100+ dragonborn names: find a fitting name for your character

100+ dragonborn names: find a fitting name for your character

Dragonborn are a formidable species, both in terms of appearance and temperament. Dragonborn names sound very close to the Uruk names from Lord of the Rings. As a symbol of honour and pride, a dragonborn name often appears with clan names before their first names. It applies to both female and male dragonborn.

dragonborn names
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Dragonborn were not classified among the original staple race of Dungeons and Dragons. However, they were introduced as supplementary transformations in the third edition. To find out more about D&D dragonborn names, have a look at this list of names to help you brainstorm the perfectly proper name for your character.

What are good dragonborn names?

At times, the most challenging part about gaming or writing a fantasy story is finding the correct names to use. If you are finding it difficult to choose the perfect dragonborn names for your favourite characters, the lists below contain some of these names that you can consider.

Female dragonborn names

There are so many epic dragonborn names for female characters. Have a look at some of the dragonborn female names that you might consider.

  • Myshon: (Hebrew) Godly
  • Nyssa: (Greek) A goal
  • Boruta: (Slavic) A demon that rules the forests
  • Arihime: (Japanese) A weaver princess
  • Asherah: (Phoenician) The grove
  • Darina: (Slavic) A present
  • Elishat: (Phoenician) A wanderer
  • Empusa: (Greek) One who has one leg
  • Anastasia: (Greek ) Resurrection
  • Bellatrix: (Latin root) depicts a warrior
  • Fariedah: (Arabic) A unique and a trustworthy being
  • Keziah: (Hebrew) The tree bark
  • Vyara: (Bulgarian/Latin) The faithful one
  • Zafira: (Arabic) depicts success

Male dragonborn names

Most male dragonborn names often sound mythical. Here's a list of ancient-sounding names for a male dragonborn.

male dragonborn names
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  • Jehoshaphat: (Hebrew origin) meaning god has judged
  • Mannix: (Galic) The monk
  • Rayearth: (Sanskrit origin) Lord Brahma
  • Baalmelgart: (Phoenician) meaning god of storms
  • Shammael: (Hebrew) Venom of god
  • Resheph: (Phoenician) meaning lord of plagues
  • Adrammelek: (Hebrew) meaning magnificent king
  • Keixilani: (Slavic) meaning child of heaven
  • Cadmus: (Greek) A dragon's tooth
  • Arush: (Sanskrit) Conveying the rays of the sun
  • Diedrich: (Germanic) A powerful ruler

Have a look at some more male dragonborn names you can find best for your character.

  • Marrkuh: (Finnish) Warlike
  • Nazgul: (Urdu) meaning the pretty flower
  • Hrothgar: (Germanic) The glorious one
  • Itthobaal: (Phoenician) god is by his side
  • Yuvarax: (Hindi origin) meaning a young king

Do dragonborn have surnames?

Instead of having dragonborn surnames, dragonborn opt to use clan identities as their last names. Read on to find out some of the last names that you can consider for your character in the next fantasy story.

Dragonborn last names

Have a look at some of the dragonborn last names you can choose for your character in the next fantasy story.

  • Cruz: (Spanish) A cross
  • Cyprus: for dungeons, and dragons
  • Chrysalis: Depicts new beginings
  • Damaris: A gentle race of white dragonborn
  • Benenati: The dawn
  • Bellamy: A good friend
  • Boone: Blessings and goodness
  • Callisto: Depicts the beautiful dragonborn clans
  • Callahan: Those that are bright headed
  • Alarie: Powerful
  • Asher: The gift of hope
  • Albertine: The noble and the bright clan
  • Godfrey: A clan that believes in goodness
  • Frederick: For a peaceful Dragonborn clan
  • Lord: For a fighter dragonborn clan, that is the best class
  • Angelo: Those who look like angels

Here are more dragonborn last names you can choose from.

