Who is a slay queen and what are their defining traits and characteristics?

Who is a slay queen and what are their defining traits and characteristics?

The phrase slay queen is commonly used in contemporary Nigeria. It is a phrase used to describe females with certain characteristics in society, especially their love for fashion and lavish lifestyles. Some even fake their lifestyles online.

Who is a slay queen
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The advent of social media changed lifestyles for numerous people globally. Social media comes with the pressure to appear perfect in the eyes of fans and followers. A slay queen showcases her perfect life online to win the love and admiration of others.

All you should know about a slay queen

If you say that someone is slaying, it means they are doing a very good job and, if it is a competition, destroying their competitors by being so much better.

The phrase slay queen is informal or slang. Many young women admire the lives of slay queens and desire to be like them. Discover who a slay queen is and their defining traits and characteristics.

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What is the meaning of slay queen?

According to Urban Dictionary, the meaning of a slay queen is a young and naive female who does not date broke men. Instead, she chooses wealthy men who can offer her a lavish lifestyle.

She spends hours on various online platforms showing off her perfect lifestyle. She often showcases things she does not own just so she can maintain a certain image in society.

Who is a slay queen?

Based on the above definition, the phrase slay queen is slang. It is mostly used by the Gen Z to refer to a young woman who is active on social media and pretends to afford a lavish partying lifestyle.

A slay queen does their best to portray the perfect life. She will even fake her lifestyle. Her aim is to appear irresistible to men.

She wears heavy make-up, perfectly done hair, and the latest outfits. She often takes pictures, edits them to remove any bodily flaws, and uploads perfect images on social media.

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She enjoys showing everyone how well she is doing in life. In reality, she struggles to stay on her feet unless someone else funds her desired lifestyle.

Besides showing off a fake lifestyle, she lacks depth. She is quite shallow and is only interested in surface-level things, especially gossip and drama. You will get deeply frustrated or offended if you try to hold a deep conversation with them.

Do we have slay kings?

Yes, the world has slay kings. Slay kings and queens are similar, except the kings are men. They also enjoy showing off lifestyles they cannot afford or maintain online.

who is a slay queen
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What are the characteristics of a slay queen?

Slay queens are easily recognised by their physical appearance. Below are their key traits and characteristics.

1. Love for thick make-up

Thick make-up means a heavy application of make-up that appears unnatural or exaggerated. Slay queens are almost always in make-up that features bold lipstick and eyeshadow colours and lengthy eyelashes.

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Their aim is to look beautiful all the time. Many men view them as trophies because of their outward beauty.

2. Love for exaggerated wigs and weaves

Slay queens wear hair that makes heads turn because they love attention. They have a preference for expensive human hair weaves and wigs, especially long and flowy ones. Some prefer dyed hair extensions that are hard to ignore.

3. Love for the latest fashion

If you want to know the latest trends in the fashion industry, look at a slay queen's recent outfits. She spends her last coin acquiring the latest handbags, clothes, and shoes.

Interestingly, she is almost always wearing 6-inch heels, even when she appears overdressed for a particular location or function. Showing off a bit of skin is also preferred.

4. Love for long nail extensions

Cardi-B-inspired nails are characteristic of slay queens. After all, she wants to present the image of a high-class lady who does not do common household chores. She has long and colourful nails, often bedazzled.

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5. Love for pictures

Storage and quality shots are among the top three elements a slay queen considers when buying a smartphone. She needs perfect images for social media and will do anything to appear flawless in pictures.

She takes hundreds of swag-filled pictures that highlight her best features. She will even force some bodily features on pictures, e.g., sucking in her tummy and posing in a way that shows off and exaggerates her hips and buttocks.

She often pouts when taking selfies. Only the best pics out of the hundreds taken feature on social media.

how to become a slay queen
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6. Social media addiction

Social media is a slay queen's entire life. She has active accounts on all social media platforms to showcase their fake lifestyle to all and sundry. While not all slay queens are broke, most are, so they must fake their lifestyles.

A slay queen posts highly edited and filtered pictures, thanks to pic editing apps. No one should see her imperfections. She will upload pictures whilst window shopping in expensive stores to make it appear as though they can afford the finer things in life.

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It is not uncommon to see her posing inside or outside a luxurious vehicle, usually borrowed, with the caption, "Driving home," yet her rented house is in arrears. The more the likes and comments, the better.

7. Partying as a lifestyle

Slay queens love partying, but not in local joints. You will find them in cool clubs where the rich hang out. How can she show you how last night was lit without pictures?

She will showcase videos and pics of herself and others toasting expensive drinks, even though she may have never tasted them.

8. Forced accents and unique language

She must look rich, so she must speak like a rich kid. A typical slay queen will force an accent to speak like the rich, usually American English. Her diction also features plenty of slang words and phrases. It can be pretty annoying to listen to her for more than a couple of minutes.

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9. Preference for rich men

Force it until you make it is the motto. Faking a rich lifestyle makes a slay queen attract rich men. She only accepts dates and invitations from men who can sponsor her lifestyle.

How to become a slay queen

To become a slay queen, you should possess the traits and characteristics discussed above. In a nutshell, you should do the following to become one.

  • Seek attention on social media.
  • Always wear heavy make-up.
  • Ensure you have an accent (preferably American) and incorporate slang into your language.
  • Use filters to ensure your social media images are perfect.
  • Rock the trendiest outfits, shoes, sunglasses, lippies, and wigs.
  • Never showcase dullness. Always showcase high-end things.
  • Show the world you live large.
  • Always know what is trending in the entertainment industry.
  • Do not bother with serious relationships, but find a filthy rich man to finance you.
  • Hang out with celebs or other slay queens.
  • Date filthy rich men only.
  • Live large! Live large! Live large!

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who is a slay queen
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Advantages of being a slay queen

Slay queens struggle to achieve a certain image in society, especially on social media. Oddly enough, there are benefits associated with being one.

  • It boosts your confidence.
  • You get plenty of admirers on and off social media.
  • It gives you a wider pool of men to choose from.
  • It increases the chances of getting married to a rich man.

What does slay queen mean?

It means a young gold digger who is highly active on social media and pretends to afford a lavish partying lifestyle. She loves the finer things in life.

Why do people become slay queens?

People become slay queens so they can appear they are doing way better than their peers in life. They fake it until they make it.

What is a baddie slay queen?

Baddie slay queen refers to a particular class of women, usually online, who always look peng and gorgeous, as do celebrities.

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A slay queen is easy to identify from her physical appearance. She invests in her looks and wants to look expensive, even when she cannot afford the lifestyle she portrays.

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