Best anything but a cup party ideas for a fun night with friends

Best anything but a cup party ideas for a fun night with friends

Friends are great support systems, and any excuse to hold a party for them is always welcomed. People would like to hold parties for their friends daily if possible. A party is, however, cumbersome to plan. Anything but a cup party is a great way to hold a party for your friends. It is a cheap way of having mocktails and cocktails at a party.

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What is anything but a cup party? It is a party where people are not allowed to have drinks in a cup. They can use anything else, just not a cup. Such unusual vessels include a bucket, a teapot, plastic gloves, croaks, beerbongs, coconut, toilet plunger, and traffic cones. Below are some more great ideas for anything but a cup party ideas for a fun night with your friends.

Best anything but a cup party ideas

You can come up with anything but cup party ideas that are out of this world. Make the items fun and creative. Here are some not a cup party ideas you can use.

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  • Test tube: This is a great idea for those geeky people who love science. You can pair it with a dust coat and those big professor glasses.
  • A blender: At least many people have a blender in the kitchen. A blender will work as a cup though that's not what it's made of.
  • A soap dispenser: This is a hilarious idea if you don't mind pumping your drink all night. Most important is to clean the dispenser real good dispenser using it.
  • Croaks: When paired with a straw, your crocs can act as a great drinking cup. Make sure it's either new or very clean before using it.
  • Ketchup bottle: You can improvise just anything in your house for anything but a cup party. A ketchup bottle can work well at the party.
  • A measuring cup: Your kitchen is a hub of things you can improvise for the party. A measuring cup, for example, will work so well. You can even measure how many litres you have drunk.
  • A garbage bag: Look for a small garbage bag and use it as your cup at the party. This will have you drinking as much as you want.
  • A Halloween skull: A Halloween skull is a crazy idea but fun. You will definitely steal the show.
  • A baby bottle: This is a party where anything but a cup will do. Why don't you be a big baby and drink from a baby bottle?
  • Planters: If you are a plant lover, you must have several planters. Clean one very nice and take it to the party.

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Funny anything but a cup ideas

funny anything but a cup ideas
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Parties are supposed to be fun, and adding humour takes the party to another level. Some of the funny things to drink out of are listed below.

  • Water pitcher: One thing that will surely be funny is drinking from a water pitcher. It's so huge and looks ridiculous, which is the point.
  • Watering can: Drinking from a watering can is hilarious. It forms a good prop for taking photos with your friends for memories.
  • A traffic cone: A traffic cone is hilarious when acting as a cup. The fact that it is huge makes it look extra.
  • A toilet plunger: A toilet plunger is one funny idea as nobody would expect it.
  • A dog bowl: A dog bowl is the last thing anyone would expect you to drink from. A dog bowl will make your friends laugh as they enjoy the party.
  • A toothbrush holder: A toothbrush holder is a great fan item to take to a party for a drink. It is odd but fun nonetheless.
  • A very large syringe: A syringe can act like a cup. It is great if you are in the medical world.
  • A rainboot: If you are wondering how to go about this, then its so easy. The same way they keep water out, they can keep drinks in. The bigger, the better.
  • Gasoline job: A gasoline job will carry a lot of drink. Just remember to buy a new one.
  • A prosthetic leg: This is unique and hilarious unique sometimes time.

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Things to drink out of besides a cup

things to drink out of besides a cup
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What can I use for anything but a cup party? Some of the unusual things to drink out of are as follows.

  • Rubber glove: When looking for anything but cup ideas, drinking with rubber gloves is out of this world. It is great when you are looking to be unique at the party.
  • Flower vase: This is a great idea if you want to steal the party's show. You will not only be unique but will have a big serving of drinks.
  • Skillet: A skillet being cookware is a great idea when holding anything but a cup party. It s something you can easily find in the kitchen.
  • Oil jar: An oil jar will act as a cup to hold your drink at the party. It is great since it's almost impossible to spill.
  • A bucket: You can improvise a bucket and have your drink in it.
  • A pineapple shell: You remove the inside of a pineapple to make a cup for your drink. Your drink will taste so much better if you do.
  • Conch shell: This is not only a unique idea, but it's also fancy. You can pretend to be at the beach while you sip your drink.
  • A spray bottle: Almost every girl has a spray bottle in the house. You can let your friends come with them as cups for the party.
  • Light bulbs: Light bulbs are a fun idea to use at a party. You just need to throw a straw and are good to go.
  • A coconut shell: You have seen people drink from a coconut before in movies, perhaps. This is a fancy drink holder that will make you look all classy.
  • Food storage containers: These are readily available in the kitchen; if not, you can always buy them.
  • Teapot: A teapot can hold a good amount of drink, and you can sip through the outlet. Pick a good size, and you are good to go.
  • Protein powder container: This is a great idea, especially if you are a gym enthusiast. Clean one empty container and use it for your drink.

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Cool things to drink out of

cool things to drink out of
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At anything but a cup party, people are not allowed to use cups for drinking. Instead, they drink out of funny vessels. Here are some cool things they used.

  • Martini shakers: A martini shaker is a great idea to use for your drink. You can shake it before taking a sip.
  • Cereal bowl with a straw: This will be convenient if you will be walking around at the party.
  • A plastic baseball bat: This is a fun idea for those who love sports. It can also carry a good amount of drink.
  • Frisbee: Frisbee is a cool idea to drink out of but be careful not to spill your drink.
  • Plastic condiment holders: These are great as you can have a variety of drinks ready. They are very convenient to pour into your mouth as well.
  • French press: If you are a coffee lover, take that French press and use it for your drink. It's super convenient as it has a sprout.
  • Thimble: These are really tiny; they work well as shot glasses.
  • A gravy bowl: This is also a cool item to use at the party. It is, however, not going to hold a lot of drinks.
  • Viking drinking horn: If this is not the coolest thing, I don't know what is. It comes with strings to attach to your belt.
  • Coffee carafe: Use this for your morning coffee and evening drinks at the party.
  • Beer helmet: This is a cool idea; you can never go wrong with this. You can spice things up by getting a gladiator-style hat.

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Unusual things to drink out of

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Anything but cup parties are for creative people. Next time you are invited to such a party, try these unusual things.

  • Cleaned out bleach container: Clean out a bleach container well before using it. You still want to be alive after the party.
  • Blood bag: A blood bag might not be exactly what you want, but it is a unique idea. You can be sure no one will copy your drink holder.
  • Fish bowls: Fish bows are great to improvise for a drinking cup. You will have plenty to drink.
  • Floating toys: Floating toys like flamingoes work well at the pool or beach. Enjoy the water while sipping your drink.
  • Honey bottle: They can be improvised at the house. You don't have to clean it so much. The honey leftover will sweeten your drink.
  • A purse or a bag: This is very unusual; just make sure it's made of waterproof material.
  • Super soakers: This is a kind of recreational water gun. You can fill it with your favourite drink and enjoy the shots.
  • Hand grenade drink container: These containers resemble a hand grenade. They are unusual but a great fun idea for the party.
  • Bike tire tubing: This is a very unusual thing to drink out of. It can be cool as long as it's new and clean.
  • Shotgun shells: You can buy these online and use them for your drink.
  • Beerbongs: This is a great idea where two or more people can drink from a beer bong.

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Having anything but a cup party ideas is the in thing when it comes to theme parties. The fan part is waiting to see what everyone brings as a cup. Take lots of pictures with accessories for future memories.

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