Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

Do you follow the latest news from the profiles of celebrities like Tiwa Savage according to the pictures the celebrity posts on the Instagram’s profile? You definitely should, and here is a list of top 20 pictures of our choice from there!

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

Tiwa Savage is quite popular among users of a popular social media known as Instagram. In fact, she has around three million followers who want to keep up with the latest events in her life. The celebrity posts different things in her profile there from personal life details to professional breakthroughs and victories. So, let’s see what exactly she shares with her followers online.


Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

Around thirty weeks ago, Tiwa Savage published a picture of her signing a contract with Rocnation. She tagged the Mavin records and RocNation in the picture and said: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered. @rocnation ”

From what we know, “Tiwa Savage and Don Jazzy met with Jay-Z at the Roc Nation office in New York over the signing of management and distribution deal for Tiwa Savage. “ They have been discussing the possibility of such a contract for over a year after Jay-Z's cousin Brian "Bee-High" Biggs visited the Mavin Headquarters in Lagos.


Tiwa Savage Instagram

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

Another great Tiwa Savage Instagram photo we wanted to share with you is that with her son posted thirteen weeks ago. They are wearing stylish black gowns as a part of a family look image. They say that the style was crafted with love by papaomisore who is the CEO of the Rite Agency. His bio says that he is a PR agent specializing in Artist Promotions and Publicity, Event planning, Celebrities’ video styling and Consulting.

According to the commentaries of her fans, she is one of the most beautiful mothers of Nigeria. They love her and everything about her motherhood. Here is the picture itself. Enjoy!


Tiwa Savage Instagram photos

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

The third picture is from Tiwa Savage at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards. That news of how she looked like when on the red carpet went viral on the Internet. Always dressed smart and outstanding, the celebrity surprised everyone by wearing a simple black dress with a bright long jacket.

The dress was quite short, so the star drew so much attention of the journalists that they could not stop talking about her for a long time after the show. And here is the picture itself for you to see and enjoy the stylish view!


Tiwa Savage Instagram images

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

Our next selected picture is that of Tiwa Savage on an airplane. She is wearing camouflage and looks outside the window. The image was so natural and beautiful at the same time that she got more than eight-eight thousand likes and more than seven hundred comments. The capture to the picture said:

“2016 was romantic ... 2017 is about to be HOT. Abidjan I'm ALL yours.” Apparently, the celebrity was flying to Abidjan to enjoy a fun vacation.


Tiwa Savage pics

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

The fifth picture is that of the celebrity in a plane again. She is looking fabulous in her black and white dress, stunning makeup and cheerful smile. She always was beautiful, but she is especially good-looking on this picture. The image got around fifty-seven thousand likes and more than four hundred comments. This time the star is flying back from the vacation she had in Abidjan.

The caption under an image says: “Thank you so much for the love Abidjan ... It was too short; I have to come back 2017. Lagos we are back #2Shows #2Countries #1Night #StageToPlaneToStage” How can she remain so good-looking under so much pressure in career and personal life will always be a mystery to us!


Tiwa Savage look

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

An incredibly beautiful picture comes under number six on our list. On this picture, the celebrity is standing in a perfect long party dress by TopeFnR. The bio of this brand says: “There is a story behind every Frock.”

The picture was taken before the New Year. The celebrity now only thanked all those who helped her create a great look but also wished everyone a Happy New year. Here is what the caption said: “topefnr the classic wrap dress @odirididit gave me that soft look @dfalanaartistry slayed that bounce Congratulations #stephmitide1617 you guys look so beautiful, God bless your home.”


Tiwa Savage images top

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

Around that same time, the celebrity posted another great picture of her and her son in their private jet. They all looked happy and cheerful. The comments mentioned how much they two look alike. Wearing her stylish box braids, Tiwa Savage is hugging her son who looks all excited about flying.

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The image got almost ninety thousand likes and seven hundred comments.


Tiwa Savage Instagram dress

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

Another bright picture on Tiwa Savage Instagram is that of her with her stylish box braids in a great red dress in a mall. The star s probably shopping and bragging with her new look. And who would not with such a purchase?


Tiwa Savage Instagram son

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

We were thinking of choosing some Tiwa Savage’s wedding pictures, but they were so popular at one point that we have decided to post some of her pictures with her cute baby boy. So, the ninth picture on our list is that of her with her son by the sea. She looks gorgeous and peaceful while the son seems to be ready to jump and go for some adventures.

