Cool medieval names for boys and girls

Cool medieval names for boys and girls

Choosing the perfect name for a daughter or son is one of the most challenging things that parents and parents-to-be have to do. There are unlimited options for parents to choose from. While some parents blend their favourite names, other go for family names. Another good alternative is choosing one or more amazing medieval names that have profound meanings.

medieval names
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In the Middle Ages, there were plenty of events that took place. The era was popular because of Black Death, the Hundred Years’ War and Magna Carta. The period started when the Roman Empire fell in the 5th century and lasted until the Renaissance period in the 15th century. At the time, there were many popularly used medieval names. With this compilation, you are assured of getting the perfect one for your child.

Top medieval names for boys

These are some of the top medieval male names that you can select from;

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  • Alistair: It translates to a person who defends men.
  • Bennett: It is Latin for "the blessed one".
  • Col: It is the short-form of Nicholas. Its meaning is the victory of the men.
  • Constantine: It is Latin for "steadfast".
  • Gabriel: It translates to "God is my strength".
  • Gawain: It is Welsh for "the white hawk of battle".
  • Hildilid: It refers to a warrior in a battle.
  • Joachim: This Hebrew Biblical name means that God will establish.
  • Ladislas: It is Slavic for "glorious rule".
  • Lefric: It refers to one who is powerful and loved.
  • Lefuuinus: It refers to the loveable one.
  • Oliver: It refers to an emblem of peace.

Top medieval female names

medieval female names
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These are some of the cool medieval names for girls that you can select from;

  • Alice: It translates to the truthful or gracious one.
  • Agnes: It is Greek for "chaste".
  • Ahelis: It translates to a noble woman.
  • Alba: It is Italian for "sunrise" or "Scotland" in Gaelic.
  • Amice: It is Latin for "a friend".
  • Aurora: It refers to a Roman goddess or a person who is like a beautiful and breezy dawn.
  • Ava: Ava is a bird.
  • Beatrice: It is Latin for "happy".
  • Cecily: It is Latin for blind.
  • Isabella: It is Hebrew for God is my vow.
  • Lefwen: It translates to a joyous person.
  • Plesencia: It refers to a friendly and pleasant lady.
  • Purnele: It refers to the strong one. She is as strong as a rock.
  • Reina: It translates to queen in Spanish or pure in Yiddish.
  • Rhoslyn: It is Welsh for "rose valley" or a "lovely rose".
  • Stella: The star of the sea.
  • Trea: It is Gaelic for "strength" or "intensity".

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Medieval surnames

medieval surnames
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Here are some of the coolest medieval last names for your child;

  • Baker: It translates to the one who bakes bread.
  • Baxter: It refers to a female baker.
  • Brickenden: A person who makes bricks.
  • Brooker: A person who lives by the brook.
  • Clarke: It translates to a secretary, clerk or cleric.
  • Cooper: A person who makes buckets out of wood.
  • Fletcher: One who makes arrows.
  • Foreman: One who has a pig farm.
  • Hayward: The one who does wall repairs.
  • Kilner: A person who makes pot/ the potter.
  • Mannering: The manly one.
  • Mercer: It translates to a merchant.
  • Nash: A person who lives by the ash tree.
  • Rolfe: It translates to peasant.
  • Taylor: The one who sews clothes.
  • Tyler: The one who makes tiles.
  • Walter: The one who dwells by the water.
  • Ward: It translates to a watchman or guard.
  • Webster: It translates to a weaver.
  • Wright: A person who makes wooden objects.

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Medieval German names for boys

medieval male names
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Some of the best medieval names for men with a German origin are;

  • Adalbero: It translates to bear or noble.
  • Aildag: It is German for "brightness" or "day".
  • Aldous: It translates to an elder or an older adult.
  • Conrad: It refers to a seasoned advisor.
  • Dietrich: It translates to the ruler of the people.
  • Everard: It refers to the strong one.
  • Jeffery: It refers to God’s peace.
  • Milo: It means peaceful.
  • Odo: It translates to wealth.
  • Randall: It translates to the shield rim.
  • Robin: It refers to a bright fame.
  • Theobald: It refers to a person who is bold and brave.
  • Theodoric: It refers to the ruler of the people.
  • Warner: It is German for "the army guard".

