50 thought provoking questions to ask your friends

50 thought provoking questions to ask your friends

Friends are the best people to spend time with. Unfortunately, sometimes even the closest of friends get bored and run out of topics. This is where thought provoking questions that are truly open-ended come in to save the day. On the days that nothing seems to work for any of the people in your company, find a good question that can kick things off.

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Are you the kind of person that loves asking philosophical questions? Do you get excited just by thinking that you could pick the brain of the most important people in your circle? If you answer positively to any of the questions above, then finding the right question will be your priority. Check out the list of thought provoking questions and possible answers below.

Deep questions to ask friends

If you are like many smart people, finding questions that make you think is always a welcomed idea. These questions usually trigger things to think about, most of which are constructive.

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  • At what point are we good enough? When are we self-improved enough to accept ourselves?

This question requires that you consider what is important in your life. It may cause you to think about your life's journey and your true aspirations as well as success goals.

  • What in life is beautiful to you? Where do you find inspiration?

While this question is deceptively simple, it may prompt you to appreciate and see life in a new way.

  • If you were a genie and a person asked you this wish, “I wish you would not grant me this wish,” what would you do?

Everyone wishes for great things, but until they tap into the depth of their life, they may never chase it.

  • Why does your nose run and your feet run?

Unless you really think about it, the satirical question will make you think about nature and its language.

  • Can you dream of having a dream?

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It makes one wonder if a dream can be held within a dream.

  • When is the exact time your life changed for the better?

Is there a time you felt life truly changed for you, or are you still craving for better things.

  • What's your personal heaven?

This question will help you figure your friends out and know truly what makes them tick.

  • How best do you manage stress?

Find out what makes your pals grounded. Everyone has a different way of managing stressful situations.

  • What would you say stands between you and your complete happiness?

Well, this question encourages you to discover what makes you overcome the obstacle.

  • If a chance presented itself, and you were asked to travel to a different planet without ever coming back, would you go?

You can find out from friends what there take about exploring the universe is all about.

Deep philosophical questions

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There is nothing better than the use of philosophical questions as they trigger things that make you think. Even in your dullest moments, the right question can push you out of your comfort zone. Consider the questions below.

  • Do guns protect or kill people?

The answer can vary depending on how the respondent approaches it. It would be interesting to know what your friends think.

  • Why is beauty linked to morality?

Most people have different definitions of what love is. You can find out what your buddies think true beauty is. Is it a matter of looks or behavior?

  • Is it that people respect the dead more than those who are living?

Sometimes one wonders if fear could be the cause of the dead being respected more than the living.

  • What is the meaning of true love?

Love is broad and diverse. Different people have different definitions; what do your buddies feel about it?

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  • What is that one thing you wish to accomplish before you expire?

You can pick your friends' minds and discover their greatest desire on earth.

  • What do you think about God having supreme powers?

Different people have different beliefs that work for them. Find out if your friends believe in the supremacy of God.

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  • Do you think racism will ever end?

Even though this quiz comes across as an opinion, it would be interesting to note what people close to you feel about the menace.

  • Do you think people in this current generation are less or more sensitive than people from past generations?

The disparity in generations causes different approaches in life. Find out your buddies' views on the same.

  • How would you describe true friendship?

The varied definitions of associations trigger different reactions. Discover what your pals feel about friendship.

  • Is it easier to be loved or to love?

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The dilemma of either is one that can turn out to be a great conversation starter.

Questions to ponder

Sometimes the questions that get you to think about a subject are the ones you really need to focus on. These are questions that will push you out of your cacoon and may result in one taking extraordinary steps to better their lives. In case you were conflicted, asking yourself a number of questions can help bring back the clarity that you need.

  • Is it possible for spirituality to influence your happiness?

Based on what you believe in and hold dear, the answer may be unique to you.

  • Is fate real or an illusion?

Depending on what you believe in, fate may mean different things to different people. Think about it.

  • What do you think about the existence of free will and predetermined actions?

It's interesting when you really sit down and think about the simplest things in life.

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  • Is it possible to find one's life purpose?

Well, there is no wrong or right answer for this one.

  • Is beauty subjective or objective?

It may depend on which side of the divide you are at.

  • Can memories truly be erased?

Movies and films may make it possible for one to believe in this claim, but when it comes down to it, can your memories really be erased?

  • Will humans be responsible for ending the world?

One may wonder if humans will be their own undoing in the future. It is scary to imagine the eventuality of it all.

  • Are humans truly free, or is there a limit to freedom?

Freedom comes at a cost, and in most cases, it is attached to responsibility.

  • Does power change people?

Many have said that power and money can influence change, but how true is the claim?

  • What are the possibilities of technological advancements causing humans to be wiped out?

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Human fears are countless and immeasurable.

Questions about death and the afterlife

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Humans think about a lot of things, including whether or not there exists life after death. Here are some of the best questions that can provoke such a discussion.

  • How can we be sure there is life after death?

Well, we can't, but it is interesting to see how people think.

  • Is good death a reality?

If you think about it, death is death. Some people may prefer certain kinds of ends, but in the end, it is all death, and one becomes lifeless.

  • Is there a proper way of saying goodbye to someone who has died?

This may be personal, as it depends on your relationship with the deceased.

  • Do ghosts and spirits of our deceased loved ones exist, or are they only mental projections?

Apparitions are only as real as you want to believe they are. But then again, there are people that swear by their existence.

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  • If death is inevitable, why bother doing anything?

One may wonder what essence of striving too hard is, yet death cannot be avoided.

  • Is there a way of telling whether or not there exists an afterlife?

While this question poses a great discussion point, no one has crossed the valley and come back to give feedback.

  • Is death necessary?

Whether it is a matter of nature and balance, the pains and heartache it leaves behind make one wonder if it is worth it.

  • Is there a way of escaping death?

History has proven that no one can cheat death even if they try to.

  • Why is the end dreadful?

While most people celebrate growth and progress, the idea of coming to the end of the road scares a lot of people. Probably because of the uncertainty that lies ahead.

  • Do people really come back as animals once they die?

Humans have been known to console each other to numb the pain of losing a loved one. The truth in this claim cannot be substantiated.

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Annoying questions to ask your friends

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Sometimes you may use a different approach to excite your group. Apart from using hilarious questions and jokes, consider doing the opposite by asking them annoying quizzes. They will be alert and engaged. They may not have any answers because they could consider these stupid questions. Here are a few examples:

  • If mars had earthquakes, would they be called marsquakes?
  • Ever wondered why lighting striking the ocean does not cause all fishes to die?
  • Will the postman deliver his own mail?
  • Sound and light have speeds, what about the smell?
  • Can someone explain why there is light in the fridge and no tin the freezer?
  • Do cropped circles turn square?
  • Have you ever seen a day where mattresses are not on sale?
  • Is it possible to cry under the water?
  • Would you count eyebrows as facial hair?
  • Ever wondered why lemon washing contains real lemon and lemon juice has lemon flavorings?

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The examples of thought provoking questions above will make your friendships richer and more meaningful. Whenever you need to have a meaningful conversation, consider throwing in a few of these questions to make the discussion a bit heated and constructive.

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