100+ positive niece quotes from the proudest aunt or uncle

100+ positive niece quotes from the proudest aunt or uncle

Aunts and uncles hold a special place in a niece's heart, and expressing your love and pride for her can have a lasting impact. These positive niece quotes are a perfect way to remind her of your support and encouragement, no matter where life takes her.

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Being an aunt or uncle brings fun and responsibility as the little one will always turn to you even when she can't turn to her parents. Their pure love is a catalyst for making one be a better aunt or uncle to them. These niece quotes will show how much you value her and keep her happy and motivated.

Best niece quotes

These cute quotes about nieces will surely show your nieces how much they mean to you.

  • You may not have my eyes or smile, but from the very first moment I laid my eyes on you, suddenly you had my heart.
  • If nieces were flowers, I would pick you.
  • Any day spent with you is my favourite day. So today is my new favourite day.
  • Never forget, my niece, you can do anything you put your mind to.
  • My niece is brilliant and beautiful. Obviously, she takes after me.
  • No matter what life throws at you, my niece, I am always here for you.
  • Having a niece is really special because I have a son, so I get to have a little girl, too.
  • A niece is a friend given by nature.
  • Nieces are like sunshine on a rainy day.
  • I’d rather be the cool aunt than the authoritative aunt.
  • The day our niece was born, our family was blessed.
  • Here together or miles apart, a niece like you stays in my heart.
  • She's a different kind of BFF. One who is a little younger and finds you so cool just because you care and have grown-up clothes in your closet.
  • You are the best niece ever; your thoughtfulness and caring ways make you special in many ways.
  • I didn't give birth to you but raised you in my heart. You're my life, and I will always love and care for you. I know God has the best plan for the best niece in the world! Love you a lot!
  • To have a niece as wonderful as you make me one of the lucky few.
  • Of the many blessings in my life, I count you as a main one, my niece.
  • There are many ways to be a mother. I have a lot of young actors I mentor, and my nieces and my nephews need a lot of love.
  • An aunt and a niece have a special bond that grows with time.
  • Nieces bring happiness and joy. They are also full of love and surprises and make life special, not blue.
  • You have a gift for making people smile, and a heart that's filled with love. I'm so grateful for the gift of you.
  • A niece is a joy to remember your whole life through.
  • I don't have children, but I have 17 nieces and nephews, and they more than make up for anything I can do. – Lauren Velez.
  • A niece is very special! She's the child of someone dear. She's the person I can spoil, whether far or near. As years pass by, I hope you know how much you mean to me, and as you make your way in life, I will always be there for you.
  • Being your aunt is a pleasure, especially to you, my niece. You have made a positive difference in my life.
  • You have a spark that's truly one of a kind. I can't wait to see where your dreams will take you.
  • You bring sunshine into my life, even on the cloudiest of days. So proud to be your aunt.

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Cute "I love my niece" quotes

Are you a proud auntie or uncle searching for "I love my niece" quotes to express your unconditional love to her? Choosing the right quote for your niece will make her feel special and loved. Check these lovely quotes for inspiration.

niece and uncle quotes
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  • I love my niece because of all the joy she has brought into my life.
  • I can’t describe how lucky I am to call you my niece. Count on me anytime because you are very important in my life. I love you, my darling.
  • Long before my niece came into this world, I never knew how much I could love someone. She came, and everything changed.
  • You are my niece, and I will always love you for who you are.
  • The first time I saw you, I fell in love with you. A precious niece, a gift from God.
  • No distance can hinder the love between my niece and me because our bond is always connected by the heart.
  • The love between aunt and niece knows no distance.
  • You're the sunshine of my day and the sweetest dream of the night. My niece, my heart fills with love whenever I see your face. I adore you, dear!
  • From you, I learned the true meaning of love. The time I spend with you is always the best. I hope you never lack anything in your life. Lots of love from your aunt, lovely niece!
  • It feels amazing to see you becoming a great woman. You're the girl I love the most, and I'm proud to be your aunt. Distance may separate us, but we're connected by heart, and you're always in my prayers.
  • I’m so glad and proud of whatever you’ve already done at this age. I love you, my niece! A life full of love and success is what I wish for you.
  • I love you not because you are my niece but because you are such a wonderful human who truly deserves the most love from anyone.
  • It’s a great feeling to see you becoming an amazing person. The beautiful smile on your face brings light to my heart. My dear niece, you’re one of the best things that happened in my life. I love you!
  • You've come to this family to brighten our lives; I'll always be thankful for this. My beloved niece, never forget that your aunt is here with you for everything.
  • I'm always thankful to God for giving me the best niece in the world. You are like a daughter to me, and I love you with all my heart. May God keep you happy forever in your life!
  • It’s impossible to describe the love I have for you. Dear, you’re exceptional and deserve all the love and affection of the world. May God continue showering his blessings upon you!
  • One of the happiest things for me is when everyone says that we look alike. My dear niece, my cutie pie, I love you and want to be at your side forever!

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Niece and uncle quotes

Uncles tend to be protective of their nieces because they are the second fathers to the little ones. They care for them as if they are their daughters. Send these beautiful quotes to your niece and make her feel treasured.