No wonder this post got almost sixty thousand likes and more than two hundred comments, as the mother and son look so sweet and lovely you would not believe! Here is the picture for you to enjoy it too!


Tiwa Savage by the sea

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

The next image is also that from the seaside where Tiwa Savage enjoys the warm days of summer together with her beloved son. Even though it is not summer anymore, as the caption says: “The calm before the 2017 storm ” the family seems to enjoy the warmth of the weather on the beach and him peace they embrace from the last days of 2016 which is about to leave.


Tiwa Savage with her son

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

The next picture is kind of sad, as it was posted as a throwback to holidays, Tiwa Savage had with her son. Now, as they go back to their regular life, the son will see his mother less given her busy schedule and numerous shows to attend.

The caption states “Holiday over Hello '17.” And almost sixty thousand users liked this picture.


Tiwa Savage new photos

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

Another picture among numerous Tiwa Savage’s photos is that of a celebrity being extreme;y happy. She is very an incredibly beautiful red dress, as red seems to be her favorite color in clothes. Here is what the star says “I'm happy and by His grace will always be #Hello'17.”

At least forty-four thousand users liked her image and commented on the way she looks in the picture.


Tiwa Savage malaria

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

On our next picture, Tiwa Savage is all busy and serious. She is casually dressed looks a bit tired. The image was taken after she recovered from malaria. The caption said “Been down with malaria. Slowly catching up with work now. #Gucci #KindaDay” We hope she is doing fine now after such a stressful period in life.

Around sixty-five thousand people sympathized her about that, and more than a thousand commented and wished her well.


Tiwa Savage show

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

Finally a picture from a show Tiwa Savage participated in. She said that “By far the best show I've ever been on ... Catch my interview tonight on #HighLitesWithIK on DSTV channel 151 & 153 @ 9:30 pm @ikosakioduwa you are a superstar ” The two celebrities including Ik Osakioduwa who is a Producer, TV & Radio Presenter & Compére they totally hit it off. Good job you, guys!


Tiwa Savage purple hair

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

Not so long ago, Tiwa Savage started experimenting with her hair. On the fifteenth picture on our list, her hair looks purple.

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The celebrity looks passionate and romantic. And there is nothing else to add here. Just have a look at the picture that more than fifty-two thousand people loved and commented on. That is an absolute purple love!


Tiwa Savage red hair

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

Another change in her appearances she got right after she dyed her hair red. She did not look like a ginger, though, as thanks to a beautiful complexion, this color looked great on her hair. And thanks to a great taste in clothes, on our next picture the star called “a blue love” almost seventy-four thousand users found her as cute as ever.


Tiwa Savage Birthday

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

Around five weeks ago, the celebrity had her Birthday. To celebrate the date, she went shopping and seemed extremely happy about her decision. With her hair long and dark, the fur she got and Gucci’s bag were an excellent choice. Almost a thousand of users wished her Happy Birthday while more than fifty-three thousand liked the image altogether.


Tiwa Savage Grammy

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

A famous picture of a bunch of celebrities Tiwa Savage posted on the Grammy Week. Surrounded by amazing artists, she looked absolutely happy and grateful. Slightly more than forty-six thousand users found this picture cool. So, check it out too! The caption said: “In the midst of greatness #Grateful #GrammyWeek #SMD #RocNation #DJKhaled #PDiddy #EmeliSande.”


Tiwa Savage Grammy week

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

A tired Tiwa Savage’s photo was uploaded a month ago where the celebrity is sitting on her bed looking sleepy and tried. The caption said “When your team comes to grab you from your room for another event #GrammyWeek #NoSleep” Among three million of her followers, around fifty-one thousand people found this picture great.


Tiwa Savage son pictures

Tiwa Savage Instagram photos - Top 20

Finally, a compilation of Tiwa Savage’s new photos of her baby boy цas uploaded two weeks ago. The boy is so cute you could look at him forever. The celebrity stated how happy she is to be a mother of such a sweet baby, while the fans commented on what a great mother she is. Users gave the picture around sixty thousand likes and seemed to be in love with her caption which went as follows: “MCM ... I get to wake up to your beautiful face EVERYDAY ... I must be the luckiest in the whole world.”

It seems like Tiwa Savage is not only a popular star, talented and beautiful. She is also a happy mother who cannot get enough of her baby. Even though she is a single mother, she never regretted becoming a mother after all. And good for her.

These are all the top pictures we chose for you. You can check out other Tiwa Savage’s photos on her Instagram. She is quite active on her social media profile. So you will be able to keep up with the latest developments in her life.

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