"I Stopped My Son from Going to School": Mum of Brilliant Vegetable Seller Speaks about Hardship

"I Stopped My Son from Going to School": Mum of Brilliant Vegetable Seller Speaks about Hardship

  • A young boy's exceptional marketing skills while hawking in Aba have brought attention to his family's hardships
  • A viral TikTok video captured the boy's flawless English-speaking skills which left netizens in awe
  • However, in a new video, his mother spoke on the financial difficulty ravaging the family and her health challenges

The mother of a young vegetable seller who went viral for his fluent command of the English language has broken the silence.

This is coming shortly after her son's impressive marketing skills while hawking in Aba, Abia state, captured the attention of viewers worldwide.

Mum of vegetable seller speaks as son goes viral for fluent spoken English
Mum of vegetable seller says son dropped out of school Photo credit: @shuga190/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

The video showcased the boy skillfully promoting vegetables he carried on his head, claiming they were imported from Canada to Aba.

His charismatic sales pitch quickly made him go viral, earning him admiration and praise for his unique talent.

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Vegetable hawker's mother sheds light on family's struggles

Following the young boy's rise to fame, a new video shared by @jns_hair on TikTok has emerged, featuring his mother sharing the family's struggles.

In the emotional video, she explained that due to her illness and the financial constraints they faced since the death of her husband, she had to rely on her son's help in selling various items, including crayfish, fufu, vegetables, and plantain.

She tearfully revealed that she had to make the difficult decision to withdraw him from school for two terms to assist her in generating income for their daily needs, including medicine and food.

In her words;

“For two terms now, I stopped him from going to school so he can help me hawk all these things I sell. It has not been easy since the death of my husband I started having HBP and I’m always on medication.

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"He is the one that helps me hawk and sell all this crayfish, fufu, vegetables, plantain. If we buy on credit, after sales, we balance those we bought from. I didn’t have money to pay for his senior WAEC that’s why I asked him to drop.
"When we were still in Kaduna state, before the death of my husband, they were all in good schools, they were in boarding school but I had to withdraw them and put them in a public school but still it was difficult that’s why I asked him to drop.
"I have 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl but I don’t have any brother or sister that can help me. Because there was no one willing to help, I asked him to drop. I just pray someone can help me further his education.”

Netizens rally to support education of talented hawker

The heartrending story of the young boy and his family has touched the hearts of many netizens.

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In the comments section of the viral video, numerous individuals expressed their willingness to sponsor the boy's education.

The outpouring of support and offers of assistance from kind-hearted individuals demonstrated the power of social media in connecting people and inspiring acts of kindness.

Radiantrebel reacted:

“This people are really good and funny people they were our neighbor in Kaduna I had no idea they even relocated God help them.”

@mimiyike said:

“By God grace I would love to help him write his WASEC and I try to send him to university as well.”

@labeebanaadir said:

“In Nigeria you don't public free education schools I'm just curious I come in peace?”

@cnia maths reacted:

“Ok let me interpret, in summary, she said the boy was in school before but now there's no money for him to go back to school that's why, moots.”

Dejhanea Evans reacted:

“How can I donate something to him im in jamaica.”

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@user2375615811102 reacted:

“I don't understand Igbo buh I think she said she's a BP patient and she's a widow. May the Lord God Almighty send helpers to them.”

@user8341938416608 said:

“Can I meet him one on one, l will be in Aba tomorrow.”

MX_Nenny reacted:

“God of mercy! How do I support this mother in my little way pls? can I get her details pls.”

Delish pride said:

“Pls get the contact of the boy A, let's get him to school.”

@hybrid said:

“Please let's take him to Canada.”

@judonnasa said:

“God has remembered your family through your son my sister, just keep thanking God.”

user6160523685526 said:

“How can I help pls??”

Watch the video below:

Vegetable hawker mesmerises customers with clean English

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a TikTok video showcasing a young boy's unconventional approach to marketing vegetables had stunned viewers. In the video shared by @prettyphina7, the boy was heard confidently promoting the vegetables, using persuasive language.

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One aspect of the TikTok video that left netizens amazed was the young boy's impeccable English skills and accent. Despite his young age, the boy spoke clearly and articulately, showcasing a level of fluency that impressed viewers. His ability to confidently communicate in English, using proper grammar and pronunciation, has garnered praise and admiration from netizens.

He said in the video; "Buy your sweet vegetables, Very tasty, extraordinary and very good, just take a bite you will like it, all the way from Canada to Aba." The smart child carried the vegetables in a tray on his head while targeting potential customers on a bus.

Source: Legit.ng

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