Popular Native American names for boys and girls

Popular Native American names for boys and girls

Many different naming practices are adopted across different parts of the world. Choosing the perfect name for your child can be overwhelming. The process can become easier if one narrows down to names that are typically used in a particular part of the world, for instance, Native American names.

Native American names
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If you are looking for the perfect name for your child, you should consider choosing from the famous Native American names. The indigenous people of America consist of various cultures and tribes. Their naming practices vary from one tribe to another. As a result, there are numerous Native American baby names to choose from. We have compiled a list of the most popular ones for you.

Popular Native American names

What are some of the most popular Native American names for boys and girls? What are their meanings?

Native American girl names (Letter A)

If you are looking for some common Native American female names, here are a few options to consider;

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  • Abey: It means a leaf.
  • Abedabun: It is Cheyenne for the sight of day.
  • Abequa: It is Cheyenne for a female who stays at home.
  • Abetzi: It refers to a yellow leaf.
  • Abeytu: It translates to a green leaf.
  • Adoette: It refers to a large tree.
  • Adsila: It is the Cherokee name that means blossom.
  • Aiyana: It translates to eternal bloom.
  • Alameda: It means a grove of cottonwood.
  • Alaqua: It translates to a sweet-gum tree.
  • Alawa: It means pea.
  • Algoma: It refers to a valley of flowers.
  • Alona: An oak tree.
  • Aleshanee: One who plays all the time.
  • Alsoomse: It translates to independence.
  • Altsoba: Navajo for all war.
  • Amadahy: It translates to forest water.
  • Amitola: It refers to a rainbow.
  • Anaba: It means returning from war.
  • Angeni: It refers to a spirit angel.
  • Anevay: The superior one.
  • Ankti: It refers to a repeat dance.
  • Anna: It means mother in Algonquin.
  • Anpaytoo: It is Sioux for radiant.
  • Aponi: It translates to a butterfly.
  • Aquene: It translates to peace.
  • Asdza: It refers to a woman.
  • Atepa: It translates to the wigwam.
  • Awanata: It translates to a turtle.
  • Awenasa: It refers to my home.
  • Awendela: It refers to the morning.
  • Awentia: It refers to a fawn.
  • Ayashe: It translates to the little one.
  • Ayita: The one who is first to dance.

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Native American girl names
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Female Native American names (Letter B)

Some of the common names that begin with the letter B are;

  • Bena: It translates to pheasant.
  • Bly: The tall one.

Letter C

Some of the Native American names for girls that start with this letter are;

  • Catori: It translates to a spirit.
  • Chapa: It translates to a beaver.
  • Chenoa: It translates to a dove.
  • Chepi: It means fairy.
  • Chilaili: It translates to a snowbird.
  • Chitsa: The fair one.
  • Chochmingwu: It translates to a corn mother.
  • Chosposi: The bluebird's eye.
  • Chumani: It translates to dew drops.
  • Chocheta: It refers to a stranger.

Letter D

Some of the names that begin with this letter are;

  • Dena: It refers to the valley.
  • Dezba: One who goes to war.
  • Dibe: Navajo for sheep.
  • Doba: Navajo for no war.
  • Doli: It translates to bluebird.
  • Donoma: Sight of the sun.
  • Dyani: It refers to a deer.

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Letter E

Some of the popular choices are;

  • Ehawee: It is Sioux for a laughing maiden.
  • Enola: It means solitary.
  • Etenia: One who is rich.
  • Eyota: One who is great.

Letter F, G, and H

Some of the popular choices are;

  • Fala: It translates to crow.
  • Flo: It refers to an arrow.
  • Gaho: It translates to a mother.
  • Galilahi: It is Cherokee for attractive.
  • Hakidonmuya: It refers to the time of waiting moon.
  • Haloke: It is Navajo for salmon.
  • Halona: One who has a happy fortune.
  • Hantaywee: Sioux for faithful.
  • Hausis: Algonquin for an older woman.
  • Hehewuti: This is one of the popular Native American warrior names. It is Hopi for warrior mother spirit.
  • Helki: It means to touch.
  • Honovi: It refers to a strong deer.
  • Huata: It refers to carrying seeds in a basket.
  • Humita: It translates to shelled corn.
  • Hurit: It translates to a beautiful person.
  • Huyana: It refers to falling rain.

