ventured in his Twitter account. Given to twitters trending hash-tags, Ricky was amazed by the rate his video was getting reposts and shares. The content of the video involved Ricky partaking french-fries from the popular-brand McDonalds. He also posted another video of him yelling. To his surprise, the video attracted crazy views on Twitter. The skit was later shared on Facebook, where it also led to views amounting to millions.

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Ever since his debut viral video, Ricky Berwick is no stranger to viral videos. A good example is his 18th January 2018 funny video. In the video, he makes fun by shouting at his mom to come and give him different staffs that he cannot get reach of. He mimics how toddlers tend to throw tantrums when they cannot get their hands on what they want such as toys. Currently, the video titled “MOM-Ricky Berwick” has reached an impressive 5.1 million views.

Ricky Berwick story

Image: instagram.com, @rickyberwick
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Some of his videos like one titled “YOU WANT CHEESIES” feature him, and his favourite pet cat has reached 5.2 million views. In Facebook, he bears the username Ricky Berwick. He has a great following reaching up to 1,357,996 likes on his Instagram posts. He is very active on Facebook and tends to respond to most of his follower's questions and contribution to different topics. His Instagram handle is “@rickyberwick” and boasts of about 418k followers. On Twitter, he has impressive 256,000 followers and 43.6k likes. His twitter handle is @Rickyberwick.

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Ricky Berwick girlfriend

In one of the Canadians YouTube video titled “Meet My Girlfriend,” Ricky Berwick is seen singing a beautifully directed skit with a beautiful woman. They sing the love song with the mysterious woman till the end. However, Ricky has not commented on any leads concerning his relationship. This was one of his skits. He went ahead to post a funny video where he refers to his bare hands as his girlfriend. In a nutshell, Ricky Berwick is termed to be single. Any news concerning his better half will surely take the internet by a storm. We wait upon such news.

Ricky Berwick net worth

Ricky Berwick is popularly known for converting simple and creative 30 seconds videos to his primary source of income. He has not come clean concerning how much money the showbiz and internet platforms pay him. On the other hand, he is estimated to be worth 350,000 US dollars. It is evident that his creativity and improved content is yet to come in the future.

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Apart from social media skits and commentary, what does Ricky Berwick have? He has been striking deals with various brands. A good example is the DXRacer that majors on some of the best sports cars in the market.

Ricky Berwick story is one that gives hope and inspiration. As a disabled individual, he is doing pretty well in international social platforms. With the internet expected to grow even more significant in the future, Ricky's career seems only to get better. He has proved that disability is a mindset that successful individuals do not comply with. Do you have a long day? Why not follow Ricky Berwick in his social platforms and let his videos put a smile on your face.

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