Medieval German names for girls

Cool medieval names
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The coolest medieval names for girls with a German origin are;

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  • Aldeva: It means old.
  • Alveradis: It translates to counsel.
  • Blitza: It translates to happy or joyous.
  • Eiliswintha: It means strong.
  • Estrilda: The goddess of the dawn.
  • Emma: It means universal or all-containing.
  • Herlinde: It is German for "soft" or "gentle".
  • Immilla: It translates to strong.
  • Matilda: It translates to a powerful battler.
  • Odilia: It is German for "wealth".

Medieval English names for boys

medieval male names
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There are many English medieval boy names. Some of the top choices are;

  • Ackerley: Meadow of oak trees.
  • Adney: One who lives on the island.
  • Aeduuard: A prosperous guardian.
  • Ailbern: It translates to a bear.
  • Aildag: It means day or brightness.
  • Aelfraed: It refers to the wise counsellor.
  • Barlow: It refers to the bare hillside.
  • Barney: The son of a missionary.
  • Bartram: It means bright or illustrious.
  • Beaman: One who keeps bees.
  • Berwick: A person who owns a barley farm.
  • Braden: It refers to the broad valley.
  • Brainard: It means prince.
  • Caldwell: It refers to a cold well.
  • Carleton: It means Carl’s town.
  • Carnell: A person who defends the castle.
  • Cederic: It refers to the battle chieftain.
  • Channing: It means wise.
  • Cuthbert: It translates to a brilliant person.
  • Dalton: It refers to the town in the valley.
  • Darren: The great one
  • Darwyn: A person who is a dear friend.
  • Davidson: The one who is adored.
  • Delbert: It means bright as day.
  • Durriken: It means fortune-telling.
  • Drake: It translates to a dragon.
  • Edgar: It means successful spearman.
  • Edmundus: The prosperous protector.
  • Egbert: It means a bright sword.
  • Filmore: The famous person.
  • Galorian: A person of abundance.
  • Garrett: A spear warrior.
  • Garridan: The hidden fort.
  • Godwin: It refers to a good friend.
  • Gordon: The triangular-shaped hill.
  • Haelan: The healer.
  • Harding: The one who is brave and resilient.
  • Hartley: It means deeper pasture.
  • Houston: It means hill town.
  • Howard: It means watchman.
  • Irving: A man who is handsome.
  • Jarrett: It means brave spearman.
  • Jayden: God has heard.
  • Jeffrey: A divinely peaceful person.
  • Jeremy: God will uplift.
  • Jerold: It means brave spearman.
  • Keaton: The place where hawks fly.
  • Kirby: It refers to the church village.
  • Lanford: The long river.
  • Langston: The narrow town.
  • London: The ruler of the world.
  • Maddox: The benefactor's son.
  • Madison: It means good son.
  • Malin: It translates to a little warrior.
  • Manley: A person who is brave.
  • Maven: One who is knowledgeable.
  • Mitchell: It means, who is like God?
  • Meldon: A windmill that is set on a hill.
  • Paige: A youthful assistant.
  • Pearson: The son of Peter.
  • Preston: The estate of a priest.
  • Quentin: The fifth in place.
  • Raymond: The wise protector.
  • Ricker: It means a mighty army.
  • Robyn: It means a small bird.
  • Roldan: A person who is powerful or mighty.
  • Silas: A person who dwells in the forest.
  • Sinjin: It refers to a holy man.
  • Stewart: It means caretaker.
  • Tilton: The prosperous town.
  • Udolf: It means prosperous wolf.
  • Usher: It means doorkeeper.
  • Wade: It means ford.
  • Warrick: The hero of the town.
  • Whitcombe: It refers to the wide valley.
  • Willard: It translates to a bold person.
  • Winston: A friendly town.
  • Witter: The wise warrior.
  • Woolsey: The victorious wolf.
  • Wylie: The charming one.
  • Yates: It translates to the keeper of the gates.

