"Is He A Monkey?" Lady Shares Video of Boyfriend's Messed Up Apartment after Leaving for Only 2 Days

"Is He A Monkey?" Lady Shares Video of Boyfriend's Messed Up Apartment after Leaving for Only 2 Days

  • A shocking video of the state of a man's kitchen after his girlfriend left for two days has gone viral
  • The kitchen was in a state of disarray and chaos, with dirty dishes everywhere and an unprecedented level of messiness
  • The whole kitchen was scattered with utensils placed hazardously at different corners

A trending video has sent shock waves around the internet regarding the audacity of some people to live in an unclean and chaotic environment.

A lady posted a video showing the state of her boyfriend's kitchen when she left and returned to his house after a two-day journey.

Lady sees boyfriend's messed up apartment, 2 days
Lady is shocked by her boyfriend's messed up apartment. Photo Credit: @yabaleftonline
Source: Instagram

She had travelled for just two days, and when she entered the kitchen, it looked like a hurricane had happened therein.

There were dirty dishes on the sink, dirty pots everywhere, and sachets and containers of ingredients scattered on the floor and the table.

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Empty plastic bottles of water and soda drinks and spills from oils and fruits were everywhere.

It was a state of absolute mess and chaos.

It seemed like he hosted an event because it was pretty shocking for one person to accumulate such a mess in that short period. This was certainly not the 'welcome home' package she expected, as the mess was kept for her to clean up.

Social media reactions

@_favsy commented:

"And she proceeds to wash them after making this video. Wonder Woman!"

@unboxwithadaora said:

"Who will clean all this mess? Oya wife material, over to you."

@ollabeecee wrote:

"This is red flag abeg. I cannot oooo I will eat and add my own since we all choose to be mad."

@reelnonso commented:

"Who cooked with all that pot? You need to ask questions wife material. Who did he invite?"

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@lure_and_kit_social wrote:

"You choose to date such men. Adults are first and foremost supposed to be concerned about their personal well-being (basic needs and necessities like cleanliness, health, safety, etc). If he's not responsible enough to cater for his own basic needs, will he be discerning enough to cater for yours? Ladies, men aren't extinct. There are still numerous well-groomed, well-bred, well-mannered, and intentional men. Be selfishly selective of your spouses or partners so that when you see a friend enjoying the fruits of her good decisions, you don't begin to resent your own man."

@omo_esan_in_lagos commented:

"Break up with him no be when you marry am, you will start complaining that your husband doesn't assist with house chores."

@chiziterem wrote:

"Oya start cleaning it up...wife material 2 million yards."

@iamfjoyce commented:

"God bless my boyfriend for me him and neatness nah 5&6."

@priscy_xx_ wrote:

"And you will clean o."

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@stephanie_reginald wrote:

"This can never be me. I can't stand a guy who is not clean and organized!"

@chee_somv wrote:

"Hmmm. He will wash and clean everything before I enter that kitchen."

@funkii_famm wrote:

"Why even post this, this is not a flex."

@_tare _ commented:

"Anything for content... yunno it's impossible to use all that for just two days."

@bistybimbs wrote:

"Na him go still clean am, it can never be me."

@nigho_joe wrote:

"Awwww Welcome home house help."

Watch the video below:

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