Man Who Was Diagnosed With Kidney Stone Buys Car for Lady Who Took Care of Him, Marries Her

Man Who Was Diagnosed With Kidney Stone Buys Car for Lady Who Took Care of Him, Marries Her

  • A Nigerian woman has shared the challenging love journey she went through with her partner before tying the knot
  • Despite facing challenges like kidney stones and multiple surgeries, their love and resilience was able to shine through
  • The couple's story which has since gone viral is a testament to the power of love and the strength of their bond

A touching video shared via the TikTok app has revealed the challenging love journey of a Nigerian couple.

In the first part of their journey, the couple faced an unexpected hurdle when the man was diagnosed with kidney stones, causing immense pain and weight loss.

Man buys car for lady who cared for him at hospital
Man marries lady who cared for him at hospital Photo credit: @winepoko/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

Lady takes care of lover who was diagnosed with kidney stone

The woman identified as @winipoko on TikTok stood by her man's side, witnessing his suffering and providing unwavering support.

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Their love grew stronger as they spent what felt like an eternity in the hospital, navigating the challenges together.

After the initial surgery and recovery, life seemed to be going well for the couple. However, on Thanksgiving Day, the doctor revealed the need for a second surgery, catching them off guard.

Despite the setback, they remained resilient, and the man quickly bounced back after the surgery.

It was during this time that he decided to surprise his woman with the biggest question of all; a marriage proposal. Overwhelmed with joy, she happily accepted, knowing she had found a remarkable partner.

Woman shares unexpected gifts received from partner

As their love story continued, the surprises kept coming. The man gifted the woman her favourite iPhone model as a token of appreciation for taking care of him during his health struggles. He also bought her a car while dubbing her an angel in human form.

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Months passed, and the couple's happiness remained unmarred by hospital calls, signifying a new chapter in their lives filled with love, support, and a bright future together.

In her words;

“From being his brother's tenant to being his girlfriend But the devil came to steal this joy away. Few months of being with him, he was diagnosed with kidney stones and needed urgent surgery.
"I've never seen him in so much pain and he lost so much weight. We stayed at the hospital for 1 week that seemed like 1year. He got discharged and Took me to my favourite place Because yes we deserve it.
"Bought me brand new iPhone 13pro max In appreciation for taking good care of him. Baby is back on his feet And life went great until His Thanksgiving day doctor called for a second surgery which he never told us about until that day. Another 1week and he was recovering really quick.

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"Yes he is back on his feet again and this time no more hospital. Got the biggest surprise of my life, he asked me to marry him, of course can't say no to a wonderful human.
"Okay I think this is the biggest surprise, A car for me. And he came and paid in full my bride price because baby girl is also an angel in human form. And it's been months and no more calls from the hospital.”

Reactions as woman shares love story on TikTok

The heartwarming love story served as an inspiration to never give up on love and to cherish the moments that truly matter.

@Honor Billionz reacted:

“Everything look very quick in this video, but in reality it was very painful and long suffering, Thank God for healing.”


“Baby girl an angel? e dey whyne? that na because the guy has money, if not she for don jappaa live am 4 hospital. Congratulations anyways.”

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@Big Bella said:

“Thank God tor his life. l also have kidney stones I pray mine doesn't lead to surgery, pray for me u all.”


“The new coming thinks it's easy, but they don't know the labour it take. IF YOU ARE NOTHING THERE ON RISING DON'T COME FOR MY GLORY. BLESS HOME.”

Watch the video below:

Man buys iPhone 15 for girlfriend

Meanwhile, previously reported that reactions have trailed the video of a man who gifted his girlfriend an iPhone 15 worth N2.2 million.

In a video seen on the TikTok handle of @crispdal, the lady could not control her excitement when the huge gift was handed to her. The man and his friends were riding in a car with the lady when the gift was unveiled.

It was kept a secret from her until when she got it. She shouted out of joy and quickly hugged her man. She also unveiled the new phone, which her man gave to her to celebrate her verification.


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