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English medieval girl names

medieval names for girls
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Here are the coolest English female medieval names;

  • Aethelu: A noble person.
  • Beverly: The beaver field.
  • Daisy: It translates to the eye of the day. Daisy is also a flower.
  • Ethelberga: A woman who is a noble fortress.
  • Etheldreda: A woman of noble strength.
  • Ethelfleda: A woman of noble beauty.
  • Ethelfrith: A woman of noble peace.
  • Ethelgifu: A woman who is a noble gift.
  • Edith: A woman who is prosperous in a war.
  • Ella: A very beautiful woman.
  • Faerydae: A gift that comes from the fairies.
  • Farah: A woman who is pleasant and beautiful.
  • Fayette: It means little fairy.
  • Fleta: The fast one.
  • Garnet: A woman who is a dark and red gem.
  • Gelsey: It means jasmine.
  • Godelief: It refers to the one who is loved by the gods.
  • Godeliva: It means a good life.
  • Godgyth: It means god's war.
  • Goldwine: A golden friend.
  • Harley: Meadow of the hare.
  • Héloise: It translates to the sun.
  • Hilaria: It means joyful.
  • Hulda: A woman who is lovable.
  • Jolenta: It means violet.
  • Kandi: A woman whose heart is sincere and pure.
  • Kinsey: It translates to royal victory.
  • Kyneburg: A famous person.
  • Laila: A guardian angel.
  • Leuedai: The day of reconciliation.
  • Lorelle: It refers to the elfin Laura.
  • Lufu: It means love.
  • Marigold: A woman who is a golden flower.
  • Margery: It means pearl.
  • Merry: A woman who is happy and cheerful.
  • Merewald: The merry or happy ruler.
  • Mildburg: The mild fortress.
  • Mildred: A woman of gentle strength.
  • Myla: A merciful woman.
  • Nerida: It means flower.
  • Oletha: It means nimble.
  • Orla: It translates to the golden queen.
  • Oswalda: It translates to God's power.
  • Raisa: It translates to a rose.
  • Rhiannon: The queen-goddess of fertility.
  • Rhyannon: The pure maiden.
  • Roxanne: It translates to a graceful rose.
  • Sapphire: It is a precious gemstone.
  • Shea: It refers to the fairy palace.
  • Sigourney: It refers to a victorious conqueror.
  • Tania: It refers to a fairy queen.
  • Timothea: It refers to a woman who honours God.
  • Utta: It translates to a wealthy person.
  • Velma: A woman who is a resolute protector.
  • Wasila: A woman who is healthy.
  • Wynflaeth: It translates to a beautiful and fair lady.
  • Wynnfrith: It translates to peace and joy.
  • Zenith: It refers to a peak or the highest point.
  • Zuzana: It means rose.

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Medieval French names

medieval French names
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Some of the cool medieval French names that you should consider using are;

  • Adhémar: It refers to the noble or illustrious one.
  • Ace: It refers to a noble person.
  • Achraf: It means prominent and noble.
  • Airard: It refers to a person who is brave and hardy.
  • Alexandre: It refers to the defender of humankind.
  • Ansila: One who makes arrows.
  • Antoine: It translates to priceless.
  • Aymen: It translates to lucky or blessed.
  • Bilel: It refers to the chosen one.
  • Ervig: It translates to priest or canon.
  • Elianor: It translates to honour or valour.
  • Garen: It refers to the mighty spear.
  • Ghalas: A trustworthy person.
  • Guillaume: A person who has strong willpower.
  • Lorelei: It translates to the peaceful ruler.
  • Heva: It means divine helmet.
  • Melle: It refers to the noble warrior.
  • Mehdi: It means correct guidance.
  • Monia: It translates to "God has helped".
  • Mundo: It translates to a soldier.
  • Nacer: It translates to a person who gives victory.
  • Nicolas: The victorious one who loves everyone.
  • Segeric: A person who is ardent for peace.
  • Theodehad: A brave friend.
  • Reagan: It means a little king.
  • Vincent: It translates to one who conquers.
  • Zaki: It means intelligent, clean and smart.

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Choosing the perfect name for your male or female child is one of the most daunting tasks. If you are in search of cool medieval names with their authentic meanings, you need not look further. The list above gives you numerous options with profound meanings. We hope that it helps you in finding the perfect choice for your daughter or son.


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