Meet Attorney Fred Gray Martin Luther King Jr's Lawyer Who Still Goes To Work Every day At Age 91

Meet Attorney Fred Gray Martin Luther King Jr's Lawyer Who Still Goes To Work Every day At Age 91

  • Martin Luther King Jr, the famous civil rights activist, worked closely with a lawyer named Attorney Fred Gray
  • Fred Gray has now turned 91, after fighting for the rights of minorities all his life and is interestingly still in active service
  • The current President of the National Bar Association in the United States made the revelation that has garnered numerous reactions online

Attorney Fred Gray, an ace lawyer who was once the president of the National Bar Association and Alabama Bar and once served as an attorney to Martin Luther King Jr, is still in active service.

According to BecauseOfThemWeCan, Gray has fought for civil rights throughout his whole career, fighting for voting rights, rights to education, freedom to march peacefully, and the right for Black people to participate in juries.

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At his age, one would have expected the aged veteran to be resting peacefully but Carlos Moore, the President of the National Bar Association, Fred Gray goes to work five times a week.

Picture of Carlos Moore and Attorney Fred Gray
Picture of Carlos Moore and Attorney Fred Gray Photo credit: Carlos Moore via LinkedIn
Source: UGC
"He has been practicing law 67 years. He still goes to work 5 days a week. He was Dr. King’s lawyer as well as Rosa Parks lawyer. I’m hoping President Joe Biden awards him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. No one else has done as much for as long as he has to advance civil rights and social justice in this country. No one," Carlos posted on his LinkedIn handle.

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Comments from social media users around the world

Several thousands of people rushed into the comment section of Carlos' post to pen down their opinions with regards to the rather breathtaking piece of news.

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June Jeffries commented:

We had a tremendous weekend in Montgomery and Selma. Thank you to President Moore, the NBA, Alicia Hughes, and Atty Gray.

Derek Witherspoon mentioned:

We in the Black Community should award him not Joe Biden. We got to stop looking outside of our Culture and Race and start awarding our Heroes. Thank you Attorney Fred Gray for your commit to OUR PEOPLE.

Valerie Cheers indicated:

Try not to focus too much on success in the event just do what you love; simply make every moment count and put stock into loving what you do, and it will fall into place. It's a gift to have faith in yourself, pay attention to your gut instinct, and do the thing you love since, supposing that you live life to the fullest, it is the most effective way to loosen up your whole self. - Valerie Cheers

When Martin Luther King Jr visited Ghana

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On the eve of Ghana's independence in March 1957, there was a historic meeting between Martin Luther King Jr and Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in Accra, Ghana.

According to, Nkrumah who had been recently released from prison at the time was at the meeting with his ministers as they met with the renowned American Christian minister and activist.

It is indicated that the meeting marked the ceremonial closing of the old British Parliament and at the ceremony, the recently incarcerated Nkrumah and his ministers wore their prison caps, symbolizing their struggle to win Ghana’s freedom.


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