“When Life Shows Me Pepper, I Make Peppersoup”: Etinosa Speaks on Navigating Nollywood, Motherhood and More

“When Life Shows Me Pepper, I Make Peppersoup”: Etinosa Speaks on Navigating Nollywood, Motherhood and More

  • Edo-born movie star, Etinosa Idemudia, is one of the few skit makers who have successfully transitioned from skit making to being a fully-fledged Nollywood actress
  • Though the journey for the mother of one has not been smooth, if Etinosa's conversation with Legit.ng is anything to go by, she's happy with how far she has come
  • During a recent interview, the actress spoke with Legit.ng about her career, marriage, relationship, fashion and even politics

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Fast-rising Nollywood actress Etinosa Idemudia recently became famous for her outspokenness and controversial stand on specific trendy topics and societal issues.

You might not like her for her opinionated personality, but you can't take it away from her that she is an incredibly talented actress and comic.

Photos of Etinosa and her daughter, Kris
Etinosa Idemudia divulges more about herself during a recent interview. Photo credit: @etinosaofficial
Source: Instagram

Her rise within the ranks of the movie industry hasn't been particularly meteoric; instead, it has been measured, gradual and steady.

Etinosa recently shared an insight into her background, career, relationship and many other things during a conversation with Legit.ng's, Nosa Oke-Hortons.

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Below are some of the juicy extracts from the conversation.

Etinosa talked about how acting has been a point of solace and hope even when life dealt her difficult cards.

"I have had my ups and downs, but never has it been so bad that I ever considered quitting. In fact, the irony of it all is that at my low point, my acting makes me feel better. It gives my life hope and encouragement.
"My passion is not to be in every movie or production but in acting itself, so sometimes, when roles are not forthcoming, I create parts for myself. No matter how tough things could get, I have never thought about quitting. When life shows me pepper, I make Peppersoup."

Etinosa also discussed a few productions she holds dear because of the boost and feasibility they gave her career.

"Chairman series/sitcom on Africa Magic was huge for me. When it started airing, blogs went wild about it and I couldn't go out.
"Also, Washerman, a movie directed by Charles Uwagbai, was one of my biggest movies. Both productions pivoted me into stardom."

Greatest influences as an actor

In the chat, she revealed why she holds movie director Charles Uwagbai in high esteem. The actress noted that the Canadian-trained director is one of the most significant influences in her career.

At the same time, she said Nse Ikpe-Etim is one actress she loves and respects so much. While comedy Queen Nwokoye always ticks her boxes, Mercy Johnson is it for her in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

While on the international scene, she said:

"On the foreign stage, Meryl Streep is a fantastic actress I admire. Also, Viola Davies, I learn a lot from these people because I watch them often. Not forgetting Kerry Washington and Melissa McCarthy, I study these women and look up to them."

"I have always wanted to act the role of a witch" - Etinosa shares the character desires the most

When asked about the one role she's not yet had the opportunity to play and would want to, Etinosa had this to say:

"I have always wanted to play the role of a witch in a movie, and I have done it already. I have always wanted to play the villain role, to be the bad guy like a crime boss lady or a gangster. I like a wicked person role (laughs)."

The mother of one also shared the most challenging role she's had to play:

"One of the most challenging roles I had played in a movie before was being a man, coupled with the fact that, at the time, I was pregnant. "

Motherhood has made me more patient - Etinosa reveals

The Nollywood actress welcomed her first child, Kris, in December 2020. During the chat, we asked Etinosa how motherhood had affected her as a person, and she said this with a touch of emotion:

"Motherhood has made me more patient, 'before body they pepper me'. Since I became a mother, I began to see life differently; I began to find more reasons why people act the way they do. And sacrifice, I have always been sacrificial, especially for the people I love.
"Motherhood has increased my ability to love. However, I don't think it has affected my career; rather, it has made me more ambitious. I am grateful for motherhood because it has changed my life positively."

Etinosa took the opportunity to speak to women who are scared of motherhood.

She said;

"I know different strokes for different folks, but using my life as an example, motherhood has been good to me. Children come with blessing both in terms of spiritual and physical blessings. Things I thought I couldn't do came with ease after I had my child.
"The blessings and the growth ever since I became a mother are nearly unquantifiable. The critical thing is to have a support system. Who you dey born for? the family of your partner and yourself. Those are your support system."

Continuing, she added:

"I'm not saying motherhood is not challenging, especially if you're a career person, but the blessings outweigh the challenges. It is not a walk in the park, but nothing worth having isn't challenging."

Why I started an Asthma foundation - Etinosa shares the inspiration behind her philanthropic work

Etinosa's first response was, "I am asthmatic, very asthmatic sef." Before she went on to share a story of the incident that inspired her to start an Asthma foundation.

Her words:

"I usually buy my inhaler in bulk and keep it in the house, and for a very long time, I had not gone to buy over the shelf. Until one day, I forgot to go out with it and decided to get one from a pharm*cy on my way out. I branched into one shop and asked for the price, and what I heard broke my heart.

"It got to me and I started asking how the common man survives. What I saw scared and got me angry that I released an article slamming those fighting for free pads for women but nobody is fighting for free inhalers."

Etinosa, in the interview, noted that she wasn't trying to downplay anybody's cause for hers, but that menstruation has never killed anybody and can't be compared to a respiratory challenge.

The Edo-born actress is passionate about things she holds dear and would go the extra mile to fight for them. This was clear to see during our conversation with her.

Source: Legit.ng

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