Duncan Mighty arrest: all the details

Duncan Mighty arrest: all the details

The Duncan Mighty arrest story broke early morning on 14th December 2019. Fans and friends of the star were in a frenzy trying to find out more details about the situation. Why was he arrested?

Duncan Mighty is now free but people are quite curious about his sudden arrest. Here are all the details on "Why was Duncan Mighty arrested?"

What led to the Duncan Mighty arrest?

On Saturday morning (14th Dec), celebrity barman and club manager, Cubana Chiefpriest, posted on social media that Okechukwu Wane, aka Duncan, had been kidnapped. On his post, he stated that the singer, who had been in Owerri at the time, had been beaten up and then taken away by unknown gunmen. This led to many thinking that the 'Fake Love' singer had been kidnapped.

After many people called to Nigerian police officers in Imo State to look into the matter, the police, through their PR officer Ikeokwu Orlando, released a statement saying that the star had not been abducted as many feared. Instead, he had been arrested by police officers over allegations that he had defrauded the state government a total sum of N11 million.

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He further stated that the said fraud allegations had been brought forward by M2, and upcoming artist in Imo State. The statement explained that the singer had been arrested following an appeal made by the upcoming artist. He had claimed that he, through the Imo State government, had entered into a contract with the Young Wealth record label owner.

The contract in question stated that Mighty was to manage and promote the artist. This would include making sure that his name and music would reach the masses. Once the contract terms were agreed upon, Duncan was paid a sum of 11 million Naira. However, after receiving the payment, the singer and record label owner absconded on his duties and refused to fulfill his part of the deal.

Due to failure to uphold his end of the deal, Duncan Mighty was in breach of contract with the Imo State government. Since he had also been paid upfront for the work that he did not do, his actions were seen and treated as fraudulent.

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To Duncan Mighty's fans, the issue about this money is not something new. Sometime back, Duncan had claimed that his life was in danger.

In his letter to former Imo State governor, Senator Rochas Okorocha, he admitted to having been paid to record a song with one of his boys. He said he had been working well but once the Senator paid him, he started receiving threats to his life. Due to this, he wished to give back the money that had been paid to him and hopefully, trouble would stop following him.

The singer's arrest proved that his suspicions were correct. The contract is what led to him being beaten up and arrested. Thankfully, his legal issues seem to have been sorted as he was seen dancing and celebrating after he was let go.

He was released on bail. We hope that his legal troubles are really and truly over and that the 'Duncan Mighty arrest' headlines are a thing of the past.

Source: Legit.ng

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