  • Dillon: The loyal one
  • Elro: The clan that believes god is one true king
  • Ellis: Those who are benevolent
  • Emmanuel: God with us
  • Fay: Those with supernatural qualities
  • Festus: The joyful one
  • Devin: One who believes in divine excellence
  • Dawn: A perfect last name which means a new start or new life
  • Auguste: One who is favoured with good omens
  • Hale: A clan of heroes
  • Light: One with happy and cheerful members
  • Andrews: Resurrection
  • Luz: Those who see the light in the darkness

Have a look at some more last names you can give to the dragonborn character in your next fantasy story or game.

dragonborn names
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  • Sealey: Those who often rejoice
  • Selman: A clan of jovial and fortunate warriors
  • Simmons: Those who protect
  • Stallard: For a valiant dragonborn clan
  • Lyon: A family of brave and fierce warriors
  • Kami: A clan of highborn members
  • May: A clan that believes in new springs of hope
  • Stout: For a dragonborn clan of brave or powerful men
  • Menken: Members who are comforters
  • Omega: A clan that sees a new beginning in an ending
  • Palmer: A family of holy men

Dragonborn last names with evil meanings

Here are some dragonborn last names that depict darkness and death. Have a look at some of these names and find the fitting name for your character.

  • Drystan: A lineage that overcame pain
  • Keket: A female clan that the goddess of death inspires
  • Azvameth: Those who believe in solid death
  • Bacia: Those who survived death
  • Achlys: A clan that believe in darkness
  • Ambrogio: A vampire that is legend
  • Kek: The god of darkness inspires
  • Carmilla: Believer of vampires
  • Krueger: Boogeyman, Freddie Krueger, from The Nightmare at Elm Street movie series
  • Mabus: Death castle's ruler
  • Manson: A murderer
  • Miglė: (Lithuanian) Mist

Have a look at some more dragonborn last names with evil meanings.

  • Myers: Michael Meyers from the Halloween movie series
  • Torrance: The villain from The Shining movie
  • Wilkes: The villain from the Misery novel
  • Nephele: (Greek) Cloudy
  • Sephtis: Associated with eternal death

Unisex dragonborn names

Here are some unisex dragonborn names that are suitable for all dragonborn characters in your fantasy story.

dragonborn surnames
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  • Danbala: (Haitian Creole origin) meaning the sky god
  • Eckanem: The source of greatness
  • Nakshatra: A particular heavenly body
  • Paihthoon: (Thai) A cat's eye
  • Umut: (Turkish origin) Being hopeful
  • Fucanglong: (Mandarin origin) meaning the dragon treasure
  • Hezekiah: (Hebrew origin) Fortitude from god
  • Iseul: (Korean) Dew-born
  • Jezreel: (Hebrew origin) Sown by god

Funny dragonborn names

Here are some of the funny-sounding names for a strong dragonborn clan. Have a look.

  • Thiaruc: An ideal female name for a clan with a high priestess
  • Atlassian: Name was given to a small tribe
  • Tolin: Associated with trolls
  • Garandorn: Colours of a notorious clan
  • Gemara: For dungeons and dragons, dragonborn clan of Tymanther
  • Ibeig: Those whose breathe is a weapon
  • Verthisathurgiesh: Centrally placed clan
  • Vkriss: A family which shows interest in politics
  • Zorskan: Those with the ability to yell
  • Zorvroth: Ideal male name for a lineage of priests
  • Zorhadur: One who can absorb slain dragons souls
  • Jalt: Clans thatlook after the Tymanther and Mulhorand bridges
  • Kanjentellequor: Depicts wizards
  • Travek: One who adores art and jewel
  • Treg: Clans that engage in mining activities
  • Trouwunax: The lineage that is proficient in spell casting
  • Urlingscar: A ruling tribe that is established

Famous dragonborn names

Female and male dragonborn names tend to be inspired by most famous dragons in various clans. Have a look at some of these famous names you can consider for your character in the next fantasy story.

D&D dragonborn names
A photo of a dragonborn riding a dragon. Photo: @dragonborn
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  • Alexstarsza: The defender of the people
  • Ancalagon: (Sindarin) The mightiest dragon ever known
  • Glaedr: Glider
  • Urthemiel: (German/Anglo-Saxon) meaning a primordial eagle
  • Kalameet: (Punjabi) meaning a friend who is an art enthusiast
  • Paarthurnax: (Dovahzul) meaning one who is cruel but prosperous

How do dragonborn names work?

Dragonborn have specific dragonborn names that are given to them initially. However, their clan names come first as a mark of honour. Those names given at birth are often used among clutch mates as descriptive or endearment terms. Usually, they depict an occurrence or a particular habit.

There are so many dragonborn names to choose from. Whether your character in the next fantasy story or game is a female or a male, be rest assured that you will find a fitting name for them from the compiled lists above.

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