Fake friends: How to figure them out and deal with the situation

Fake friends: How to figure them out and deal with the situation

Most of us have had fake friends before. These people may seem like they are genuine towards you but in fact, they do not want the best for you. How do you deal with fake friends, and what are the most visible signs that you should not keep such a person in your life anymore?

Fake friends
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Even if you have a lot of buddies that you frequently communicate with, this does not mean that they all sincerely wish you well. Toxicity is one of the major signs of a fake friend, and if your relationship with them takes a wrong turn, maybe it is best to step away for your own sake.

What are the signs of a toxic friendship? And how do you spot it before it is too late?

How do you know if your friends are fake?

Think of someone that you are closely involved with. Do they display any of these signs?

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  • Selfish behavior: This person only contacts you when they need something, and is not interested in your personal life. There is a high chance that they are using you for their own purposes.
  • A lot of drama and gossip: Does the person like gossiping about others behind their back, and being too invasive in other people's private life? You may not realize it, but trusting them might be detrimental since they will do the same thing to you one day.
  • Constant criticism: Someone who really cares about you will support and encourage you, not make you feel bad about yourself. If this person always criticizes everything about you or makes fun of you, then the friendship is toxic and needs to be stopped.
  • They are never happy for you: If the person cannot be genuinely happy for you, and possibly starts being jealous and competitive when you share some good news, this is definitely a red flag.
  • They break promises: Sure, everyone has a life of their own, and sometimes stuff can get in the way of plans. However, if the person constantly disappears, makes excuses, and does not keep their promises, perhaps you should re-evaluate your relationship with them.

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Two faced fake friends quotes
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  • They are quiet when you get mistreated: Quite often, especially in group environments such as at school, in college, or at the workplace, you may encounter bullies. A person who cares about you will always have your back and never let someone treat you this way, but a fake friend will not.
  • They are untrustworthy: Have you ever shared a secret with someone, just to learn later that they could not keep their mouth shut? You should be really careful around such people and not share anything personal with them.
  • They use you as an emotional outlet: Some people expect everyone to listen to their problems and console them, without giving anything in return. If you have someone in your life who complains all the time and does not want to work on their issues, maybe it is time you put yourself first and let them go.
  • Zero tolerance to other people's opinions: It is tiring to be around a person who always wants to prove that they are right. If you find yourself constantly arguing with this person and it wears you out, you should probably think about whether the friendship worth it.
  • They pressure you into doing things you do not want: If they do not respect your wishes and desires, then it may not be a healthy companionship.

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How to deal with fake friends

There are a few ways of dealing with a relationship that is not beneficial to you. Learn how to avoid fake friends and cut them out of your life.

Signs of a fake friend
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  • Let the friendship fade out gradually: If it is possible to distance yourself from them, you can definitely try it. Do not make any arrangements with them or engage in conversations, and perhaps the two of you will drift apart with time.
  • Establish boundaries: In case you are still forced to see them regularly, you should learn to keep your distance. In other words, you can still be on good terms with them, but do not let them too close.
  • Confront the person: If you have a problem with the person and feel like they can learn from being corrected, you can approach them in a mature way. However, if they refuse to change or if they dismiss your feelings, you should stop hanging out with them as they may never change.

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Quotes about fake friends

Some fake friends quotes are very relatable, as most of us have dealt with such people in one way or another.

How to deal with fake friends
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"Once they stop talking to you, they start talking about you.”

This quote about fake friends indicates that some people do not care about you as a person.

“Stay real, stay loyal, or stay away from me.”

This fake friends quote shows that the most important qualities in a relationship are loyalty and being yourself.

“Someone who smiles too much with you can sometimes frown too much with you at your back.” – Michael Bassey Johnson

Michael Bassey Johnson suggests that those who laugh too much with you may also laugh the same way at you.

“Letting go of toxic people in your life is a big step in loving yourself.” – Hussein Nishah

This is one of the best fake friend quotes by Hussein Nishah. It tells us what self-love means. For the author of this saying, it means letting go of those who make your life miserable.

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“It makes no sense to try to extend a friendship that was only meant to be a season into a lifetime.” – Mandy Hale

This is one of the wisest two faced fake friends quotes which teaches us that it is useless to try and keep someone who is not right for you in your life.

Memes about fake friends

Here are some funny memes about such people:

Exposing the snakes they really are:

Yet another humorous one:

I thought we were friends?

Hopefully, you enjoyed those quotes for fake friends and advice on how to recognize such people and deal with them. We hope that you will only keep kind and genuine buddies in your life.

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