Nigerian Couple in the US Plays as They Prepare for Citizenship Test, Hubby "Wickeds" Wife in Video

Nigerian Couple in the US Plays as They Prepare for Citizenship Test, Hubby "Wickeds" Wife in Video

  • A hilarious video of a young couple preparing for their US citizenship test has gone viral on TikTok
  • The video shows the husband quizzing his wife on questions from the US citizenship handbook, while the wife sits on a chair with a bowl of water in front of her
  • Every time she gets a question wrong, he dips her face into the water, making them both burst into laughter

A hilarious video of a young couple having a blast while studying for their US citizenship test has gained attention.

The video, which has racked up thousands of views and comments, shows the husband standing behind his wife and holding a US citizenship handbook.

Photo of Nigeria couple
Couple plays together while answering questions. Photo credit: TikTok/@theshoffs
Source: TikTok

He asks her various questions likely to emerge, such as the name of the US’s declaration history.

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Sitting on a chair with a large bowl of water on the table in front of her, his wife tries to answer the questions correctly.

However, he playfully dips her head into the water whenever she gives a wrong answer, causing them both to crack up.

The video showcases the couple’s fun-loving relationship and their sense of humour, which has charmed many TikTok users who watched their antics.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Febi reacted:

"I think freedom is her favorite word & She really wants to be free from this chaos."

Eva Marie said:

"We live i in the same state! Good luck on your exam!"

Michey wrote:

"Omg we had our ceremony on the same day. l even complimented you and yoU took pictures of me."

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Oma commented:

"Good luck this was fun and educating."

Oluwadamilola also commented:

"So Sweet to watch. Sorry but I only noticed your hair beautiful."

Abena Jules:

"It's the last dip for me."


"No me smiling like a mumu. Awww thanks for replying ma... fun and educative."

Playful wife stops husband from going to work

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The woman decided to have fun with her husband, who was about to drive to work.

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