120+ best male and female demon names and their meanings

120+ best male and female demon names and their meanings

As human beings, we have always been fascinated by the supernatural. This explains the numerous names that describe entities such as demons, angels, and spirits. Demons and demonesses exist in various cultures, mythologies, and folklore. These entities have varying names, each with a meaning behind it. What are some of the best-known male and female demon names, and what do they mean?

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In various mythologies, folklore, and religious texts, demons are often depicted as powerful supernatural beings with unique names and attributes
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Demons are deeply rooted in religious, cultural, and mythical constructs in societies worldwide. In most instances, they are depicted as evil entities associated with everything bad, including misfortunes, death, bad luck, and more.

Male and female demon names and their meanings

Here is a look at some of the top demon and demoness names and their meanings.

Female demon names and meanings

Are you looking for female demon slayer character names? Here is a list of female demonic names from different parts of the world. Most of the names come from heroines who possess extraordinary powers. Some of the female demons are spirits who existed in the past, while others are still a part of modern-day religious and social constructs.

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Powerful female demon names

female demon slayer character names
A girl and a winged creature. Photo: pixabay.com, @KELLEPICS (modified by author)
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What’s in a female demon name? In most instances, these names describe the evil with which the demon is associated. Here is a look at some powerful girl demon names.

  • Patasola: Means one foot in Latin American folklore.
  • Nocnitsa: One who brings nightmares
  • Proserpine: The queen of the underworld.
  • Mavka: Mavka is the name of a feminine demonic spirit
  • Draconcopede: Greek female demon
  • Succubus: She is the female demon that comes to seduce men and have sexual relations with them.
  • Rusalka: A woman who hunts men
  • Rangda: Means widow or demoness queen
  • Mikaribaba: An old one-eyed demon woman in Japanese mythology
  • Nang: One who haunts in the trees.
  • Aynaet: A personification of the Evil Stare.
  • Lilith: This is one of the best-known demon names for girls. She was Adam’s first wife and gave rise to a large evil family, Lilim.
  • Angrboda: Bringer of sorrow.
  • Aswang: A female vampire of the Philippines who appears in the daytime as a woman and as a flying monster at night.
  • Kino: Kino is a creature with feminine spirits from Japanese mythology.
  • Moura: Moorish for supernatural spirit
  • Soucriant: It has Hispanic/French origin and means feeding on blood
  • Tunda: A spirit that traps people in forests.
  • Sila: One of the most dangerous supernatural creatures in Arabic myths.
  • Shahmaran: Leader of snakes
  • Xtabay: The woman spirit
  • Pandora: She came to earth to unleash the evil of the world.
  • Krasue: Evil abomination
  • Werzelya: An Ethiopian evil that killed and drank blood
  • Ardat Lili: Weds human beings and wreaks havoc in the dwellings of men.
  • Vântoase: Spirits of the wind
  • Mormo: Greek for ugly spirit
  • Morgen: Demoness that drowns men

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Cool demon names for females

female demon hunter names
A hooded creature. Photo: pixabay.com, @NightMareDrug (modified by author)
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Whether you are looking for female demon hunter names to bestow upon your game character or simply want some good demon names for a story, here are some great options.

  • Hecate: She is a seducer.
  • Nina: Serpent goddess.
  • Tsonokwa: It means 'wild woman'. It has Native American roots.
  • Gello: One that possesses women.
  • Naamah: Demonic woman
  • Ammit: Soul eater.
  • Lamashtu: A creature who haunts women and children.
  • Agrat-bat- mahlaht: Demoness of lecherous woman.
  • Mahishi: This Sanskrit creature name means buffalo
  • Glaistig: It is a half-woman and half-goat evil monster
  • Rakshasni: An Indian name that means demoness.
  • Jahi: She is a female poisoner.
  • Astarte: Queen of the spirits of the dead.
  • Buduh: Spirit of bad love.
  • Obyzuth: She is another demon that causes stillbirths.
  • Tarika: This demoness is from Indian text “Ramayana”.
  • Aosoth: Works of passion and death.
  • Sekhmet: Translates to the goddess of vengeance.
  • Abyzou: This is an infertile demon responsible for miscarriages, stillbirths, and infant death.
  • Jilaiya: A female creature that flies like a bat or a bird at night. She only siphons blood from people who know her name.
  • Estry: These are feminine spirit vampires
  • Nure-Onna: A demoness in a serpent’s body
  • Dames Blanches: These are supernatural spirits in French folklore
  • Yakshini: A demoness of Indian mythology
  • Chordeva: A female demon in the shape of a cat.
  • Pincoya: The female water spirit
  • Selkolla: A supernatural Icelandic demoness
  • Batibaet: Causes death during sleep

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Male demon names and meanings

Like numerous other beings, demons are said to exist in male and female forms. Here is a look at some of the well-known male demon names.