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Native American female names
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Letters I and K

Some of the popular choices are;

  • Isi: It refers to a deer.
  • Istas: It translates to snow.
  • Ituha: It refers to the white stone.
  • Kachina: It refers to a sacred dancer.
  • Kai: It translates to a willow tree.
  • Kakawangwa: It is Hopi for bitter.
  • Kaliska: Miwok for a coyote chasing deer.
  • Kanti: It is Algonquin for singing.
  • Kasa: One who is dressed in furs.
  • Kaya: It refers to an elder sister.
  • Keezheekoni: It is Cheyenne for a burning fire.
  • Kimama: It is Shoshone for butterfly.
  • Kimi: It translates to a secret.
  • Kimimela: It is Sioux for butterfly.
  • Kineks: It refers to a rosebud.
  • Kiwidinok: It is Cheyenne for the wind.
  • Koko: It translates to the night.
  • Kolenya: It is Miwok for coughing fish.
  • Kuwanlelenta: It is Hopi for making the surroundings beautiful.
  • Kuwanyauma: It is Hopi for a butterfly that shows its beautiful wings.

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Letters L and M

Some top choices are;

  • Leotie: It translates to the flower of the prairie.
  • Lenmana: It translates to flute girl.
  • Litonya: It is Miwok for a darting hummingbird.
  • Lomahongva: It is Hopi for beautiful rising clouds.
  • Lomasi: A beautiful person.
  • Lulu: It translates to a rabbit.
  • Luyu: It translates to a wild dove.
  • Masawi: It is Sioux for generous.
  • Magaskawee: It is Sioux for a graceful woman.
  • Magena: It refers to the moon.
  • Mahal: It refers to woman.
  • Maka: It is Sioux for man.
  • Makawee: It is Sioux for mothering.
  • Makkitotosimew: It is Algonquin for a woman who has a large bust.
  • Malia: It is Zuni for bitter.
  • Manaba: It is Navajo for returning to war.
  • Mansi: It is a flower that has been plucked.
  • Mapiya: It is Sioux for the sky.
  • Maralah: It refers to a child who is born during an earthquake.
  • Mausi: One who plucks flowers.
  • Meda: It refers to a prophetess.
  • Meli: It is Zuni for bitter.
  • Meoquanee: Cheyenne for one who wears red.
  • Migisi: It is Cheyenne for an eagle.
  • Miakoda: It refers to the power of the moon.
  • Migina: It refers to the returning moon.
  • Mika: An intelligent raccoon.
  • Minal: It translates to a fruit.
  • Misae: It translates to white fruit.
  • Mosi: Navajo for a cat.
  • Muna: It is Hopi for an overflowing spring.

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Female Native American names
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Letters N and O

The top choices are;

  • Nadie: It is Algonquin for a person who is wise.
  • Nahimana: It is Sioux for mystic.
  • Namid: It is Cheyenne for a star dancer.
  • Nascha: It is Navajo for an owl.
  • Nashota: It means twin.
  • Nata: It translates to a speaker.
  • Niabi: It translates to a fawn.
  • Nidawi: It translates to a fairy.
  • Nijlon: It is Algonquin for a fairy.
  • Nina: It refers to one who is strong.
  • Nita: It translates to a bear.
  • Nituna: It refers to a daughter.
  • Nokomis: It is Cheyenne for grandmother.
  • Nova: One who chases after butterflies.
  • Numees: It is Algonquin for sister.
  • Nuttah: It is Algonquin for my heart.
  • Odahingum: It is Cheyenne for rippling water.
  • Ogin: It translates to a wild goose.
  • Olather: It translates to a beautiful person.
  • Ominotago: It is Cheyenne for a beautiful voice.
  • Onata: It translates to a person who is of the earth.
  • Onawa: It refers to being wide awake.
  • Onida: One who is searched for.
  • Ooljee: Navajo for the moon.
  • Orenda: It translates to magic power.

