Best Nollywood movies of all time

Best Nollywood movies of all time

Every Nigerian has his or her own list of the best Nollywood movies that are fun to watch and re-watch at any time. Of course, there are official tops that are ranked on other different criteria: the biggest budget, the best actors, and so on. Let’s take a look at several lists of the best Nollywood films that have ever existed.

Best Nollywood movies of all time
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Top 10 unforgettable Nollywood films

Below, there’s a list of the best Nollywood movies that you will never forget after watching even once. These are surely the best Nollywood movies, regardless of the genre and the actors in them. Check out the list. Maybe, some of your favorite ones are already included, maybe, you will find something new for you. So, here it goes from the bottom up:

Number 10: Domitilla

Released in 1996, this movie tells the story of a girl who eventually found herself in a big city without any idea how to survive in it. This movie has become a pioneer of the industry to show such a story where a young girl faces all the temptations of the big city and ends up completely morally broken.

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Number 9: Blood Money

Released in 1997, this movie shows the story of a man who had had a good job in a bank but lost it and got caught by a whirlpool of rituals. He needed to survive by all means and the only thing he could do to overcome the situation was to take another person’s life.

Number 8: Glamour Girls

The title of this movie released in 1994 speaks for itself. It was a real breakthrough for the Nigerian cinema art at that time and the complicated interesting plot combined with bright memorable scenes has left a deep trace in the Nollywood movie history.

Number 7: Scores to Settle

A story of a woman and her long way through hardships and dark times after the death of her husband. Being rejected by his family, she and her two sons experience numerous trials of poverty, fear, grief and even death.

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Number 6: Igodo

This masterpiece of 1999 was something quite unexpected for the Nigerians at that time. The movie featured special effects that created a really creepy atmosphere and turned the movie into something quite frightening. If you still haven’t watched it, you really should!

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Number 5: Aki na Ukwa

This is a brilliant Nollywood comedy released in 2002. The main characters are two brothers who bring their school, their home, and the complete village where they live into the depth of chaos in an utterly hilarious way.

Number 4: Osuofia in London

Another comedy made in Nollywood dates back to 2003. 15 whole years have passed since the day of its production but the movie is still one of the most popular Nigerian films even today.

Number 3: Nneka the Pretty Serpent

One of the classic Nollywood movies to watch, this film is among a few Nollywood movies that got a remake. The home video was originally released in 1992.

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Number 2: Most Wanted

This is a real Nigerian thriller (1996) about a gang of women whon were armed robbers pretending they were men. They were wanted by the police as a gang of male robbers and nobody ever guessed they were women. Everything changed in a moment due to a sudden romance between a gang girl and a police officer who got to know his lover was a criminal.

Number 1: Living in Bondage

One of the oldest movies on the list, this one is also one of the most popular to watch. A man murdered his wife just to use her for his rituals. He wanted to become rich and was ready to do everything to reach his goal. In the long run, the horrible deed returned to him and drove him completely insane.

This is a list of 10 most famous and loved classical Nollywood movies of all times. However, it’s impossible to speak about the Nollywood films without mentioning several movies that are able to make your blood run cold in your veins. Here they are, the best creepy Nigerian movies.

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The scariest movies from Nollywood

Best Nollywood movies of all time
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It’s impossible to create an anthology of the best movies produced by a certain cinema industry without the movies that make you fear the darkness or shiver under your blanket at night. So, let’s go through some of the creepiest Nigerian movies ever that are obviously worth watching.

Last Burial

This Nigerian movie has several definite features of a horror that makes your hair move on your head. The dead body that suddenly appears sitting in the coffin, the atmospheric and blood-chilling music that accompanies the film, and the brightest image of a cultist performed on the screen – this is it!

Agbara Nla

This is one of the eeriest movies in the entire Nollywood collection of films. The story about faith is so creepy and unsettling that it will leave you puzzled and not able to stop thinking about the paradise and hell for many days after the watching

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End of the Wicked

This movie is a total madness in the best meaning of this word. You just need to see the makeup of the actor who plays Beelzebub to understand what the heck is going on the screen! Keep your infants away from the screen while watching this masterpiece, seriously


This is a movie about the typical Nigerian belief that there are people who possess the power of witchcraft and other types of local magic. The Karishika is a demon sent to the world to tempt men with their lowest desires. The movie is creepy enough to keep even an adult man awake through the night


The very opening scene will fright you to death! The creepy dancing to Enya’s music, the bloody scenes of sacrifice and all those strange moves people on the screen make will surely leave you utterly disturbed. If you watch it at night, be ready to hear the footsteps around you until dawn!

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Best Nollywood movies of all time
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Well, this is, probably, the most unexpected creepy movie among all produced by Nollywood. It goes common and ordinary from the very beginning, tells the story of three men in their greedy chase for gold when everything starts! From this moment on, you will feel nothing else but a deep primal fear caused by the atmosphere, sounds, and every change of the scene on your screen

These are obviously six best movies produced by Nollywood, which are worth watching if you like tickling your nerves with a stuff like this. People who don’t know the possibilities of Nollywood can hardly imagine that Nigerian filmmakers are able to create something of this kind. If you are one of those who did not even know about the Nigerian horror, welcome to watch the most delightful pieces.

Well, here are two rough lists of the top Nollywood movies you must see. It depends on your taste what you will choose to watch. Yet, all of these movies are worth the highest appreciation. Surely, Nollywood has plenty of movies and it’s impossible to watch them all in a single sitting. Every month, they make about 200 movies, which is around 6 in a day.

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Best Nollywood movies of all time
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Certainly, such a quantity cannot be watched at once. still, there are some never-dying evergreen classic things that are well worth watching and already have plenty of fans and admirers not only in Nigeria but also in other countries around the world.

Please, feel free to choose whatever you like best of all and enjoy the skills of Nigerian film producers. Also, if you find the information useful, please, kindly share it with your friends!

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