Man Makes It Abroad, Sends Money to Junior Brother to Build House, He Completes it like Palace

Man Makes It Abroad, Sends Money to Junior Brother to Build House, He Completes it like Palace

  • An abroad-based man was delighted when he saw the house his junior brother, Ridwan, built for him back home
  • The man's wife could not hide her excitement as she praised her brother-in-law to high heavens for a good job
  • Many people who watched the video of the house's interior said that not many are as trustworthy as Ridwan

A man living abroad with his family trusted his brother, Ridwan, and sent money home to have a house built for them.

The man's wife, Brunell Donald Kyei, was surprised when she saw the house Ridwan had built for them in their absence.

Man living abroad/Sending money from Europe.
The man hugged his brother for a job well done. Photo source: @brunelldonaldkyei
Source: TikTok

House with tiles and CCTV

The interior of the house was magnificent. The wife thanked her husband's brother for doing an excellent job.

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At one point in a video, the landlord was so impressed with everything he saw that he hugged Ridwan. Brunell said they have been building the house since 2012.

In the spacious master bedroom, there was a TV and a kitchen. It also has a screen showing feeds from the CCTV in the house.

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Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

MR. PHLOW said:

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"We should hand over Ghana to Ridwan cos he's trustworthy."

Lotus said:

"Ridwan did an amazing job. He about to be booked and busy."

narry193 said:

"How many people in Ghana wish they could find someone trustworthy as Ridwan."

Kwabena Miraqle said:

"Even the owner is very surprised wow we all need Ridwan in our lives."

Australia Mosquito said:

"God bless Ridwan. It’s difficult to get a trusted brother."

Kumi hermas said:

"God richly bless you abundantly Ridwan for massive and wonderful work done long live bro to do more bro."

Teejay said:

"Junior husband Ridwan, welldone. You are indeed a faithful steward. God bless you."

chika Bonita said:

"So proud of your bro in-law everyone needs Ridwan in his or her Family. God bless you Ridwan."

Another man built house back home

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young lady shared a video showing the mansion her father abroad had been sending money home for to build.

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The building has a very prominent front with giant pillars. The lady (@loislynx) looked excited in the video as she showed off the elegant interior.


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