Tommy Flanagan bio: scars, spouse, net worth, movies and TV shows

Tommy Flanagan bio: scars, spouse, net worth, movies and TV shows

Tommy Flanagan is a film and TV show actor from Scotland, United Kingdom. He is famous for his crucial role in a FX crime comedy television series, Sons of Anarchy, as Filip Chibs Telford. The actor made his debut after playing significant roles in several films such as The Game, Braveheart, and Face/Off.

Tommy Flanagan
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Tommy Flanagan movie, All about the Benjamins, was produced in 2002 with Flanagan as the starring. He has fought many tough battles in his career life to be recognized as a celebrity. Tommy Flanagan scars on cheeks has been rhyming with most of his characters in different films. He featured in When a Stranger Calls, a psychological thriller film as an Unassuming Stranger in the early years of his career life.

Profile summary

  • Birth name: Tommy Flanagan
  • Nickname: Tommy
  • Date of birth: July 3, 1965
  • Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • Age: 54 years
  • Height: 6 feet 1 inch
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Hair color: Grey
  • Occupation: Film actor
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Weight: 78 Kgs
  • Nationality: Scottish, British
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Instagram: tommyflanaganofficial

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Early life

Tommy was born to his mother, Elizabeth Flanagan, and his father, David Flanagan, at Glasgow, Scotland in the United Kingdom. The actor's parents struggled to bring him up with his brother, Andrew. The celebrity’s background was not a smooth one, like for other well-known personalities in Britain.

His family lived in a low-class economic suburb, among other traumatized natives. However, his parents raised him in a Roman Catholic Church. He served as a faithful church altar boy before training to be a DJ. His brother is also an amazing actor in Scotland. Glasgow grin is the nickname that most of his fans used to describe his facial scars. Unfortunately, in January 2012, his father passed away.


The celebrity started his career life as a DJ in Scotland after his graduation from the university. He put much effort into his work and garnered a lot of fans, especially music enthusiasts. Flanagan’s position as a spokesperson for Irn-Bru, a soft drink from Scotland, popularized him in the entire United Kingdom. In July 2018, when Wu Assassins, a Netflix film series was produced, Tommy was featured as part of the film’s cast. Working alongside other actors, Chibs Sons of Anarchy star has managed to sharpen his acting skills over the years.

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Tommy Flanagan career
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Tommy Flanagan movies and TV shows

The celebrity has been very hardworking in the film and entertainment industry. He has also played significant roles in several films, which have been the best-selling in the market. Tommy Flanagan movies have won the hearts of many film enthusiasts globally. All along with his career life, Chibs has worked alongside popular actors such as Kim Coates and Theo Rossi among many others.


Here is a list of all the films that the celebrity has featured in over the years:

  1. Love-40 as Petrov in 2020
  2. American Fighter as McClellan in 2020
  3. The Jesuit as Jet Rink in 2020
  4. Westworld as Martin Connells in 2020
  5. The Wave as Aeolus in 2019
  6. The Rising Hawk as Tugar in 2019
  7. Wu Assassins as Alec McCullough in 2019
  8. Killers Anonymous as Markus in 2019
  9. Legal Action as Mr. Gates in 2018
  10. Fuerteventura as Captain in 2018
  11. Way Junction as Nick in 2018
  12. Adolescence as Shepherd in 2018
  13. Papillon as Masked Breton in 2017
  14. Redliners as Angus Cochrane in 2017
  15. Sand Castle as Sgm. MacGregor
  16. Guardians of the Galaxy as Tullk
  17. The Ballad of Lefty Brown as Tom Harrah in 2017
  18. Running Wild as Jon Kilpatrick in 2017
  19. 48 Hours to Live as Kipling in 2016
  20. The Winachi Tribe: A Room with a Zoo as Wolfman Hilton
  21. Motive as Jack Stoker in 2016
  22. Korn: Rotting in Vain in 2016
  23. Gotham as Tom the Knife in 2015
  24. Winter as Woods Weston in 2015
  25. Revenge as Malcolm Black in 2015
  26. Sons of Anarchy as Filip 'Chibs' Telford in 2008-2014
  27. Peaky Blinders as Arthur Senior in 2013
  28. II Officer Down as Father Reddy in 2013
  29. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Murphy in 2012
  30. Detroit 1-8-7 as Albert Stram in 2011
  31. Luster as Les in 2010
  32. Swifty & Vega as Swifty in 2010
  33. Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball as Lazlo Soot in 2010
  34. 24 as Gabriel Schector in 2009
  35. Smokin' Aces as Lazlo Soot in 2006
  36. The Last Drop as Pvt. Dennis Baker in 2006
  37. When a Stranger Calls as Stranger in 2006
  38. Sin City as Brian in 2005
  39. Alien vs. Predator as Mark Verheiden in 2004
  40. Trauma as Tommy in 2004
  41. Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle as Irish Henchman in 2003
  42. All About the Benjamin as Williamson in 2002
  43. Dead Dogs Lie as Michael in 2001
  44. Strictly Sinatra as Michelangelo in 2001
  45. Attila as Bleda in 2001
  46. Hidden as McCracken in 2000
  47. Sunset Strip as Duncan
  48. Rebus as Thomas Telford in 2000
  49. Gladiator as Cicero in 2000
  50. Ratcatcher as Da in 1999
  51. Plunkett & Macleane as Eddie in 1999
  52. The Detail in 1997
  53. The Game as Solicitor in 1997
  54. Face Off as Leo in 1997
  55. The Saint as Scarface in 1997
  56. Bad Boys as Harry in 1996
  57. A Mug's Game as Paul in 1996
  58. Rab C. Nesbitt as Sean in 1996
  59. Jolly: A Life as Man at Grotto in 1995
  60. Braveheart as Morrison in 1995
  61. Tis' the Season to be Jolly as Prisoner in 1993
  62. Taggart as Tam McLeod in 1993

