Patty Mayo bio: Age, height, net worth, is he a bounty hunter?

Patty Mayo bio: Age, height, net worth, is he a bounty hunter?

Patty Mayo is a self-made YouTube celebrity bounty hunter. He created his self-titled YouTube channel in 2013. Here, he uploads videos of challenges, video blogs, pranks, and more. The most popular contents on the channel are videos of criminals' arrests. This interesting content has racked in so many numbers that he is only a few million shy of 800 million views on his channel.

Is Patty Mayo really a bounty hunter?
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Millions of people flood YouTube every day looking for entertaining, informative, and educating content.

The rise of YouTube as a digital content platform has been beneficial financially and creatively to many people all over the world. Nobody knows this better than Mayo himself.

Profile summary

  • Name: Patrick Thomas Tarmey
  • Date of birth: July 6, 1987
  • Place of birth: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • Age: 32 years
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Nationality: American
  • Relationship status: In a relationship
  • Occupation: Youtuber
  • Net worth: $2.5 million

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What is Patty Mayo real name?

Patty Mayo's real name is Patrick Thomas Tarmey. The YouTube star was born on July 6, 1987, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

He is yet to divulge information about his family and educational background. He currently lives in California.

How old is Patty Mayo?

The YouTuber is currently 32 years old. He will turn 33 years old in July 2020. How tall is Patty Mayo?

He is of average height for men in the United States. Patty Mayo height is 175.3cm/ 5 feet 9 inches.

What does Patty Mayo do?

The famous vlogger's main occupation is YouTube content creation. He has a channel where he shares videos of his bounty hunting, challenges, vlogs, and pranks.

He started the channel in November 2013. He now has over eight million subscribers on his channel and has risen to become one of the most popular personalities on YouTube. He has also made millions of dollars from posting his videos on the internet.

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how old is patty mayo
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One of his most popular videos is titled He Helped Me Repo His Girlfriend's Car! The video has racked up more than 34 million views on Youtube.

After Patty became popular, many of his viewers wanted to know if his content was real or fake. So, is Patty Mayo real bounty hunter?

Is Patty Mayo a bounty hunter?

Is Patty Mayo legit? Without question, Patty is notable for his bounty hunting videos in which he takes his viewers through the process of investigations, arrests, and other events. These videos make many of his viewers curious to know if his bounty hunting escapades are real.

One of the most common questions among followers and critics of the YouTube personality is, "Is Patty Mayo real?"

So, is Patty Mayo fake? Well, according to a statement put out by the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association, he is not a real bounty hunter:

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We are aware of the YouTuber Patty Mayo and his activities in Deschutes County. Mr. Mayo is not a member of law enforcement, nor affiliated in any way with any Sheriff’s Office in Oregon . He is an actor and the uniform he wears is a costume. Additionally, everyone in his videos are part of his production crew or paid actors/actresses.
what does patty mayo do
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He is an actor. The outfits he wears and the arms and vehicles that he and his crew use in his YouTube videos are costumes and props that are privately procured. They do not belong to any law enforcement agency.

The Oregon officials went on to add that every person who appears in his videos is part of his production crew.

The social media personality makes money through YouTube advertising and the sale of merchandise to his followers.

Is Patty Mayo a real bounty hunter? From the officials’ statement, it seems that Patty Mayo bounty hunter is nothing more than a character, but hey, he earns from it.

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Is Patty Mayo a real Sheriff?

The YouTube personality is not a sheriff. Though he shoots his videos in Deschutes County, Oregon, USA, he is currently not a representative of any law enforcement agency in Deschutes or any other county in the United States.

Mayo is an actor. In his videos, Mayo and his castmates act as deputies from a sheriff's office they call DBSO. The DBSO is not a real law enforcement office.

It is a fictional sheriff's office created by Mayo for his YouTube content.

Is Patty Mayo a sheriff?
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In the United States, a sheriff is an elected law enforcement official in a county. Mayo is neither an elected sheriff nor is he a licensed bounty hunter.

The bulletproof vests he wears in many of his recent videos have the phrase "law enforcement agent" on them.

Why are there Patty Mayo fake videos?

If you are wondering why Patty Mayo fake bounty hunter videos are allowed since he is not licensed, well, here is why.

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First, according to Oregon’s Sherriff office, making YouTube videos using paid actors does not constitute a crime and does not violate any impersonation law.

However, the department says that it ensures that his activities do not endanger anybody.

Who is Patty Mayo's partner?

Much of this YouTube star’s personal life remains under wraps. However, we know he is currently dating a woman named Raven Walton.

He was formerly in a relationship with Kayla Pillar. She played a major role in his career success and regularly appeared in his videos.

who is patty mayo
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She often doubled-up as a camera person, administrator, and scriptwriter. He and Kayla broke up in 2019.

His new girlfriend is involved in his video productions too. Patty Mayo also has a kid from a previous relationship.

How much does Patty Mayo make a year?

Patty’s YouTube bounty hunter videos have earned him a tidy sum over the years. Currently, Patty Mayo net worth is estimated to be about $2.5 million.

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His income comes from advertising revenue from views on his videos, brand endorsements deals, and his merchandise. Among his possessions is a Harley Davidson bike which costs no less than $20,000.

Is Bounty Hunter D real bounty hunter?

Just like Mayo, Bounty Hunter D posts bounty hunting videos on YouTube, but he is a fully licensed bounty hunter. He showed the world his license and other certificates in a video titled Bounty Hunter Certs that he posted in 2017.

Also, he received his bounty hunting training from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department in the State of California. However, this does not prove that all the videos of his bounty hunting activities are real.

Hunter D began running his YouTube channel on June 19, 2017. The first video he uploaded was titled Motel Gunpoint Takedown. Since then, he has been uploading various bounty hunting videos on his channel and has gained many fans.

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His videos have racked in millions of views on Youtube.

In 2019, D and Patty featured in a bounty hunting videos together. Also, like his colleague, Hunter D's partner is a member of his crew.

What happened to Patty Mayo?

For everyone wondering what happened to Patty Mayo, rest assured that he is still very much around. He had to take a break from shooting new videos due to COVID-19 restrictions.

However, he has been uploading videos he shot before the outbreak. He also recently released his docuseries titled Becoming the Seamen. He promised to return to bounty hunting in late June.

Patty Mayo has undoubtedly made a name for himself with his fascinating social media content. Despite the show being scripted, the revenue and merchandise sales are proof that his content strategy works well for him.

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