Get chic in Ankara gowns

Get chic in Ankara gowns

Get chic in Ankara gowns in 2018! Many women who dream to look feminine and stylish are interested in photos, styles, and trends of beautiful Ankara dresses. Attentively studying the gowns’ fashion trends, you can understand how to choose the best outfits to create attractive images. We have gathered the best styles for your inspiration.

Ankara gowns

Top ideas to get chic in Ankara gowns

Latest fashion trends determine the tailoring features of Ankara dresses. Each lady has the right to find out the peculiarities of the style’s direction. It helps her to choose successfully the attire taking into account the girl’s image, advantages, and disadvantages of the figure.

Ankara gown with overstated waist

Main types of tailoring for trendy Ankara gown styles in 2018

  • Overstated waist visually makes a lady slimmer and taller. Such dresses are ideal for creating an urban image, as they can be combined even with shoes on a flat sole. Ankara gown style with the overstated waist can make a cute and feminine image.
Ankara gown with underlined shoulders
  • Dresses with underlined shoulders correspond to the latest trends of 2018. Such models can make the shoulders visually wider. Even if a girl has a small chest, she can focus on the shoulders.
Ankara gown with V-shaped neckline
  • A deep neckline of classical tailoring in the form of a boat or V-shaped is in fashion. Both variants of the neckline help to emphasize the beauty of the chest and shoulder lines.
Ankara straight oversize dress
  • Ankara straight oversize dresses deserve special attention of beautiful ladies. Such dresses are suitable for different types of figure. Oversize dresses are ideal not only for slender girls but also for ladies with extra pounds. This style is ideal for various shoes and accessories.
Ankara gown a la Dior
  • Ankara gowns looking like models a la Dior are worth your attention. Such dresses are mostly used for festive events. At the same time, the outfits can be chosen even for the everyday image if you like sophistication and elegance.
Ankara black and white dress

Latest Ankara styles in vogue

In 2018, the most diverse colors are in fashion:

Ankara black and white outfits correspond to fashion trends

Black and white colors can be combined in different ways, and the result is always interesting. Ankara black and white dresses have various patterns. When choosing such a dress, it’s desirable to refresh the image with bright accessories. However, red accessories are already in the past when combined with a black and white outfit, since this color combination is too simple and even become obsolete. We advise you to choose purple, mustard, green, emerald, and coral accessories.

Ankara red gown

Ankara red dresses are still matching fashion trends

If you want to create a bright and attractive image, you can choose a closed red dress. If the preference is given to the evening party, it’s possible to show a sense of style and personal expression, but at the same time, you must keep towards sophistication and elegance. Let’s combine red with any other colors, including beige, milky-white, gray, black, and blue. It’s desirable to avoid bright accessories, as they lead to the fact that the image looks unnecessarily variegated.

Ankara orange dress

Orange dresses are ideal for cheerful young girls

Designers assure that in 2018 you need to choose orange attires since they are universal and can emphasize the beauty of Nigerian lady.

Ankara brown gown

The combinations of brown, black and gray

This combination corresponds to the classics and is distinguished by elegance. In this case, it’s desirable to pay special attention to the outfit’s style, accessories, hairdo, and makeup.

Ankara dress with floral ornament

Modern Ankara styles: trendy patterns and ornaments for Ankara gowns

Choosing dresses, you can also give preference to trendy prints defining the overall style of the created image:

  • flower patterns;
  • floral ornaments;
  • modern and classic embroidery;
  • geometric patterns;
  • small abstract patterns;
  • traditional prints: strip and cage

The lovers of minimalistic style appreciate the patterns located only in one place of the attire, but not over the whole surface.

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Ankara gown in romantic style

Trendy styles made with Ankara: designs for dresses in 2018

  • Beautiful long and midi dresses in romantic style are in demand this season. These outfits are traditionally made of light and delicate colors. The bows, embroideries, flower patterns and ornaments, as well as lace and chiffon trims, are actively used as décor for Ankara gowns. Moreover, the overstated waist and flared skirt are the main elements of romantic dresses.
Ankara short gown style with spacious cut
  • Ankara short gown styles with spacious cut are ideal for active girls who try to look feminine and touching.
Ankara dress in retro style

Retro dresses are also attractive. Such gowns have fitted or spacious tops and skirts with wide folds. It’s necessary to note the variety of such outfits. Thanks to them, the girls of any figure can choose the perfect outfit for themselves.

Ankara gown in patchwork style

Ankara dresses in patchwork style also promise to be relevant. The main differences are bright and contrasting colors, decorative bows, and various embroideries. Decor in the form of plisse and draperies, lace inserts are on trend. Moreover, you can choose gowns with high collars, which can transform almost any created image.

Ankara bustier dress
  • Bustier dresses are classic. They advantageously emphasize the chest and shoulder of a lady. The main features are the bodice in a straight line and decorative details, highlighting the women’s hips and waist.
Bright Ankara gown

Ankara dress 2018 allows each girl to choose exactly the outfit that suits her style, figure’s features, and appearance. Stylish Ankara gowns attract special attention, as they are the "highlight" of the image.

Ankara dress in combined style

Speaking of the beautiful Ankara dresses, we cannot ignore the combined versions of dresses. With bright Ankara fabrics, lace, chiffon, silk, and denim are perfectly combined. All of the above textiles are relevant this season too.

Ankara gown with lace

Ankara dress with lace

Ankara styles for ladies: textiles combination

Lace still fits fashion trends. Moreover, it’s supposed to combine several colors of lace, which is ideally combined with such simple and dense material as Ankara.

Ankara gown with chiffon

Silk and chiffon are also actively used to create fashionable dresses. Designers create flowing draperies of soft silk and chiffon with Ankara fabric. Such outfits especially long festive gowns are elegant and feminine.

Ankara gown with chiffon

Denim also promises to remain a trendy material. However, now Ankara dresses with denim inserts of the original cut: wide skirts, sleeves-lanterns, deep décolleté are in fashion too.

Ankara dress with sequins and beads

Mercy Aigbe in stylish Ankara gown

Trendy Ankara styles: a few more words about décor

If you had shopping some time ago, possibly you paid attention to the abundance of sequins everywhere: on dresses, sweaters, and skirts. Usually, such things are bought only by the bravest fashionistas, but this year the sequins and beads decor can be used by everyone. A festive Ankara gown with beaded decor is an indispensable thing in your wardrobe.

Ankara gown with fringe

Together with the sequins, a fringe returned to the fashion arena last year, and now it’s still relevant. Such dresses look very unusual and trendy.

Ankara gown with a belt in a bow form

Ankara gown with bows

Beautiful Ankara gowns are often decorated with bows. Designers use bows in different ways as belts, neck decoration, and sleeves. The most important task while using such kind of décor is the correct image creation. For example, a small and tight bow associated with retro style is desirable to combine with modern accessories.

Ankara gowns

Season 2018 is a time for dresses’ lovers. Dear fashionistas set aside the ordinary jeans and trousers and make your choice in favor of bright Ankara styles for women. You will see that the dress is not only a beautiful ladies' whim but also comfortable everyday wear.

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