Beautiful biblical girl names for your child

Beautiful biblical girl names for your child

Many parents, especially Christians, choose biblical girl names for their babies because most of the women in the Bible demonstrated good behaviour. Furthermore, many children with names from the Bible grow up showing commendable character. Parents look to the Bible for unique and beautiful female names for their babies even before they are born. If you have been searching for such names, you are in the right place.

Bible names for girls
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Why should one choose biblical girl names? Most baby names from the Bible have powerful meanings. Many things inspire parents when giving names to their beautiful babies. If you are looking for names with powerful meanings, then biblical names are the best option for you. Here are unique and adorable female names in the Bible which you can consider for your beautiful angel.

Adorable biblical girl names: top suggestions that you will love

The Bible and Christian history are known to provide exceptional girl name options with powerful meanings. It is imperative to select a name with a meaning that you understand. Here is a list of unique female biblical names from the New and Old Testaments and their meanings.

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Famous biblical female names for your princess

  • Abigail: It is one of the common biblical girls names meaning the cause of joy
  • Adina: It means delicate
  • Anna: Favour or graceful
  • Ariana: Means silver-like or the holy one
  • Atarah: Denotes crown
  • Athaliah: Means the time of God
  • Asenath: It means the gift of God.
  • Bilhah: Means one who is wise but timid. It also signifies the one who is old
  • Chloe: Signifies blooming
  • Damaris: Means a calf. It can also signify a young girl
  • Dina: A beautiful name meaning judged or God will judge
  • Dorcas: Signifies one who abounded in good deeds and gifts of mercy
  • Delilah: It means small or poor. She was the lover of Samson in the Bible who later betrayed him
  • Elisabeth/ Elizabeth: Means a worshiper of God. It also means God is my oath
  • Esther: An elegant name meaning star of joy or hope. It also means secret or hidden. Esther is a heroine in the common story narrated in the book of Esther in the Bible
  • Euodias: It means fragrance
  • Eunice: One who conquers. It also denotes a happy victory
  • Eve: It denotes living. She was the wife to Adam
  • Hadassah: It is synonymous with the name Esther. It means a myrtle tree or joy. She is a famous woman in the Bible who found favour before the King of Persia, Ahasuerus, and saved her community
  • Hope: It is one of the universal Christian values mentioned severally in the Bible. It can be an excellent virtue name for your princess meaning belief or expectation

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  • Jael/ Yael: It denotes a mountain goat; also, one who ascends
  • Jedida: Means beloved
  • Jemima: Signifies a little dove; it also means as beautiful as the day
  • Jewel: A precious stone; it also denotes delight
  • Keturah: A unique and adorable name meaning fragrance
  • Julie/Julia: It means youthful or soft and tender
  • Judith: The praised one or confession
  • Mary: It signifies beloved or " wished-for-child"
  • Merab: Abundance
  • Michal: Stream
  • Michaiah: One who is like Jehovah
  • Milcah: Denotes queen
  • Naomi: Pleasant or pleasantness. She was the mother-in-law to Ruth in the Old Testament
  • Peninnah: It denotes a pearl
  • Phoebe: It means pure
  • Rachael: It is one of the famous baby girls names from the Bible. It means female sheep. Rachael was Jacobs's wife and also the mother of Joseph and Benjamin in the Bible
  • Rahab: it signifies the proud one
  • Rizpah: Means a baking stone
  • Salome: It signifies peace
  • Sheba: It denotes an oath. It was derived from the name Bathsheba, the wife of King
  • Talitha: Means a little girl
  • Zibiah: It signifies a gazelle or a doe
  • Zillah: It denotes a shadow of protection
  • Zion: Means the highest point

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Ten amazing and unique biblical names for girls and their meanings

Biblical girl names
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Some biblical names such as Mary are common in various countries today. This name is known as one of the most famous names for babies. Children with this name can be sure to find other children with the same name. What about parents who want unique female bible names that are rarely heard of or used in the community?

  • Adah: Means adornment or decoration. It is a good option for your beautiful angel who is destined for greatness and style.
  • Abilene: It is the name of a city in the Bible
  • Cilicia: It is a Roman province mentioned in the Bible; this is where St Paul was born
  • Hila: It is a Hebrew name meaning sparkle
  • Keila: It is a city that David rescued from the Philistine warriors
  • Selah: It has been used severally in the book of Psalms in the Bible. It means breath or pause
  • Zilpah: She was Leah's maid who later bore Jacob two sons, Asher and Gad
  • Talia: A Hebrew name meaning morning dew
  • Tamar: It denotes a palm tree or a date.
  • Tirzah: It is a unique an beautiful name meaning favourable.

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Why choose Bible names for girls?

Names are powerful, and they influence the bearer's life in one way or the other. They determine one's reputation and fate in life. Biblical names represent one's faith, nature, and more. Some names are given prophetically, and they determine the future of your baby.

Names were of great importance in the Bible. According to the history and culture in the Bible, naming a child was a significant occasion that required consulting prophets or the father and mother of the baby. Similarly, many people today choose Bible girl names for their children by carefully reading the Bible. This helps them understand the meaning of the name and the behaviour of a particular person in the Bible. All in all, most female names in the Bible have beautiful meanings.

Many parents today choose biblical girl names because of the wonderful meanings behind them. Whether a parent is a Christian or not, they select girl Bible names and Christian religion-inspired names for their babies. Since a child's name plays a significant role in their lives, pick a meaningful name for your beautiful angel.

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