10 biggest red flags in women to look out for when dating

10 biggest red flags in women to look out for when dating

Dating is great when you find someone you enjoy spending time with. However, amid the dating excitement, you should not ignore red flags as this could present problems in the future. In relationships, red flags are certain behaviours or signs that indicate that you may be dating the wrong person. These are the red flags in women to look out for when dating.

Dating red flags to look for in a woman
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There is an assumption that red flags in a relationship with a woman are super easy to spot, but this could not be further from the truth. Many are less obvious, and one might miss them, especially when love is involved. When things aren't going right when dating, it's important to recognize the red flags right away. Spotting them soon can help resolve the issues or end the relationship before anyone gets hurt

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10 biggest red flags in women to look out for when dating

Finding the right woman to date is a desire for most men. However, finding the perfect woman to form a lasting relationship with is not easy. Here are some of the red flags in women to help you make the right choice.

1. She is a serial cheater

Infidelity is one of the major causes of breakups in relationships. However, there is a difference between a one-off cheater and a serial cheater. People who cheat frequently feel less and less bad about it every time.

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Essentially, the brain becomes accustomed to lying by producing a weaker and weaker negative response each time the cheater tells a lie. This is great for the cheater but terrible for everyone else in the relationship.

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People with a narcissistic personality disorder also frequently cheat because they lack empathy or sympathy for others. Therefore, it is important to avoid women who frequently cheat, no matter the motivation. Dating a serial cheater can only mean one thing — she will cheat on you. This is one of the worst dating red flags in a woman that you should never ignore.

2. She love bombs you

The phrase "love bombing" is a situation where a person you've recently started dating shows you a lot of affection. It is saying 'I love you' too soon in a new relationship.

Women who love bomb will quickly trick you into taking the relationship seriously and may want to define the relationship as exclusive a few weeks in. These women declare their love for you even before you get to know each other. They may use words like 'soulmate' or 'fate' to hoodwink you.

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It is one of the conspicuous red flags in a new relationship with a woman. Love bombing can emanate from her insecurities, and it shows she lacks the maturity to be in a healthy relationship.

3. She shows patterns of codependency in relationships

Common red flags in girls
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This is one of the red flags in a girl you should look out for when you start dating. Extreme codependence and a propensity to quickly jump from one relationship to another should not be ignored.

Such women are needy and clingy when they get into a relationship. This is because they do not know who they are without being in a relationship.

One sign of a damaged woman is someone who thinks she needs to be in a relationship to feel normal. They usually experience post-breakup depression, which only goes away after they start dating again. If you meet such a woman, run the other way.

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4. She constantly speaks ill of her ex-partners

Another dating red flag in a lady is trashing her ex-partners. Of course, most people have experienced some painful breakups, and not everyone has happy recollections of their ex. Oftentimes, there is no goodwill from ex-partners. But if the woman you're dating repeatedly complains about her ex-partners and blames them for everything, that's a major red flag.

Even unsuccessful relationships can help someone learn and develop. Unfortunately, it also takes two people to succeed or fail in a relationship. This lady may be emotionally immature or still fixated on her past relationship if she keeps bashing an ex.

5. She often communicates with her ex

Constant communication with an ex is one of the red flags in girls you should look out for. Communication with an ex-partner once in a while is acceptable, especially if the breakup was amicable. It would even be weird if a girl bars all her exes, unless they are all crazy, which is highly unlikely.

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However, having regular conversations with an ex-partner she broke up with less than six months ago raises eyebrows. Regular communication with her recent ex-partner suggests they may still have feelings for each other. When this happens, be ready for the possibility that you might be "the rebound" and stay away from her.

6. She is jealous

The green-eyed monster is one of the dating red flags to look for in a woman. Everybody occasionally experiences jealousy, which may be a good thing in some situations.

For instance, jealousy may prompt you to speak with your girlfriend about a friend who disrespects you. It can aid in improving communication and setting healthy limits in a relationship. Unhealthy jealousy is when the lady is unreasonably jealous to the extent that it threatens the relationship. Take heed if she:

  • continually, with no proof, suspects or accuses you of infidelity;
  • wants to control every aspect of your life;
  • does not want you to be with anyone or go anywhere without them;
  • gets envious of any female friendships and may even insist that you only be friends with guys;
  • wants to know everything you are doing;
  • constantly calls and texts you and becomes upset if you don't answer immediately.

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7. She is rude to people

Red flags in a relationship with a woman
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One of the biggest red flags in a girl is rudeness. Never trust a lady who is mean and rude to people, especially if it happens more than once. This may include your friends, family and even waiters at a restaurant. Treating a waiter poorly is a sign that the lady is a bully and will eventually come for you.

Someone who is rude to your loved ones can cause a great deal of emotional strife for you and the people you care about. This is a big red flag which shows the person does not have respect or consideration for you.

8. She needs constant reassurance

This red flag in women may come out as harsh, but it's the reality. If your partner is unable to make herself happy, she will drain you as you attempt to make her happy. The need for constant reassurance can sometimes be annoying on your part.

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Every now and then, you will also require emotional support. But how and when will she be able to do it for you if you are always doing it for her? An important life lesson is to love yourself first before you can love another person. This type of girl becomes nagging and emotionally draining, which is a big red flag.

9. She is tight-lipped about past relationships

Most men are attracted to mysterious women because of the adrenaline rush that comes with the unknown in a new relationship. You should, however, not let the allure of mystery prevent you from spotting this serious dating red flag.

There are several reasons why someone might not want to share too much about their past, especially at the very beginning of a relationship. But if they are persistently protective or secretive about it, that is a red flag.

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A woman who is not open to discussing her past relationships must be hiding something and should be avoided. Part of knowing someone is through communication and self-disclosure, especially in the early days.

10. She shows signs of substance abusе

Most people enjoy going out and having a good time every now and then. Going out and having drinks at the bar is a way to find a date, and it is also a place you can take your date. It is, however, not normal if a woman you are dating drinks too much and abusеs other illicit substances.

This is a red flag as it will be impossible to connect with her and have a healthy relationship. It can only happen after she has undergone treatment. She will ultimately have to admit she has a problem and seek assistance. If she doesn't see it as a problem, then she is not worth your time.

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Meeting and dating a great woman is a great feeling that most people yearn for. However, finding the right woman to date is not that easy. Red flags help to identify the types of people to stay away from early on in the dating scene. The above are red flags in women that will help you avoid trouble and heartbreak.

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