Niece and uncle quotes
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  • I’d do anything for my nieces, for nieces are the greatest gift I have ever known.
  • I was the one who taught my sister and my niece how to walk in high heels. – John Barrowman.
  • My dear niece, when you called me an uncle for the first time, I felt old, but now I feel incredibly lucky.
  • To be on television and have my nieces and nephews see me, and seeing them wear my shirt to the games and be proud, it's so sweet. Sometimes it feels like it's just a dream. – Sue Wicks.
  • I love watching you grow up so well. Whenever I think about you, my heart fills with joy. My niece, I’ll always love you and support you no matter what comes!
  • A niece is a joy to remember your whole life through.
  • A niece is a gift whose worth cannot be measured except by the heart.
  • Why should I marry? One marries to have children, but I already have children! My nieces and nephews are my children. – Salman Khan.
  • I love you like my daughter. You're a precious child, and I'm lucky to have you. May no sorrows ever touch you! My prayers are always with you.
  • You have the power to change the world, and I'm confident that you will. So proud to be your uncle.
  • Every moment I spend with you is a gift. You bring laughter, joy, and so much love into my life.
  • My dear niece, you're the owner of my heart. You give me immense happiness, and my love for you is unconditional. I pray God grants you many years of a happy and healthy life!
  • Your uncle will love you yesterday and will love you still. Always have. Always will.
  • My sister finally did a smart thing; she had you, my niece. – Catherine Pulsifer.
  • Everything is nicer when shared with a niece!
  • I'm so grateful to have a niece as amazing and wonderful as you. You make my life brighter every day.
  • You have a way of making every day a little brighter. I'm so thankful to have you in my life.
  • I have a 6-year-old niece who doesn't look like the majority of girls on the covers of magazines. I hope that by the time she's 16, the world will have changed. – Prabal Gurung.
  • To have your niece lie in your arms is the greatest gift from God.
  • You are awesome and amazing too. I could wish for no better niece than you!
  • I’ve always been close to my family. I’ve got a lot of nieces and nephews, but I’m a good uncle. – John Waters

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Aunt and niece quotes

If you are the cool aunt who loves spending time with your nieces, you probably wish the moment lasts forever. Aunts easily connect with their nieces because they are always down for fun. These quotes about nieces and aunts will come in handy.

Aunt and niece quotes
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  • The word ‘Aunt’ became very special in my life after you were born, baby girl. I love you, niece.
  • A niece is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.
  • To my niece…Your mom has the final say, but I’m always here for another opinion.
  • The best aunts aren't substituting parents; they're co-conspirators.
  • An amazing niece is like a glass of refreshing lemonade in the hot summer.
  • My niece, watching you learn and grow over the years is a privilege that only an aunt would know.
  • You bring joy into the lives of everyone you meet. I'm so proud to be your aunt.
  • Though we’re aunt and niece, we always have a friendly relationship. I know you can feel how much I love you. Keep in mind that your aunt can do anything for your welfare!
  • You know you're the best aunt in the universe when your niece walks into the room, and her face lights up when she sees you.
  • You have a passion for life that's truly contagious. I'm so proud to be your aunt.
  • I would not be a good mother. I mean, I love being an aunt to my niece and nephew.
  • My beautiful niece, you're very special to me. I've always considered you my daughter, and nobody can take your place in my heart. Count on me always, my child! Auntie loves you a lot!
  • Whenever your dad grounds you, your mom scolds you, your teachers punish you, and your friends tease you, always remember that you have an aunt waiting to hug you.
  • I take my role of being an aunt seriously and have attended every important event/milestone in all my nieces’ and nephews’ lives.
  • The sparkle of your eyes gives me peace, and the beautiful smile on your face brightens my day. My dear niece, you're the most adorable, prettiest, and sweetest person I know.
  • Having a niece like you is a great fortune. God gave you the most generous heart. I hope you continue being a kind and lovely girl! Love you, dear!
  • Love is that magical, elusive feeling that really seizes us and takes us from the inside. To me, it's in the corners of my niece's little smile or when I see my mother calling me.
  • My days become brighter whenever I’m with you, my niece. Today and always count on me because your happiness matters a lot to me. Best wishes for your life!
  • Being an aunt of such a wonderful niece is a blessing. Your innocent smile makes my day. May God give you a life filled with success, love, and lots of victories! All the best in your life!
  • My niece is like a combination of a daughter and a best friend.
  • You are my niece, which gives you the official right to ask me for treats without feeling guilty. I am your aunt, which gives me the official right to spoil you without taking responsibility.
  • All nieces are brilliant and beautiful…and, obviously, take after their aunt.
  • My favourite person in the entire world calls me ‘Aunt’.

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Crazy aunt and niece quotes

Being an aunt means you are free with your niece and can put a smile on her face. Here are some of the crazy quotes to niece from aunt to express how much you are proud of your girl.

Crazy aunt and niece quotes
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  • I have nieces and nephews I love hanging out with, and they think I'm the biggest goof on the planet.
  • They call me aunt because my partner in crime makes me sound like a bad influence.
  • If I'm not the best aunt in America, then I don't know what's going on. – Jenny Slate.
  • The Auntie Code: Bedtime is whenever, the answer is always 'yes,' and your mom doesn't have to know everything.
  • We laugh so much, my funny niece, my little sidekick, and my best mate.
  • Cool aunts host tea parties and invite all the stuffed animals.
  • I’m not a fan of Star Wars. That is not for me. That is for my nephews and nieces. I don’t get it.
  • There's this girl; she kinda stole my heart; she calls me 'auntie.
  • Aunties and nieces are like son and daughter mixed with mischief!
  • I love spending time with my dog, my niece and my family. I’m very family-oriented.
  • My niece is brilliant and beautiful. Obviously, she takes after me.
  • I love my niece so much that I am willing to make silly faces in public just to make her smile.
  • A niece is like a princess-a princess duly spoiled by her aunt.
  • A niece is a treasure trove of memories, laughter, and love. So proud to have you in my life

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Sending positive niece quotes to your best niece is a perfect way of filling her heart with love and joy. If you are an aunt or uncle, share these quotes with them; they will keep you close to their hearts forever.

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