Magical fairy names for boys and girls

Magical fairy names for boys and girls

When we were children, many of us loved fairy tales. For some people, this love and passion for magic and nature continued as they entered adult life. Are you searching for magical names that you can bless your child with? Here are some lovely fairy names and their meanings.

Magical fairy names
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Fairies, elves, and all kinds of fantastic creatures surely have their special appeal that resonates with many people. Some people might want to give their children magic baby names while some may want to use mystic names in a story.

Cool fairy names

Hearing about faerie names and their history will expand your imagination. Here are some magical girl names that you can use to name your baby girl.

Female magical names

Magical girl names
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  • Aerwyna: Aerwyna dates back to medieval times and has the meaning "friend of the sea".
  • Aine: Aine is derived from the Irish language, meaning "radiance".
  • Aurora: From Latin, Aurora means "dawn".
  • Celeste: Have you noticed how your mind traces to the sky, stars and galaxies when you hear the name Celeste? It has Latin origin and means "heavenly".
  • Cyrena: This elegant name belongs to the water nymph in Greek mythology, who put up a fight against the lion that was going after the sun god Apollo. The god later thanked her by building a city of Cyrenaica for her.
  • Dariyah: This is the bold variation of Daria, meaning "sun", Dariyah is a perfect option for a courageous girl who knows what she wants.
  • Elvina: Even the sound itself indicates that there is something fairy-like in this name. "Elvina" means "elf-friend".
  • Giselle: Remember the movie "Enchanted", where the naive but brave princess Giselle found herself in the real world? The name means 'pledge'.
  • Lorelei: The meaning of Lorelei is "alluring".
  • Marceline: This name has a bold meaning,"defender of the sea".
  • Melody: With an obvious meaning of "music", this could be an excellent choice for a lovely and gentle girl.
  • Nerissa: It is the less common alternative to the option Marissa, meaning "from the sea". One of Shakespeare's works, "The Merchant of Venice", featured a character, Nerissa.
  • Ondine: It means "little wave" and got popularised by Audrey Hepburn, who played a character called Ondine in a Broadway play.
  • Pixie: A lot of people consider this option because of the sweet sound with an "x" in the middle. Pixie is a small supernatural being which has pointed ears and a hat. The name literally translates to "fairy".
  • Sabrina: Originally, Sabrina meant "from Cyprus" and belonged to a Celtic river goddess.
  • Titania: Shakespeare's Titania from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was a queen of fairies. Its meaning is "the great one".

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Those were the most unique fairy names for girls. Here are some magical boy names.

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Male fairy names

Magical boy names
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  • Caspian: Famous for its use in Chronicles of Narnia, Caspian is a lovely option for a boy who stands his ground.
  • Cedric: The name means 'bounty'. It would be a nice pick if you would like to try something less conventional.
  • Draco: Meaning "dragon", this is another fantastic option, although, it may be difficult to shake off the its association with the charming blonde-haired wizard Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter.
  • Easton: Originally from the old English phrase meaning "island of stones", Easton itself means "magical power".
  • Finn: The meaning of this name is "white" or "fair", and it was used in the tale "The Snow Queen", which inspired the famous movie "Frozen".
  • Hansel: The old fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" is still carved deep in people's memories. The meaning of Hansel is "God is gracious", and it would be an excellent name for a boy.
  • Jareth: This interesting variant was used for the Goblin King in the movie "Labyrinth". Its meaning is 'bled of Jar'
  • Magus: Its meaning is 'sorcerer'.
  • Oberon: This is the English form of Auberon, the French name meaning "elf ruler". It was used in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare, and the character Oberon was the king of fairies.
  • Zephyr: We have to thank Greek mythology for this one, as Zephyr was the god of the west wind. Its meaning is 'west wind'.

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Do you like these magical fairy names for boys and girls? Is there one that you loved in particular? Feel free to comment and let us know.

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