50 most common Italian last names, their meanings and origin

50 most common Italian last names, their meanings and origin

Do you love pasta, pizza, and any other Italian foods? Well, if most Italian things appeal to you, then the most popular Italian last names also will. Apart from sounding exotic and ancient, you will also be excited to find out the history behind some of the most common Italian last names you have become accustomed to.

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Do you know of any Italian surnames that you could adopt? Well, there are many Italian last names that are fancy and unique. The following list contains 50 of the best Italian last names. They suit bot males and females.

Unique Italian names that work well as surnames

What is the most common Italian last name? There are numerous Italian names out there with great meanings. Some of these have been popularized by soap operas, films and TV shows. So, where do Italian last names come from? You may want to go through the following examples and their meanings to appreciate them.

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  • Accardi: This is a typical Italian surname that comes from Achard. It means to be ‘hardy’ or ‘brave’.
  • Agosti: The origin of this surname is from the Latin term, Augustus. It means to be ‘favored with good omens’. Some of the common variations of the name include Agosta, Agostaro, Agostino, and Augusto.
  • Ajello: This can make a cute nickname for your sweet boy. It is an occupational surname that comes from the Latin word ‘ager’ or ‘field.’ It was a popular name given to farmers.
  • Amato: is a beautiful first name for your beloved baby boy and is derived from the word amatus, which means ‘beloved’.
  • Barbieri: This one is popular because it originated form the Italian word Barbiere that means ‘barber’. It comes with different variations that include Barbiera, Barberi, Barbieri, and Barberio.
  • Barone: It meas brave and courageous. The origin is from a Latin word barus meaning ‘brave’, Apart from being a surname, you can use it as a first name for a baby boy. Likely variants include Varoni, Baret, Baruzzo, Barelli, Baronio or Barella.
  • Bernardi: It originates from Bernhard or Beornheard, where bern means ‘bear’ and ‘hard’ means strong or hardy. This means that the name means ‘strong as a bear’.
  • Bianco: This is a typical Italian surname that refers to ‘white’. You can categorize it as nickname surnames that were initially given to people with white hair or to those who appeared to be very pale. In a different variation it can be Bianchi.
  • Bruni: This is a variation of Bruno, which means the color ‘brown’. It is an excellent choice for a daughter, who is warm and earthy, just like the color brown.
  • Bruno: This name is popularized by Mars Bruno, the famous singer, and musician, Bruno is one of the most famous Italian surnames. It is derived from the Italian word for brown. Bruno came from the surnames that were derived from nicknames. It was given to people with brown hair. It is also a trendy first name in many countries including the US.
  • Caputo: Caputo originates from the Italian word ‘capo’, which means headstrong. It was also given to people who posed as very determined and unwavering individuals.
  • Carbone: Considered a typical Italian surname, the name means ‘coal’ or ‘charcoal’. It was a common and regular name given to coal miners, coal merchants or charcoal burners.
  • Caruso: The surname means ‘boy’ or could also refer to ‘a young apprentice.’

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  • Cattaneo: It refers to a captain. The name was probably given to someone who captained a group of people or a ship. Its variations include Capitani, Capitanio, Cattanei, Cattano, and Cattani.
  • Colombo: This is one of the standard occupational surnames. It is derived from the Latin name columbe, which means ‘dove’. It was intensely popular during the middle ages, and one of the most famous bearer of the name was Christoforo Colombo or Christopher Columbus, the famous person who discovered America.
  • Conte: Is a popular Italian surname whose meaning is companion. It was often given to those who worked for a count.Its different version is Conti.
  • Coppola: The name refers to a little round hat. It is a great nickname and surname.
  • Costa: Works as a variation of a different Italian last name known as Di Costa. It refers to the rib, which means a ‘slope’ or ‘coast’. Your little baby girl can have it as a cute surname.
  • D’Angelo: This surname means ‘angelic’. Other variations include Di Angelo, Angelo, Angela, Angioli, Angiolo, Angiola, Agnoli, Agnolo, Agnola, D’Angeli, D’Angelo, D’Angiolo and many more.
  • De Luca: A common Italian family name which means “son of Lucas”. Another popular variant is Di Luca. There are many other variations for this surname like Lucarelli, Lucas, Lucchi, Lucco, Luchi, and Lucca.
  • Stefan/ Stefano: Is Stefan an Italian name? The name has a Latin origin and it means “garland, crown” and therefore by association “crowned”
  • Zampa: Where does the surname Zampa originate? While the name is commonly used in South Africa, it originates from Italy. It means paw.