Common male demon names

male demon names
A demon sculpture. Photo: pexels.com, @Francesco Ungaro (modified by author)
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Here is a look at some common male demon names and meanings behind them.

  • Aldinach: Causer of natural disasters.
  • Agramon: Devil of fear.
  • Mullin: This name means Leonard’s, right-hand man.
  • Kobal: He is hell’s entertainment liaison.
  • Abduxel: Ruler of the demonic mansions.
  • Abatu: He is earthbound energy associated with rites and sacrifice.
  • Choronzon: It means the guardian of the abyss. He is also the spirit of dispersion.
  • Aeshma, Aesma: He is tiny with the ability to make men perform cruel acts.
  • Adramalech: Devil, commander of hell.
  • Euronymous: Means the prince of death. He feeds on corpses.
  • Mictain: He is associated with death.
  • Cresil, Gressil: The incubus of slovenliness and impurity.
  • Alastor: Executioner.
  • Clisthert: A devil who can change night to day and vice versa
  • Aclahayr: He is the genius spirit.
  • Awar: He was the son of Iblis. The Arab name for the evil spirit of laziness.
  • Geryon: The one who guards hell
  • Ahazu: Demon who seizes at night.
  • Mara: The one which damns the soul
  • Dagon: He is another serpent of god and god of the ocean.
  • Kasdeya: It means the ‘fifth’ Satan.
  • Abaddon: The destroying angel.
  • Melchom: He is hell’s treasurer.
  • Allocen, Allocer, Alocer: This is one of the demon names for one of the 72 spirits of Solomon.
  • Aludemon: Night fiend.
  • Abdiel: King of slaves.
  • Cassiel: Ruler of Saturn.
  • Jezebeth: The fallen angels of falsehoods.
  • Furfur: The one who holds rank as a count of hell
  • Amon, Ammon: Means the Sun god.
  • Beelzebub, Beelzebuth: Lord of flies.
  • Leonard: The devil of sorcery
  • Abigor: Grand duke of hell.
  • Lucifer: Light bringer, often mistaken for Satan. They are two separate demons.
  • Kostchtchie: It implies the goblin of death.
  • Dracula: The devil.
  • Agaliarept: He is hell’s Aussi general, Grimoire of Pope Honorious.

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Unique male demon names

Best male and female demon names
Photo: canva.com (modified by author)
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Here are some not-so-common demon names and their meanings in the cultures, myths, and folklores from which they are derived.

  • Apollyn: Another name for Satan.
  • Baalphegor: Incubus of discovery, invention, and riches.
  • Mormo: It means Hectate’s consort.
  • Naamah: It’s a Hebrew name meaning ‘seduction.’
  • Naburus: A marquis of hell.
  • Oroan: Means incubus of the eclipse.
  • Typhon: This is the Greek title for Satan.
  • Ukobach/Urobach: It means the fire demon.
  • T’an-mo: Means the devil of desire.
  • Zeernebooch: He is the monarch of the empire of the devil.
  • Zapan: He is the king of hell.
  • Zaebos: He is the grand count of hell and is said to have a gentile disposition.
  • Orias: Means incubus of divination.
  • Rahu: It means devil in Hindu.
  • Satan/Shaitan: It means the lord of fire.
  • Zabulon: He is the one who possessed one of the nuns at Loudun.
  • Vetis: He is a tempter of the holy.
  • O’Yama: Is another tag for Satan.
  • Valafar: He is another grand duke of hell.
  • Sonillon: Armenians translate it to the god of hate.
  • Tezrian: Armenians translate it to the god of war.
  • Pytho: The serpent demon
  • Pan: Means god of lust.
  • Paymon: It means the one who brings infernal ceremonies.
  • Set: It is the Ethiopian meaning for the devil.
  • Troian: Means night devil
  • Ronwe: It implies the demon of knowledge
  • Xaphan: He is the keeper of the furnaces of hell.
  • Yen-lo-ang: It is the Chinese name for the ruler of hell.
  • Zagam: Refers to the one of counterfeit. He is said to change things into their opposite.
  • Raum: It means a count of hell.
  • Nysorgh: Chief staff in the palace of hell.
  • Shiva: Destroyer (Hindu).
  • Nija: It means god of the underworld.
  • Yaotzin: He is the god of hell.

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Is Lucifer female?

Some people believe that the real Lucifer was female because of the image depicted and translations of feminine qualities.

What’s an incubus?

According to mythological beliefs, an incubus is a Lilin-demon in male form which lies upon women with the intent of having sexual activity. The female counterpart of the incubus is known as a succubus. Some of the popular incubus names include Cressil, Baalphegor, Oroan, and Orias.

Demons and demonesses have always been part of various cultures, myths, folklores, and societies all over the world. There are numerous male and female demon names used to describe these supernatural entities and the evils with which they are associated.

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