How old is Flynn Rider in Disney’s animated film Tangled?

How old is Flynn Rider in Disney’s animated film Tangled?

Flynn Rider is a fictional character in Disney's 2010 animated film Tangled. He is among the most cherished animated characters. He is cast as a thief and the main male protagonist who later becomes the love interest of Princess Rapunzel, another favourite Disney character. While the film doesn't reveal much about his identity, one specific detail has always sparked curiosity among fans–his age. How old is Flynn Rider in Tangled?

Is Flynn Rider 26 years old?
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From watching Tangled and its sequel, Tangled: The Series (2017), it is revealed that Eugene Fitzherbert is an orphan and uses the name Flynn Rider as an alias to escape from his criminal past and those he has betrayed. Moreover, he is a cunning and incredibly skilled thief who steals a valuable tiara from the Kingdom's treasures. He proceeds to take sanctuary in a secluded tower which happens to be Rapunzel's home.

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How old is Flynn Rider in Tangled?

Throughout the movie, Flynn is reluctantly drawn into Rapunzel's quest to realize her goal of seeing the flying lanterns that appear in the Kingdom's skies on her birthdays.

Although Flynn Rider's age isn't stated explicitly in Tangled, his demeanour and portrayal gives viewers a hint about his age.

Going by his general outlook, it is reasonable to assume he is anywhere between his late 20s and early 30s. This assessment also aligns with how Eugene is later portrayed as mature, responsible, and caring.

How old is Eugene in Tangled according to the creators?

Eugene's age isn't mentioned in the movie. However, after its release in 2010, the creators spoke about Flynn Rider's age on multiple occasions. The consensus was that Flynn was in his twenties.

Two writers mentioned the number 22. However, the narrative didn't stop there because the movie's sequel, Tangled: The Series (an animated TV show), added another layer of detail to his backstory.

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The series is set after the events in Tangled, and in the final episode of season two, it is revealed that Eugene is the son of King Edmund and his mum was the late Queen.

Doing the math, his mother died 25 years earlier when he was just a new-born baby, and Flynn is confirmed to be at least 25 years old in that episode. This begs the question, how old was Flynn Rider when the movie premiered in 2010?

The events of the animated series reportedly took place two or three years after Tangled. Given that he was first portrayed as a thief who mastered his craft, he must have been 22 or 23 years, just as the franchise creators had alluded to earlier.

Is Flynn Rider 26 years old?

Although there is no actual confirmation as to how old Flynn Rider is in Tangled, the creators, once more, can help fans do the math and ascertain his age. And yes, Flynn Rider is 26 years old and probably even older than that.

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In the animated series, a lot of details are thrown in the mix as Flynn and Rapunzel embark on a fairy tale adventure. Unlike Rapunzel, who celebrated her 18th birthday during the movie, it is apparent that Flynn doesn't experience age change.

Furthermore, the movie's events take place within a few months, and it is hardly possible that Flynn Rider's age could've increased by a year or so.

However, it is in the animated series Tangled: The Series (later renamed Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure) and Tangled Ever After (the follow-up to Tangled that was released in 2012) that it can be confirmed that Flynn got to 26 years, and probably surpassed that age.

Having been revealed to be 25 years old in the final episode of season two, the events of the series' third (and final) season meant that he had grown a year older, and was 26 years old, if not older.

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The creators even revealed that Flynn and Rapunzel tied the knot in the short film Tangled Ever After when he was 26 years old.

After Flynn Rider returns to his royal parents and is forgiven for all his crimes, he decides to marry Rapunzel. To date, Flynn Rider (26) and Rapunzel (18) are credited to be Disney's couple with the biggest age difference (8 years).

How old is Flynn Rider in human years?

Flynn Rider is a fictional character, and that means his age in human terms is non-existent. However, you can base it on Tangled's specific timelines and references and subsequent installments to estimate his age in human years.

From Tangled, released in 2010, you can establish that Flynn Rider must have been anywhere between 22 to 23 years old. He tied the knot at 26 years old in the movie's sequel, Tangled Ever After, which premiered on January 13, 2012.

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From that time to date, you can add 11 years to his age, which means Flynn Rider is approximately 37 years old in human years.

How old is Flynn Rider in Tangled? Based on his demeanour, outlook, and lived experiences as a cunning thief, it is generally believed that Flynn Rider is in his twenties. His life as a thief was unsustainable, and he may have had a lot of maturing to do. Digging into his backstory, it can be estimated that he was 22 years when Tangled first premiered in 2010, 26 years when he tied the knot with Rapunzel in Tangled Ever After. The fictional character is approximately 37 years as in human years. published a post about Tinker Bell movies. Tinker Bell is a fairy who has starred in various films set around the lush green forest of Neverland. Fans love the adventure, fantasy and fairy tales depicted in the movies. These are the best Tinker Bell movies in the order of production.

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