Is Patty Mayo a real bounty hunter? Wife, net worth, videos

Is Patty Mayo a real bounty hunter? Wife, net worth, videos

Patty Mayo is an American YouTube vlogger, model, and entrepreneur. He is best known for his bounty-hunting videos. Patty Mayo's videos also feature challenges, pranks, and hilarious conversations, but his most popular content is of him arresting criminals.

How many subscribers does Patty Mayo have?
A happy Patty Mayo wearing caps. Photo: @realpatrickthomas (modified by author)
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YouTube has become remarkably popular for entertaining, informative, and educative content. The rise of YouTube as a digital content platform has been financially beneficial to numerous people all over the world. You can find out who Patty Mayo is in detail below.

Profile summary

Real namePatrick Thomas Tarmey
NicknamePatty Mayo
BirthdateJuly 6, 1987
Age 35 years (as of 2022)
BirthplaceBoston, Massachusetts, USA
ResidenceCalifornia, USA
Zodiac signCancer
Height in feet and inches5′ 9″
Height in centimetres175
Weight in kilograms78
Weight in pounds172
Eye colourGrey
Hair colourBlonde
Relationship statusIn a relationship
GirlfriendRaven Walton
ChildrenOne daughter
OccupationYoutuber and entrepreneur
Net worth$2.5 million

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Patty Mayo's biography

Patty Mayo has a string of vlogs featuring exciting bounty hunting series. He makes his content with numerous people, and some of his crew members feature consistently. Mayo is always the lead character in most videos.

What is Patty Mayo's real name?

The YouTuber was born Patrick Thomas Tarmey on July 6, 1987.

Where is Patty Mayo from?

The renowned YouTuber was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Mayo currently resides in California, and little is known about his parentage and childhood.

How old is Patty Mayo?

Patty Mayo's age is 35 years as of 2022.

What does Patty Mayo do?

Patty Mayo's net worth
Patty wearing T-shirts underneath sweaters. Photo: @realpatrickthomas (modified by author)
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The multitalented Patty has tried several things, including modelling, entrepreneurship, and YouTube content creation. He currently focuses on his YouTube channel, which mainly showcases his bounty-hunting skills and pranks.

How many subscribers does Patty Mayo have?

Mayo started the @PattymayoTv channel in November 2013. It has 10.4 million subscribers and more than a billion views (as of this writing). The channel's thrilling content makes it one of the most famous bounty-hunting channels on YouTube.

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Mayo has two more channels with similar content to his primary channel. He opened the @FoxxRecovery channel on Mar 29, 2014. It is about Patty Mayo's partner tackling, tasering and capturing fugitives. The channel has 361k subscribers and over 5 million views as of December 2022. Mayo launched the @pattymayoenespanol678 channel on August 19, 2022.

What Patty Mayo videos have the most views?

Patty Mayo's primary channel has over 100 videos. Most of them are him investigating places, chasing criminals, and making arrests. Some of Patty's most-watched videos (over 30 million views per video) are:


Is Patty Mayo real?

As a YouTube content creator, Mayo is as legit as one can be. He has become famous for taking his viewers through real-life police investigations, arrests, and other events surrounding the bounty-hunting process. These videos have led many of HIS viewers to wonder whether the YouTuber is an actual bounty hunter.

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Is Patty Mayo a real cop?

According to the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association, Mayo is not a real bounty hunter. The association's statement about Mayo reads:

We are aware of the YouTuber Patty Mayo and his activities in Deschutes County. Mr Mayo is not a member of law enforcement nor affiliated in any way with any Sheriff's Office in Oregon. He is an actor, and the uniform he wears is a costume. Additionally, everyone in his videos is part of his production crew or paid actors/actresses.

Mayo shoots most of his videos in Oregon, where citizen arrest laws permit people to arrest individuals for committing a misdemeanour in their presence (such as assault). Moreover, Oregon's law allows one to make YouTube videos with paid actors.

The Oregon State Sheriffs' Association and the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office review and monitor his activities in Deschutes County for compliance with Oregon laws.

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Is Patty Mayo actually a sheriff?

Patty Mayo's height
Patty with and without a bald cap. Photo: @realpatrickthomas (modified by author)
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No, the YouTube personality is not a sheriff. While he shoots his videos in Deschutes County, Oregon, USA, he is currently not a representative of any law enforcement agency in Deschutes or any other county in the United States.

In his videos, Mayo and his crew act as deputies from a sheriff's office known as DBSO. The DBSO is not a real law enforcement officer. It is a fictional sheriff's office created by Mayo for his YouTube content. In the United States, a sheriff is an elected law enforcement official in a county. Mayo is neither an elected sheriff nor is he a licensed bounty hunter.

Does Patty Mayo impersonate police officers?

According to Oregon's Sheriff's Office, Mayo is usually overseen by police officers to ensure that the activities do not endanger anybody. Additionally, the YouTuber's choice of paying actors is not a crime and does not violate any impersonation law. What Patty does is not grounds for impersonating a police officer in Oregon. This explains why he continues to make the bounty hunter content.

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Who is Patty Mayo's wife?

Patty Mayo, the bounty hunter, is not married but is currently dating a woman named Raven Walton. The two have been together since 2020. Raven occasionally appears in Mayo's YouTube videos.

Patty Mayo's ex-girlfeind

Patty was formerly in a relationship with Kayla Pillar, a regular in his videos. She often doubled up as a camera person, administrator, and scriptwriter. He and Kayla broke up in 2019.

What is Patty Mayo's net worth?

Patty's YouTube bounty hunter videos have earned him a tidy sum over the years. According to YouTuberfacts' estimation, his net worth is about $2.5 million. Besides the income from YouTube, he also sells Patty Mayo's merch on numerous online retail outlets, including Amazon.

How much does Patty Mayo make a year?

He reportedly makes about $206,000 monthly, which is over $2 million yearly.

Patty Mayo's age
Patty acting on set for his YouTube content. Photo: @realpatrickthomas (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happened to Patty Mayo in 2020?

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The YouTuber took a break from shooting new videos due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Where is Patty Mayo now?

He resumed after the COVID-19 restrictions and posted lots of fresh content on his channel. Mayo also released his docuseries titled Becoming the Seamen.

How tall is Patty Mayo?

The YouTuber is 5 feet 9 inches (175 centimetres) tall and weighs 172 pounds (78 kilograms). He has blonde hair and grey eyes.

Is Patty Mayo a cop?

Patrick Thomas Tarmey (alias Patty Mayo) is an actor using the police uniform as a costume.

Is Patty Mayo fake?

The American YouTuber is not a sheriff in real life. He only acts as a sheriff's deputy in his videos. Mayo presents himself as a Southern California bounty hunter apprehending fugitives from justice.

Who is the most famous bounty hunter?

Among the many bail bondsmen and bounty hunters the world knows, Duane 'Dog' Chapman is considered to be the most famous of them all.

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Fun facts about Patty Mayo

Here are some interesting facts about the renowned YouTuber.

  • He was accused of scamming people in 2014.
  • He loves an adrenaline rush.
  • He used to work with his ex-girlfriend on the YouTube channel.
  • In 2012, he was arrested for flying a powered paraglider over the Boston Harbour.

Patty Mayo has undoubtedly made a name for himself with his captivating social media content. While the show is scripted, the revenue and merchandise sales prove that his content strategy works well for him.

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