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Letters P and S

Some of the popular choices are;

  • Pakwa: It translates to a frog.
  • Pakuna: It is Miwok for a deer that is jumping down the hill.
  • Pamuya: It is Hopi for water moon.
  • Papina: It is Miwok for a vine that is growing around the oak tree.
  • Pauwau: It is Algonquin for a witch.
  • Pavati: It refers to clear water.
  • Peta: It translates to a golden eagle.
  • Petunia: It refers to a flower.
  • Polikwaptiwa: It is refers to a butterfly that is sitting on a flower.
  • Poloma: It translates to a bow.
  • Powaqa: It is Hopi for a witch.
  • Ptaysanwee: It is Sioux for white buffalo.
  • Pules: Algonquin for pigeon.
  • Rozene: It refers to a rose.
  • Sahkyo: It is Navajo for mink.
  • Salali: It is Cherokee for a squirrel.
  • Sanuye: It is Miwok for a red cloud at sundown.
  • Satinka: It refers to a magical dancer.
  • Shada: It refers to a pelican.
  • Sheshebens: It is Cheyenne for a small duck.
  • Shideezhi: It is Navajo for a younger sister.
  • Sihu: It is Hopi for flower.
  • Sisika: It refers to a bird.
  • Sitala: One who has an excellent memory.
  • Sokanon: It is Algonquin for rain.
  • Sokw: It means sour.
  • Sooleawa: It is Algonquin for silver.
  • Suletu: It is Miwok for flies.

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Native American baby names
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Letters T to Z

Some choices starting with these letters are;

  • Tablita: It is Hopi for a tiara.
  • Tadewi: It refers to the wind.
  • Tadita: One who runs.
  • Taini: It translates to the returning moon.
  • Taima: It refers to thunder.
  • Taipa: It refers to spreading one's wings.
  • Takhi: It is Algonquin for cold.
  • Talulah: It means leaping water.
  • Tama: It translates to thunder.
  • Tehtya: Precious One.
  • Tiponi: A child of importance.
  • Tiva: It is Hopi for dancing.
  • Tuwa: It means earth.
  • Una: It is Hopi for remembering.
  • Urika: One who is useful to all people.
  • Wachiwi: It is Sioux for a dancer.
  • Waki: It means shelter.
  • Weeko: It refers to the pretty one.
  • Wikimak: It means wife.
  • Wyanet: One who is beautiful.
  • Yamka: One who is blossoming.
  • Yazhi: Navajo for the little one.
  • Yepa: It refers to a snow woman.
  • Yoki: It refers to the rain.
  • Zaltana: It refers to a high mountain.
  • Zitkala: It means a bird.

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Native American boy names
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Native American boy names (Letter A)

Some of the popular Native American boy names are;

  • Abooksigun: It refers to a wild cat.
  • Abornazine: This name comes from the Abnaki tribe. It refers to the one who is the keeper of the flame.
  • Abukcheech: It is Algonquin for a mouse.
  • Achak: It is Algonquin for a spirit
  • Adahy: One who lives in the woods.
  • Aditsan: One who listens.
  • Adoeete: It is a Kiowa that translates to tree.
  • Adriel: It symbolises skill and also means beaver.
  • Ahanu: Algonquin for one who laughs.
  • Ahiga: One who fights.
  • Ahmik: It translates to a beaver.
  • Ahote: The restless one.
  • Ahtunowhiho: A person who lives below.
  • Ahusaka: It is a Winnebago name that translates to wings.
  • Akando: It translates to ambush.
  • Akecheta: Fighter.
  • Akule: One who looks up.
  • Aleekcheaahoosh: One who is accomplished.
  • Alikkees: It means haircut.
  • Allahkoliken: It means antlers.
  • Alo: A spiritual guide.
  • Annawan: It means chief.
  • Anoki: It refers to an actor.
  • Apenimon: One who is worthy of trust.
  • Appanoose: It translates to a child.
  • Askuwheteau: One who keeps watch.
  • Atsidi: Navajo for a blacksmith.
  • Avonaco: Cheyenne for a lean bear.
  • Ayawamat: A person who follows orders.

