32+ stunning Brazilian wool hairstyles popular in Nigeria today

32+ stunning Brazilian wool hairstyles popular in Nigeria today

When discussing stylish hairstyles, the simplest option that comes to mind is wool hairstyles. These styles are easier to make and come in various colors that fit different tastes. They can also blend effortlessly with natural hair, allowing women to wear them based on the occasion or season. While many wool hairstyles are making headlines in the fashion industry, Brazilian wool hairstyles are the most popular in Nigeria today. Mayowa Eremiokhale, CEO of Mothers and Daughters (MODS) Salon, provides valuable insights into the trends and popularity of Brazilian wool hairstyles.

Brazilian wool hairstyles
Stunning Brazilian wool hairstyles. Photo: @brazilianwool_tz, @braidwith_andrea (modified by author)
Source: UGC


Brazilian wool hairstyles are perfect for women who want to bring out their distinctive feminine charms. The wool has soft texture, allowing the stylist to manipulate it into different trending styles. Unlike other expensive hair extensions, it is also cheap and easy to maintain, making it readily affordable to any lady who changes her looks regularly.

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Mayowa Eremiokhale, CEO of MODS Salon, in a conversation with Legit.ng mentioned that in recent years, Brazilian wool has gained popularity because it is lightweight, versatile, and easy to work with, adding that it is also a "great" alternative to traditional braiding hair and can be used for various styles like goddess braids. She said:

The look is natural, the wool is soft textured, and the ability to create different styles is appealing. It comes in various colors, allowing for creative and unique hairstyles.
Brazilian wool has become popular in current fashion trends because of its versatility and uniqueness. Individuals use it as a form of self-expression by creating various hairstyles and looks that reflect their style and creativity, whether braids, twists, or other styles.

Tips on maintaining Brazilian wool extensions

Mayowa also provided maintenance tips for Brazilian wool extensions to ensure longevity and quality. They include:

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  • Avoid using excessive heat on the extensions, as it can cause damage. If you need to style them, use low heat settings.
  • Protect the hair at night by wrapping it in a satin scarf or using a satin pillowcase to minimize friction and frizz.
  • Avoid using heavy products. It might make it look dull.

According to the expert, some popular Brazilian wool hairstyles are knotless or regular box braids, twists, updos, crochet braids, bantu knots, etc.

32+ stunning Brazilian wool hairstyles

One good thing about wool hairdos is that they never go out of fashion. Although they have been around for over a decade, stylish ladies continue to come up with new ideas every season.

As such, any young or aged woman looking for the best wool hairstyles has a wide of options to choose from. If you are looking for a perfect hairdo that goes well with your natural hair, here are the 32+ stunning hairstyles with Brazilian wool.

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Brazilian wool cornrow hairstyles

Brazilian wool cornrow hairstyles should be your first option if you are in for low-maintenance hairstyles. Cornrows are considered the oldest hairstyles that were said to depict the wearer's tribe or cultural class.

brazilian wool cornrow hairstyles
Brazilian wool cornrow hairstyles. Photo: @mo_s_beautiful_, @brazilianwool_tz, @tee.aay_elegance (modified by author)
Source: UGC

While different cornrow styles are popular in Nigeria today, the most trending is the underhand technique that involves braiding the hair upward and close to the scalp to make continuous raised rows.

Popular Brazilian wool cornrow hairstyles include pigtail, high ponytail, sunbeam, alternating thick and thin, and beaded straight cornrows. Short, long, and medium cornrow hairstyles look stunning when accessorized with matching jewellery such as gold strings.

Since cornrows offer endless possibilities to style them, there is no doubt that they can fit both men and women of all ages.

Bob Brazilian wool hairstyles

Brazilian wool bob hairstyles are ideal for women who don't want to be weighed down by their long hair but still want to rock protective styles. These styles are suitable for short hair but leave limited room for creativity.

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bob brazilian wool hairstyles
Bob brazilian wool hairstyles. Photo: @Anelle_Match Hairstyles, @Anelle_Match Hairstyles, @game_of_fros, @Protectivestyles (modified by author)
Source: UGC

With enough Brazilian wool or fully grown hair, bob hairstyles can look stunning on long hair. Although common bob Brazilian wool hairstyles have braids, women can make their bob styles using Brazilian wool and natural hair alone.

Trendy Brazilian wool braids

Brazilian wool braids are made from lightweight wool, making them comfortable. They are also processed into fine filamentous wool that is safe for any hair type.

Unlike yarn braids made from a synthetically produced material, Brazilian wool braids are smooth, can withstand high temperatures, and last for about eight weeks before one can change them.

hairstyles with brazilian wool
Trendy Brazilian wool braids. Photo: @ebbybeauty, @brazilianwool_tz, @braidwith_andrea, @cjuniquehairsalon (modified byauthor)
Source: UGC

It is easier to control the thickness of Brazilian wool braids and create different styles such as thick box braids, micro-braided bobs, braided high buns, knotless braids, contrasting twist braids, embellished braided lobs, and classic braids.

how to make brazilian wool hairstyles
Hairstyles with Brazilian wool. Photo: @cjuniquehairsalon, @cocovich_natural_hair, @JB Marks our City (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Nigerian ladies can pick colourful braids such as brown, green, pink, or a blend of colours. They can also use short, medium, or long braids and finish them with their preferred accessories.

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Brazilian wool twist hairstyles

Brazilian wool twists are achieved when the wool is divided into smaller sections and twisted to form smaller strands. Based on the wearer's choice, the strands are then twisted around each other to form a larger strand.

how to make brazilian wool hairstyles
Brazilian wool twist hairstyles. Photo: @ebbybeauty, @E Latest hairstyles (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Although twist hairstyles are possible on natural hair, adding Brazilian wool offers a protective layer that allows the natural hair to grow longer. Perfectly made twists can also last for around six weeks, making them ideal for women looking for low-maintenance hairstyles.

Popular twists one can achieve with Brazilian wool hairstyles include beaded, Havana, spring or face-framing, boho, Afro puff, and flat twisted Bantu knots. Young women can try pigtails, cropped finger mini twists, cropped half-up, half-down, and high pony twists.

How to make Brazilian wool hairstyles

Making any Brazilian wool hairstyle is a straightforward process. You must assemble the necessary tools, including a comb, hairpins, hair clips, shampoo or hair conditioner, and other recommended requirements.

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hairstyles with brazilian wool
Hairstyles with Brazilian wool. Photo: @zubbybraid, @Nachi Ågå Thå, @Lerato E Nyakane, @tee.aay_elegance (modified by author)
Source: UGC

With your tools and Brazilian wool ready, you can style your hair and achieve your desired look. Remember to style your hair as close to the scalp as possible to minimize maintenance. You should also wet the wool to prevent it from slipping away when styling.

What is a Brazilian wool?

Brazilian wool is a type of synthetic yarn often used to create braided or twisted hairstyles. It comes in various colours and is known for its soft texture and lightweight feel.

Are faux locs same as Brazilian wool?

Faux locs aim to replicate the look of traditional dreadlocks, while Brazilian wool is a type of yarn used for various braided and twisted hairstyles.

Is Brazilian wool good for natural hair?

Brazilian wool can be used as a protective style for natural hair. When installed correctly, it can help protect your hair from breakage and damage.

Brazilian wool hairstyles are among the trendy fashion styles for women. This hairstyle offers endless protective options for anyone to rock on any occasion. Since the wool is styled close to the scalp, using the right hair conditioner or shampoo is advisable to keep the scalp moisturized.

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