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Tommy Flanagan movies and TV shows
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TV Shows

The celebrity has taken part in the airing of many television and series on popular channels. Here are some of the shows that actor Flanagan has featured in:

  • In 1992-Screen One
  • In 1993-Tis the Season to be Jolly as Prisoner
  • In 1995-Jolly: A Life as Man at grotto
  • In 1996-Rab C. Nesbitt as Sean
  • In 1996-A Mug's Game as Paul
  • In 2000-Rebus as Thomas Telford
  • In 2001-Attila as Bleda
  • In 2008–2014-Sons of Anarchy as Filip Chibs Telford
  • In 2010-Lie to Me as Ron Marshall
  • In 2011-Detroit 1-8-7 as Albert Stram
  • In 2012-Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Murphy
  • In 2013-Peaky Blinders as Arthur Shelby Snr
  • In 2015-Revenge as Malcolm Black
  • In 2015-Gotham as Tom
  • In 2016-Motive as Jack Stoker
  • In 2019-Wu Assassins as Alec McCullough
  • In 2019-Mayans M.C. as Filip Chibs Telford
  • In 2020-Westworld as Tony Parce DomineIn 2017-Made in Hollywood as Himself
  • In 2015-Carpe Diem: The Final Season of Sons of Anarchy
  • In 2014-The 83rd Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade
  • In 2014-Conan as a guest
  • In 2014-Entertainment Tonight
  • In 2014-Intercoarse with Kurt Sutter
  • In 2010-Behind the Scenes with Joe Carnahan as Lazlo Soot
  • In 2010-Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball - Confessions of an Assassin as Lazlo Soot
  • In 2010-Up Close with Carrie Keagan
  • In 2009-Sons of Anarchy Season 1: Casting Sons of Anarchy as Filip 'Chibs' Telford
  • In 2009-Sons of Anarchy Season 1: The Bikes as Filip 'Chibs' Telford
  • In 2009-Sons of Anarchy Season 1: The Ink as Filip 'Chibs' Telford
  • In2002-All About the Stunts
  • In 2002-Miami Nice
  • In 2002-Strictly Business: Making All About the Benjamins
  • In 2002- Ultimate Fights from the Movies as Cicero

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Awards and achievements

In 2001, the celebrity received the Copper Wing Award for being the Best Ensemble Actor in Dead Dogs Lie.

Who is Tommy Flanagan spouse?

The celebrity was married to Rachel Flanagan, his first love partner from 1998 to 2001 before separating. Later, he married Jane Ford in 2007. However, Jane Ford Tommy Flanagan union did not last for long and the couple divorced in 2010. In the same year, a few months later, he tied nuptial knots with Dian Livingstone. Interestingly, the couple seems to be enjoying its union. The couple has one daughter, Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan, who was born in 2012. The celebrity and his family live in a lavish house located in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Tommy Flanagan spouse
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Facts about the famous actor Flanagan

  • The actor shares his birthdate with Connie Nielsen, a co-star in Gladiator, a film produced in 2000.
  • He once said that he never intended to be an actor.
  • The celebrity is an active participant of the song Rotting In Vain in Korn’s official video.
  • He is famous as Glasgow grin because of the two permanent scars on his cheeks.
  • Tommy’s brother, Andrew, is also a film actor and resides in Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Sons of Anarchy Chibs is highly ranked as SAMCRO president among other actors in the film Sons of Anarchy.
  • Chibs scars mean that they are street knife scars in his thick Scottish language.

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How did Tommy Flanagan get his scars?

The celebrity suffered from public humiliation in the past after getting the scars. As a DJ, his life was at a risk when he was badly injured by unrecognized thieves after a tough night fight in Scotland. He survived after grave injuries on his face from ear to ear. Tommy Flanagan scars on the cheek were the cause of his capitalization on several films and television channels. Tommy Flanagan scars are an indication of the hardships he has faced since childhood. They always give the actor a unique look each time he appears on stage for filming.

How much is Tommy Flanagan net worth?

The celebrity’s career life has not been smooth, but he has achieved a lot. As of 2020, he is ranked among the highest-paid stars by People with Money magazine. His gross net worth is estimated to be 185 million dollars. This wealth is not only from the film and entertainment industry but also from his personal investments. He runs Tommy Flanagan Seduction fashion line, Pure Wonderflanagan- Scotland Vodka brand, and other several famous restaurants.

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Tommy Flanagan is a prominent celebrity who is not only a film actor but also an entrepreneur in several fields of interest. Tommy Flanagan Glasgow smile is unique and never fades because he is proud of his successful career and social life. The life of this actor is a great inspiration for many upcoming actors globally.


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