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Letters B and C

Some of the popular names starting with this letter are;

  • Bagwunagijik: It refers to a hole in the sky.
  • Bemossed: It means walker.
  • Beshiltheeni: It is Navajo for a metalworker.
  • Bidziil: It is Navajo for the strong one.
  • Bimisi: It means slippery.]
  • Bly: It means tall.
  • Bodaway: It refers to a firewalker.
  • Canowicakte: It is Sioux for forest hunter.
  • Chankoowashtay: It is Sioux for a good road.
  • Chansomps: It is Algonquin for a locust.
  • Chaska: The firstborn child.
  • Chayton: It is Sioux for a falcon.
  • Cheasequah: It is Cherokee for a red bird.
  • Cheauka: It is Hopi for clay.
  • Chesmu: A person who is witty and rough.
  • Cheveyo: It refers to a spirit warrior.
  • Chitto: A brave person.
  • Chochuschuvio: It refers to a deer with a whitetail.
  • Choovio: It is Hopi for an antelope.
  • Choviohoya: It is Hopi for a young deer.
  • Chuchip: It refers to deer spirit.
  • Ciqala: A little person
  • Coowescoowe: It is Cherokee for an egret.

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Native American names for boys
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Letters D and E

The top Native American names that start with these letters are;

  • Dasan: It means chief.
  • Deganawidah: It translates to two running rivers.
  • Degataga: It means gathering.
  • Demothi: One who talks while walking.
  • Dichali: One who talks a lot.
  • Dohasan: It is Kiowa for a cliff.
  • Dyami: It refers to an eagle.
  • Ealahweemah: It means sleeping.
  • Elan: A friendly person.
  • Elki: It means draping over.
  • Elsu: It translates to a flying falcon.
  • Elu: One who is full of grace.
  • Eluwilussit: The holy one.
  • Enapay: The brave one.
  • Enkoodabaoo: It refers to a person who lives alone.
  • Enyeto: One who walks like a bear.
  • Espowyes: It means the light of the mountain.
  • Etu: It translates to the sun.
  • Eyota: The great one.
  • Ezhno: It translates to solitary.

Letters G and H

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  • Gaagii: It is Navajo for a raven.
  • Gosheven: The leaper.
  • Guyapi: One who is frank.
  • Hahkethomemah: It is Cheyenne for a little robe.
  • Hahnee: The beggar.
  • Hakan: It means fire.
  • Hania: Spirit warrior.
  • Hastiin: It is Navajo for a man.
  • Hawiovi: It means going down a ladder.
  • Heammawihio: The wise one.
  • Helaku: It refers to a sunny day.
  • Heskovizenako: It is Cheyenne for a porcupine bear.
  • Hiamovi: It is Cheyenne for high chief.
  • Hohnihohkaiyohos: It refers to a high backed wolf.
  • Hok' ee: It is Navajo for an abandoned person.
  • Honovi: One who is strong.
  • Hototo: A warrior spirit who sings.
  • Hotuaekhaashtait: A tall bull.
  • Howi: A turtle dove.
  • Huritt: It is Algonquin for a handsome man.

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Native American baby names
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Letters I, J, and K

Some of the popular choices of names that begin with these letters are;

  • Illanipi: An amazing person.
  • Inteus: One who has no shame.
  • Jacy: It means the moon.
  • Kaga: The chronicler.
  • Kajika: A person who walks without sound.
  • Kele: It means sparrow.
  • Kesegowaase: One who is swift.
  • Kitchi: The brave one.
  • Kotori: It refers to a screech owl spirit.
  • Kuckunniwi: It translates to a little wolf.
  • Kwahu: It translates to an eagle.

