How to share data on Airtel? A simple tutorial (Updated 2023)

How to share data on Airtel? A simple tutorial (Updated 2023)

Are you looking for a guide on how to share data on Airtel? It is not a difficult process. Find out how to use the Me2U service from Airtel that allows its subscribers to send data from one Airtel line to another regardless of where they are.

How to share data on Airtel
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Here is the ultimate guide on how to transfer data on Airtel using the Data Me2U service.

How to share data on Airtel using Data Me2U

Me2U, also known as Airtel Data Share, is a special service that allows an Airtel subscriber to show love to another Airtel subscriber by transferring a portion of their existing data allowance to the other person.

This means that you can buy a bundle and share it with your family members, friends or even colleagues as long as they are on the Airtel network.

Me2U registration

If you are a subscriber on the Airtel network, you don’t have to register for Airtel Me2U service, as every active line is able to enjoy the service. You just need to change the default PIN that came with the line to a personal and more secure PIN that you can remember easily but one that is difficult for anyone to guess.

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How to access Me2U

The Airtel transfer code for the Me2U service is *141#.

Therefore, to access the service, dial *141# then select the Gift or Share Data option. Thereafter, select Data Me2U. And that is how to share Airtel data.

Which data bundle plans are available for Me2U?

The regular bundle plans, such as the Weekly/Daily Bundles, Monthly Bundles, and Mega Packs can be shared using the service.

What is the validity of the shared data bundle?

The shared bundles will have the same validity as the original bundles. For example, if you have a bundle whose validity end date is 20th June 2023, and you share some of that data, the recipient’s data will also expire on 20th June 2023.

Airtel share data
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How much data can be shared at a time?

You can share a maximum of 200MB with one person.

How many people can I share with?

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You can share with a maximum of two recipients daily. This means that you can share a maximum of 200MB each with two recipients daily.

You can share bundles with the same person again only after that person finishes the first shared bundle.

Do you need to get a special SIM card to use the Me2U service?

No, you do not. No special SIM card is required for the Me2U service as all newly activated SIMs are automatically data-enabled. However, each SIM must have been KYC-ed, without which data activity will be automatically disabled.

Customers are advised to visit the nearest Airtel retail or partner outlets to perform KYC.

And that is all you need to know about how to transfer data from Airtel to Airtel using the Me2U service.

What about Data Gifting?

There is also another service by Airtel known as Data Gifting. This service allows you to buy a bundle plan for another Airtel customer by paying with your own airtime. This is different from the Me2U service as you actually aren't sharing your bundles with someone else, you are buying them their own.

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Also, note that Me2U is possible for only normal bundles while Gifting is possible for all bundle types.

Just like it is with Me2U, to access the Gifting service, dial *141# then select the Gift or Share Data option. Thereafter, select Data Gifting.

How to borrow data from Airtel

The Airtel Credit Loan Service allows subscribers to borrow data on Airtel. The service allows eligible customers to borrow data on credit and pay back upon next recharge.

Eligible customers for Airtel Borrow Data include the following:

  • Airtel prepaid customers with a registered SIM
  • Customers who have paid up any previous loan and associated charges
  • Customers are also considered based on monthly recharge frequency and average spend

You can check eligibility by dialing *500#. If you are ineligible, you will be prompted to recharge at least N100 monthly to qualify for the service.

Here is how to borrow data on Airtel:

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  • Simply dial *500# and select 3 for Borrow Data. (Remember that *500# is the code for Airtel data borrowing)

It is important to note that:

  • You can borrow as many times as possible as long as you are within credit limit.
  • You can still borrow even if you have previously borrowed airtime and haven’t repaid your loan as long as it is within your credit limit.
  • There is a service charge of 15% which is deducted along with the actual amount for the data.
  • The loans are recovered when customers recharge their account via any channel.
  • The code to borrow data from Airtel is *500#

So, now you have all information you need to know concerning how to share data on Airtel. Remember, Me2U allows you to share already purchased bundles, while the Gifting service allows you to purchase bundles for another person using your airtime. For more helpful guides, keep reading

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