"This Is the Disease That Almost Killed Me": Cybersecurity Expert Speaks on Cause of Ibu's Death

"This Is the Disease That Almost Killed Me": Cybersecurity Expert Speaks on Cause of Ibu's Death

  • Co-founder of Transhuman Coin and cybersecurity expert, Charles Awuzie, has revealed what led to Mr Ibu's death.
  • The businessman said the same disease almost ended his life, adding that he still has a clot in his left leg
  • The sudden demise of comic actor Mr Ibu has thrown the nation and fans into mourning and lamentation

While the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) president said Mr Ibu suffered cardiac arrest, a cybersecurity expert Charles Awuzie has stated a different cause of the actor's death.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Charles said Ibu died of blood clots in his leg.

Cybersecurity expert Charles Awuzie shares what killed actor Mr Ibu
Charles Awuzie said Mr Ibu died of blood clots in his leg. Photo Credit: @realmribu, Facebook/Charles Awuzie
Source: Instagram

Charles, a Nigerian based in South Africa, said the disease almost took his life and that he still has a clot in his left leg.

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He advised people to know the symptoms of the disease as he was saved thanks to timely medical intervention. Charles wrote:

"Mr. Ibu died of Blood Clots in his leg.
"This is the disease that almost killed me.
"I still have a clot in my left leg. 200,000 Nigerians die of Blood Clot annually. Please know the symptoms. I almost died if not for medical intervention."

What are blood clots?

According to Cleveland Clinic, blood clots are semi-solid or gel-like masses that form in one's arteries and veins.

Blood clots help control bleeding, but they may also cause serious medical issues, including deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embo.lism and heart attack.

However, one may develop blood clots for other reasons, such as having certain medical conditions. When that happens, blood clots may cause symptoms and can be life-threatening.

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Reactions trail Charles' remark on Ibu's demise

Ifeanyi Nwebem said:

"Blood cloth is very dangerous. I think this is what took the life of my uncle too. May their souls rest in peace. Thanks for the above information Dr. Charles Awuzie."

Mirabel Ibuchi Dwayne said:

"Thought as much!! Blood clots can travel fast causing lots of harm if not noticed on time or something done on timely manner. So sad May His sweet soul rest!!"

Chris O Eze said:

"Is called Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT)...
"Majorly happened to a patient that has severe sepsis, wet or dry gangrenous leg ulcer.
"A lot of symptoms, but the most fetal symptom is Cardiac arrest due to embolus thrown from the infectious site to the heart vessels.
"May his soul RIP."

Pauline Anya Linus said:

"God every lifestyle has its consequences, if sedentary lifestyle causes such. Why do i feel pains because I stand to cook for several hours despite moving around but the pains i feel from my waist down to my legs is sometimes crazy."

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Adaugo Ogbatuo-Chitor said:

"Patients are given blood thinner injections here in the Uk. My Country should do better bikonu."

Lilian Chinenye Duru said:

"DVT it could be genetic, so says the Doc at Ikeja general hospital, staying at a place for a very long time. Etc."

Chidiogo Rita-Maryjane Onaga said:

"This World is nothing, let's embrace Peace and Love wherever we found ourselves.
"May his soul rest in God's Bossom. Amen."

8 sad events that happened to Ibu

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a critic had listed eight heartbreaking things that happened to Mr Ibu before his demise.

Albert said marriage was a loss to every man. He questioned what else men gain in marriages aside from making babies. Albert claimed Mr Ibu's first wife took all his savings after divorcing him and that his second wife accused him of sleeping with his daughter.

Source: Legit.ng

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