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Top Italian last name examples

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The above-mentioned names represent some of the ancient and unique names from Italy. However, there are still a few that are popular and still exist even in modern times. The following common Italian names are great for boys and girls. They include:

  • Rabito: It is a habitational surname, and is the short form of Arabito. It was popularly used by migrants from Arabian countries.
  • Abatangelo/ Angelo: Originally from Italy. It comes from the word abate and means "abbot, priest."
  • Agosti: It means "son of Agosto", and is a variant of Augusto.
  • Bello: It means "beautiful" in Spanish and Italian. It was originally a nickname for an attractive person.
  • Biondi: Refers to "fair-haired, blond" in Italian.
  • Di Caprio: It is from the name of the island of Capri near Naples. It possibly derived from Latin capra meaning "goat" or Greek καπρος (kapros) which means "wild boar."
  • Rossi: It is one of the most common Italian surnames. It is the plural form of another regular name Rosso, which means ‘red’ in Italian. Even though it is Italian by origin, it is fast becoming popular in other countries like Argentina, Austria, Peru, US, and Mexico. There are different versions of the name including Rossa, Rosello, Roselli, and Russo also exist.
  • Scotti: It would make a perfect name for your baby daughter. Most people have adopted the surname as a nickname, Scotti. It was initially given to people that came from Scotland. Its variant is Scotto.
  • Silvestri: This is one of those last names that is a modified version of the word Silva. It means ‘wood’.
  • Valentino: This one originates from the Roman word Valens which is the root word for this surname. It means to be ‘healthy and vigorous’. If you are looking for names that sound exquisite and exotic then this is a great example.
  • Vinci: It would make a perfect name for a girl with a spirit to conquer the world. Use it as a nickname for her because Vinci comes from Vincere, which means ‘to conquer’. Alternatively, you can go for its variants such as Vince or Viney for your baby boy.
  • Vero: Contrary to what many may assume, this extremely famous Italian surname would be a cute nickname for your little prince as opposed to your little girl. Vero means ‘real’ or ‘true’ in Italian.
  • Verga: It is an occupational surname that was given to shepherds as Verga. It is Italian for ‘stick,’ ‘cane,’ or ‘shepherd crook’. It has other variants which are Varga, Verna, Perna, and Veiga.
  • Puma: This is an excellent name for a little princess. You can choose this prominent surname, which means ‘apple’, as a nickname for your little one.
  • Parisi: Makes for a cute Italian surname that would be excellent for your fashionista daughter. It is a topographical surname meaning ‘from Paris’. You may just inspire your little child to become a traveler in the future.
  • Pepe: An Italian last name that is shortened from Giuseppe, which is Italian for Joseph. It is a biblical surname that is based on the name of a character from the Bible. Different versions of the name are Papi, Peppin, Peri, and Pupa.
  • Nicoli: Nicoli is the plural version of the very popular surname Nicola. It originates from the Greek word Nikolaos which composes of nikan/ ‘to win’ and laos/ ‘people.’ It is often given to people who emerged victorious in some feat or event.
  • Negri: This is the Italian word meaning ‘black’. It is a common surname that was initially given to people with a dark complexion. It can also be Negris, Nigra, and Negrelli.
  • Moretti: The stylish Italian surname comes from the Italian word Moretto. It refers to the ‘dark hair.’ Other popular variations of the surname include Moratti, Morati, Moronim Moriotti, Moriotto, Moret, and Morozzi.
  • Monti: This surname sums up as a beautiful nickname for your child. It comes from the Italian word Monte or mountain.
  • Marino: It also falls in the category of popular habitational surnames. It means ‘of the sea.’ It is derived from the word Marinus, which means the sea. Other existing variations of this surname include Mario, Morino, Marina, and Marano.
  • Marchetti: This surname is derived from Marchino or Marcus. It refers to the Roman god of war. Its variations are DeMarchi, Marcantoni, Marcantonio, Marcato, Marchel, Marchelli, Marcone, Marconi, Marcovic, Marcovich, Marcoz, Marcozzi, and Marcucci.
  • Lombardi: Lombardi is a popular surname that was initially given to people that came from Lombardy in the Northern part of Italy.

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  • Guerra: This refers to an Italian surname that means ‘war’, and usually refers to a soldier.
  • Giordano: Giordano has its origin from the word Jordan which refers to the holy river. It means ‘the one who descends.’
  • Gatti: It originates from the Italian word Gatto meaning a ‘tomcat.’ It is a common surname that was probably given to people with cat-like qualities.
  • Fontana: The musical surname is derived from the Latin word Fons, which means ‘spring’. It belongs to the class of topographical surnames given to people living near a spring.
  • Farina: Is an occupational surname. The name Farina means ‘flour’. It has other variations that include Farini, Farinella, Farinela, and Farinelli.
  • Esposito: Esposito comes from the old Italian word esposto, that refers ‘to expose’.

The above Italian last names will make you fall in love with the Italian people. The beautiful names work for both girls and boys.

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