Letters L and M

If you want names that begin with these letters, check out these top choices;

  • Langundo: The peaceful one.
  • Len: It means flute.
  • Leyti: It is Miwok for a person who is shaped like an abalone shell.
  • Liwanu: The growl of a bear.
  • Lonato: It means flint.
  • Lootah: It is Sioux for red.
  • Iye: It means smoke.
  • Machk: It is Algonquin for a bear.
  • Mahkah: It is Sioux for the earth.
  • Mahpee: It is Sioux for the sky.
  • Makkapitew: One who has large teeth.
  • Makya: The eagle hunter.
  • Maska: The strong one.
  • Matchitehew: A person with an evil heart.
  • Matoskah: A white bear.
  • Mekledoodum: A conceited person.
  • Milap: A charitable person.
  • Mochni: A talking bird.
  • Mojag: A person who is never silent.
  • Mongwau: An owl.
  • Motega: A new arrow.
  • Mukki: It is Algonquin for a patch.
  • Muraco: It means the white moon.

Letters N and O

Some good choices that start with these letters are;

  • Naalnish: One who works.
  • Nahele: It means forest.
  • Napayshni: The strong and courageous one.
  • Nawat: A left-handed person.
  • Nayati: A person who wrestles.
  • Neka: A wild goose.
  • Nitis: It means friend.
  • Niyol: It refers to the wind.
  • Nootau: It means fire.
  • Ocumwhowurst: A yellow wolf.
  • Odakota: A friend.
  • Ohanko: A reckless person.
  • Ohitekah: The brave one.
  • Otoahhastis: A tall bull.
  • Ouray: An arrow.
Native American warrior names
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Letters P, Q, R and S

Check out some cool Native American names for boys that begin with these letters;

  • Paco: It refers to an eagle.
  • Pallaton: It means warrior.
  • Pat: It means fish.
  • Payatt: It means he is coming.
  • Pilan: It means supreme essence.
  • Powwaw: It means priest.
  • Qaletaqa: The guardian of the people.
  • Rowtag: It is Algonquin for fire.
  • Sakima: It means a king.
  • Segenam: The lazy one.
  • Shaman: A holy man.
  • Shiye: It is Navajo for a son.
  • Sik' is: It means friend.
  • Sike: One who sits at home.
  • Songaa: A strong person.

Letters T to Z

Here are a variety of names that start with these letters for you to choose from;

  • Tahkeome: It means a little robe.
  • Tahmelapachme: It refers to a dull knife.
  • Taima: It means thunder.
  • Takoda: One who is friendly to everyone.
  • Tangakwunu: It means rainbow.
  • Tate: A man who talks too much.
  • Tihkoosue: A short person.
  • Tocho: It means a large lion.
  • Tohopka: A wild beast.
  • Tsiishch'ili: One who has curly hair.
  • Tyee: It means a chief.
  • Uzumati: It means a bear.
  • Vipponah: One with a slim face.
  • Vokivocummast: A white antelope.
  • Wahchinksapa: A wise man.
  • Wahkan: It means sacred.
  • Wakiza: A desperate warrior.
  • Wamblee: It refers to an eagle.
  • Wanageeska: A white spirit.
  • Wemilat: A person who comes from a wealthy family.
  • Wynono: A firstborn.
  • Yas: It means the snow.
  • Yuma: The chief's son.
Native American last names
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Native American surnames

Which are some of the common Native American last names?

  • Bitsuie: It translates to his grandchild.
  • Bylilly: It refers to magic power.
  • Can: It translates to a snake.
  • Enoksen: Son of Enock.
  • Filemonsen: Son of Filemon.
  • Hatathli: It refers to a medicine man.
  • Huaman: It means hawk or falcon.
  • Ignatiussen: It refers to the son of Ignatius.
  • Quispe: It means free.
  • Samuelsen: The son of Samuel.
  • Wanbli: It is Sioux for eagle.
  • Yazzie: It is Navajo for little.
  • Yupanqui: It means an accountant.

Are you looking for beautiful and meaningful Native American names for your child? Look no further. We have compiled a list of some of the best names for you. We hope that you find the most suitable name for your little boy or girl.

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