Facts Show How 6 Popular Nigerian States Got Their Names, Lagos’ Own Is Surprising

Facts Show How 6 Popular Nigerian States Got Their Names, Lagos’ Own Is Surprising

Nigeria is not only rich in mineral and human resources, but it is also blessed with amazing cultures too. In Nigerian culture, no name is ever without meaning.

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While many know that the country is made of 36 states, only a few arguably know what the names of those states stand for and their origin.

Lagos means lake.
The states' names were coined from different things. Photo source: Adeyinka Yusuf/Anadolu, Pius Utomi Ekpei
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In this report, Legit.ng will be looking at six popular states out of the lot and how their names were coined.

1. Abia

Abia state which was created in 1991 was formed by picking the first letter of Aba, Bende, Isuikwuator, and Afikpo. Aba is now the commercial centre of the state with Umuahia being the capital.

2. Oyo

The state got its name from the Oyo Empire which was a force to reckon with during pre-colonial era. The empire had popular warriors whose fame travelled beyond the kingdom.

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3. Lagos

The name Lagos was influenced by the Portuguese who were the first Europeans to have contact with the city. Lagos in the language means lake.

4. Rivers

The naming of the state was to reflect the seascapes around it as the region is made of many water bodies.

5. Sokoto

Though Sokoto is the adulterated version of the Arabic word "Suk", it was named after the old Sokoto Caliphate.

6. Kogi

Kogi was derived from the Hausa word Kogin and it simply means river. A popular confluent water body is located in this state.

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We want more states

Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that some stakeholders from the northeast region of Nigeria demanded the creation of a new state.

The stakeholders said the state which would be carved out from the southern part of the current Borno would be called the Savannah state.

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According to a request made by the northeast stakeholders during the two-day public hearing of the Senate on the review of the 1999 Constitution, the southern part of Borno is being marginalised.

During the review of the constitution, the people of southern Borno comprising nine local government areas disagreed with the position of the Borno state government and insisted on the creation of Savannah state.

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