All Tinker Bell movies in order: how and where to watch them

All Tinker Bell movies in order: how and where to watch them

Could you have ever imagined flying through the lush green forest of Neverland? And in your excursion, fantasised about leaving a trail of dust behind you? If you are a fan of the beloved fairy and her captivating adventures, you will be delighted to know you can experience the entire Tinker Bell movies in order. Tinker Bell is a little fairy who has starred in several movies that documents her mischievous yet inspiring adventures in Neverland.

Tinker Bell movies in order
Tinker Bell movies in order. Photo: @official_tink on Instagram (modified by author)
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The Tinker Bell movies have captured young and old audiences' hearts with enchanting stories and lovable characters. Regardless of the category in which you fall, new to Tinker Bell or a diehard fan, finding where to watch all the Tinker Bell movies can be challenging. Discover the correct order of the Tinker Bell movies and where to watch them.

Tinker Bell movies in order

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To watch all Tinker Bell movies, you can access them on Disney+. You may also purchase or rent them on various online platforms like Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, and iTunes. Further, you may find the movies on DVD at various retailers.

The Tinker Bell movie order starts with Tinker Bell and ends with Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast. Here is a close look at each movie from the first to the last.

1. Tinker Bell (2008)

At a baby's first laugh, a fairy is created and transported to Pixie Hollow by the winds. There, Tinker Bell discovers her ability for tinkering and mending. Wanting to travel to the mainland, she consults Queen Clarion, who informs her that only those fairies with a natural affinity for the environment are permitted to go.

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She desperately sought to exploit her innate talents, yet her efforts fell short. Consequently, she implored Vidia to help her learn to fly quickly like a fairy. Vidia directs her to catch darting thistles, setting her up for failure.

Finally, Tinker discovers a solution to her dilemma, fashioning mechanisms that help quickly prepare flowers and ladybugs for spring. Her ingenuity granted her permission from Queen Clarion to participate with the other natural-talented fairies as they bring in the season of renewal.

2. Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009)

Every eight years, the Pixie Dust Tree undergoes a renewal process thanks to the light of a blue harvest moon passing through a moonstone.

This time, Tinker Bell was in charge of creating a sceptre to hold the moonstone in place. Terrence stumbles, and the sceptre broke, resulting in the shattering of the moonstone.

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Tink and Blaze learn about the Mirror of Incanta, a mysterious item that could grant wishes. They were able to find it; however, Tink misuses one of her wishes for Blaze to be silent for a short period.

On their return trip, Tink manages to mend the sceptre with a white gem from the same mirror. Upon handing Queen Clarion the sceptre, the fairies are dismayed to see that the precious moonstone had shattered into bits. The fragments intensified the luminosity of the blue moon, leading to an outpour of the most radiant pixie dust in the entire Pixie Hollow.

3. Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010)

During the summer, Tink ventures to the mainland for Fairy Camp, where many other Pixies Hollow fairies attend. At the sound of a human vehicle, she sets out secretly, with Vidia trailing closely behind her to keep watch.

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As Tink and Vidia made their way home, they noticed a tiny house created by Elizabeth Griffiths, a young human who yearned to meet a genuine fairy. Captivated, Tink unknowingly ended up getting locked inside and was seized by Elizabeth.

After striking up a friendship with Elizabeth, Tink tutored her in the ways of fairies. However, instead of taking her leave, she opted to remedy the water leaks in the house. She also aimed to liberate the butterflies Dr Griffiths had gathered for his scientific pursuits.

Dr Griffiths seized Tink in a rage, yet Vidia came to the rescue and intervened before he could harm her. Instead, she was apprehended. Nonetheless, Tink and the other fairies successfully swayed the doctor from taking Vidia to London for further research.

4. Pixie Hollow Games (2011)

Tink and Fairy Mary took the stage when the Pixie Hollow Games kickes off. But after being eliminated, Tink shifts her focus to helping Rosetta and Chloe succeeds.

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That is due to the dismal record garden fairies have had for many years without any victories. Upon Queen Clarion's proclamation, the garden fairies are crowned victors.

Rumble refuses to accept this outcome until the Queen exposes his foul play. Glimmer abandons him moments before the finish line, consequently rendering the garden fairies triumphant.

5. Secret of the Wings (2012)

When Tinker Bell ventures into the intimidating Winter Woods, her wings shone radiantly, causing her to set out on a journey to determine the cause. As it turns out, she is near Periwinkle, a snow fairy, who, unbeknownst to her, was her sister–which is why her wings are glowed.

Tink wants to bring her sister to Pixie Hollow, but her plan doesn't work as intended, and the Hollow has slowly become frozen. She turns to Periwinkle and the Winter Fairies from the Woods of Winter to save it. Together, they frost the trees, stopping chilling and restoring Pixie Hollow.

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6. Pixie Hollow Bake Off (2013)

To add some zest to the 400-year-old custom, Tinker Bell persuades Gelata, the Baking Fairy, to participate in a friendly baking competition with her companions.

Intending to create the tastiest cake possible for the upcoming celebration of Queen Clarion, they all work together to create a novel and delicious treat. That makes Tink and her team recognised for their role in baking the cake.

7. Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy (2014)

Zarina, a deviant and vagrant dust-keeper fairy, steals the pivotal blue fairy dust from Pixie Hollow. In an attempt to reclaim the dust, Tinker Bell and her five companions pursue her.

Refusing Tinker Bell's requests to go back home with them, Zarina is taken to a place aboard the ship, tucked away behind a metal box. Once Tink finds out about James Hook's deceitfulness, she willingly hands over the blue fairy dust in exchange for Zarina's protection and well-being.

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Tinker fights the pirates with a sword and helps Zarina rescue James' stolen blue fairy dust. In the end, she successfully brings Zarina back to Queen Clarion.

8. Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast (2014 )

Talented and imaginative Fawn, an animal fairy, believes that appearances should not be the sole criteria when judging others. That is why she befriends NeverBeast, a huge and mysterious person travelling the shadows.

Uncertainty encompasses Tinker Bell and her companions when they learn of the fearful being that has appeared in Pixie Hollow. Consequently, the most privileged Scout Fairies embarks on a mission to restrain the creature before it wreaks havoc in their haven.

Fawn must rely on her intuition and take a bold plunge to motivate the young ladies to rescue the NeverBeast. As a supporting figure, Tinker Bell aids Fawn in safeguarding the extraordinary NeverBeast from peril.

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Summary list of all Tinker Bell movies in order

Here is the list of all Tinker Bell movies in order to enhance your watching experience.

1Tinker Bell 2008
2Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure2009
3Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue 2010
4Pixie Hollow Games2011
5Secret of the Wings2012
6Pixie Hollow Bake Off 2013
7Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy2014
8Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast2015

If you love fairy movies, you can embark on a magical journey with Tinker Bell and her friends by watching all the Tinker Bell movies in order. These movies can be found on popular streaming platforms such as Disney+ and on DVDs and Blu-Ray purchases. recently published an article on how to watch all Barbie movies in order and where to locate them. Barbie movies are a series of animated films starring the legendary doll Barbie.

The Barbie movies franchise has a massive collection of up to 42 movies and is constantly growing, with the 2023 movie receiving high ratings and acclaim from fans. The movies reflect what the legendary toy brand represents: fun, fashion, and femininity.


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