Cute Korean girl names and their meanings

Cute Korean girl names and their meanings

If you want your daughter to be unique, try giving her one or more Korean girl names that have beautiful meanings. The names are beautiful and unique. Besides, their meanings are also remarkable.

Korean girl names

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Normally, naming is important because it is one way of identifying with a certain group of people. While some people take it lightly, it is highly significant. Why? Often, a name can influence the life of its owner. In the long run, they determine the characteristics a parent would love their child to have.

Africans usually name their kids after certain people they identify with. Most of them do this because they believe it is one way of keeping them alive. Some people name their children using names of their choice. For instance, female Korean names are a good example of such. But wait, how many Korean baby names do you know? Well, here is a list of some which you would like to give to your baby girl.

Popular Korean girl names

popular Korean girl names

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Below is a list of some of the popular Korean girls names you may want to use to name your daughter:

  • Dae: The great one
  • Ae-Cha: Affectionate daughter
  • Ahnjong: Peacefulness
  • Bae: Inspiration
  • Gi: The brave one
  • Hana: My favourite
  • Jin Ae: Truth, treasure, and love
  • Mi Cha: My beautiful baby girl
  • Soo: Charitable and noble daughter
  • Yun: Lotus flower

Similar to Chinese names, often Korean female names are made of two Sino-Korean morphemes. The difference between the two is the position of the surnames. For Korean names, the first name is the surname while for Chinese the first name is the individual name. Clearly, you can see the uniqueness in Korean names for girls already, right?

Cute Korean names and meanings

Korean names and meanings

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Here is a list of cute Korean girl names and their meanings:

  • Ae-Cha: Loving daughter
  • Aera: Love, net for catching birds
  • Ae-Ri: Gains/profit/advantage, merit
  • Ahnjong: Tranquility
  • Ara: Be beautiful and good
  • Areum: Good-looking
  • Bada: Ocean
  • Baram: Wind
  • Bitna: Shining
  • Bom: Springtime
  • Bong-Cha: Ultimate girl
  • Byeol: The star
  • Chin-Sun: One who seeks honesty and goodness in everything
  • Cho: Beautiful
  • Chul: Firmness
  • Chun-Ae: Righteous love
  • Chun- Hei: Grace and justice
  • Chun Cha: Righteous and chaste daughter
  • Dae: The great one
  • Doh: The accomplished one
  • Eui: Righteous or purple
  • Eun: Silver
  • Eun Ae: Grace and love
  • Eun Jung: Grace with affection
  • Eun-Kyung: Graceful gem

Lovely female Korean names

cute Korean girl names

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You may have found the best Korean name for your daughter from the previous list, but there is more. What do you think about the ones below?

  • Goo: Someone to make you complete
  • Gyeong: The respected one
  • Hae: Ocean-like daughter
  • Ha-Neul: The sky
  • Hae-Won: The graceful and beautiful garden
  • Hea: Graceful baby girl
  • Hee- Young: The joyous and prosperous one
  • Ha Yoon: Ha stands for summer or talent while Yoon means allow/consent
  • Hee-Ryung: Grace and brightness
  • Hei- Ran: Gracious orchid
  • Ho- Sook: Clear lake
  • Hwa-Young: Beautiful flower
  • Hyun Jae: Wise and respect
  • Hyun- Ae: Straightforward loving daughter
  • Hyun-Ok: Wise and beautiful pearl
  • Iseul: From dew
  • Jae: It means respect
  • Jae-Hwa: Respect and beauty
  • Jee: The wise one
  • Jin Kyong: Truth, treasure and brightness

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Pretty Korean names for girls

Korean names for girls

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A beautiful daughter deserves a lovely name; a name that can make her stand out in a crowd. Try the following names below. They are lovely, and above all, their meanings are very impressive.

  • Ki: The one who has arisen
  • Kwan: Strong daughter
  • Kyung Mi: Honourable and beautiful
  • Kyung Soon: Honoured and mild
  • Mee: The one who holds beauty
  • Mi Cha: Gorgeous daughter
  • Mi Kyong: Exquisiteness and brilliance
  • Mi Sun: Beauty and goodness
  • Mi Young: Everlasting beauty
  • Mi-Hi: Beauty and joy
  • Mi-Ok: Beautiful pearl
  • Min: Sharp-minded, quick responding girl
  • Min Jee: Bright and wise girl
  • Min Jung: Bright and decent daughter
  • Mishil: Striking kingdom or reign
  • Moon: An intellectual one
  • Mun-Hee: Educated and literate
  • Myung Hee: Cheerful and enjoyable
  • Myung-Ok: Bright pearl
  • Nam Kyu: Southern
  • Nari: My lily flower

Korean baby names for girls

female Korean names

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The list of Korean names for girls is endless. In case you have not settled for one yet from the previous lists, then select one for your girl from this one below.

  • Sang Hee: The benevolent and pleasant one
  • Seung: Winning daughter
  • Seo-Yun: Well-chosen
  • So: The smiling one
  • So Young: Eternal, beautiful and prosperous daughter
  • Soo: Generous and principled girl
  • Soo Jin: Treasure, excellence and truth
  • Soo Min: Excellence and brave one
  • Soo Yun: Perfect lotus flower
  • Sook: Pure and natural girl
  • Soon-Bok: Gentle and blessed one
  • Sun Hee: Pleasure and goodness
  • Sun Jung: Goodness and nobility
  • Sung: Heir
  • Whan: Always enlarging
  • Wook: Sunrise
  • Woong: Grand and magnificent one
  • Yon: Lotus blossom
  • Yoon: Allow or consent
  • Yong: The perpetual and brave one
  • Young-II: The prosperous one of them all
  • Young Mi: Prosperity, eternal and good-looking
  • Young- Soon: Mild and flowery
  • Youra: Silky one
  • Yun: Lotus flower
  • Yun Hee: Lotus flower, pleasure
  • Yun-Yeong: Brave hero, forever
  • Yun Hee: Lotus flower and pleasure

These are some of the lovely Korean girl names and their meanings. The list is long but very helpful. You have a range of options to choose from and we hope you will choose the name that will touch your heart and suit your little angel.

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