"I Love Chains": Skit Maker Dezny Opens Up on Brand Style, Sad Experience With Vendors, Others

"I Love Chains": Skit Maker Dezny Opens Up on Brand Style, Sad Experience With Vendors, Others

  • Skit maker Dezny has opened up on what influences his style as a skit maker and favourite fashion accessory
  • In a chat with Legit.ng, he spoke about his experience with vendors who sell inferior items despite posting quality ones
  • He further said that he styles himself whenever he wants to shoot his skits, and he searches for alternatives when what he wants is not available

When it comes to dressing with style, Nigerian skit maker Destiny Osarewinda, aka Dezny, is always intentional.

Dezny looks lovely in his attire
Dezny loves to wear lovely outfits. Image credit: @official_dezny
Source: Instagram

In a chat with Legit.ng, the funnyman spoke about what influences his fashion, his experience with online vendors, the fashion items he would gladly spend his last cash on, and so much more.

I dress with style - Dezny says

According to the skit maker, he is always on his signature clothes, moustache, and makeup. He added that he always dresses stylishly. He said:

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"As an actor, I am always in costume for most of my skits, like my signature mustache, choice of clothes, and makeup. Apart from dressing for the humour and storyline of my skits, I always dress with style. I like to show that a sense of fashion still exists in me. I style myself because I understand that skit-making is beyond humour. Fashion exists in everything we do, and skit making isn’t an exception. That's why when picking my costume for a skit, I always aim to integrate my fashion sense and style into it."

Dezny shares experience with vendors

Just like some other Nigerians, Dezny has been a victim of "what I ordered versus what I got." The young skit maker revealed how he handles such situations.

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"Yes, I have been a victim numerous times. I think it’s a common experience when ordering things online, especially fashion items. Since we can't feel, touch, or size the product, the chances of situations like this are very high. When faced with such situations, I handle it by improvising. As a creator, I have the ability to work with whatever is available."

What is Dezny's favourite fashion accessory?

The skit maker noted that though he is a lover of different fashion items, he has a bias for chains.

"Watches are something I really admire; they fit into any occasion or gathering. However, I think I'll pick chains first, specifically ice chains. They blend so well with my fashion style. If one checks most of my pictures, you'll always see me wearing chains. Chains are something I'd buy even with the last money in my account. So yeah, I prefer chains, but watches are nice too. I am team chain."

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Speaking on the fashion item he cannot be caught wearing, he said:

"I work with everything. But if I had to pick a fashion item that I don’t really like, I'd choose hand beads. I've never tried them before because I don’t see them contributing to my fashion style. They just seem to occupy space in my hands. I have had this belief right from my school days, even when it was popular among my age grades, I was never a fan of it."
He also shared the fashion item he cannot be caught wearing, among other issues, .

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In a chat with Legit.ng, she revealed that she has been a victim of ordering a quality wig and getting a substandard one in return.

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She further spoke about how she likes to dress, making a choice between traditional outfits and English wear.

Source: Legit.ng

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