JAMB cut off mark: for UNILAG (2022/2023) for all available courses

JAMB cut off mark: for UNILAG (2022/2023) for all available courses

The University of Lagos (UNILAG) is among Nigeria's most prestigious higher educational institutions. The JAMB-UNILAG cut off mark for 2022/2023 determines who qualifies for enrollment in this university.

JAMB cut off mark
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Source: UGC

The University of Lagos was established in 1962. The institution receives about 84,326 applications, admits over 9,000 undergraduate students, and has a student population of around 57,000. UNILAG offers various graduate and undergraduate programs for Nigerian and international scholars.

What is JAMB cut off mark for UNILAG?

The University of Lagos announced the 2022/2023 JAMB cut off mark and requirements for to candidates qualify for admission. The standard cut off mark for UNILAG is 200.

Applicants are advised to check the UNILAG-JAMB cut off mark for all courses since each course has a different cut off mark. The JAMB cut off mark for UNILAG in 2022/2023 is higher than 200 in some high-profile programs.

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The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) sets cut off marks for all universities and colleges in Nigeria. Reviews are done after five or six academic years.

JAMB changes cut off marks depending on the department the course falls in. For instance, JAMB cut off mark for Medicine and Surgery is 280, while the JAMB cut off mark for Nursing is 250 or higher in some years.

UNILAG cut off mark for JAMB means an academic performance target/score candidates must attain to get admitted. Those who score less than the set mark cannot be enrolled. In simple terms, you should achieve the mark or attain higher marks.

The University of Lagos is one of the most competitive universities in Nigeria. One of the reasons people love this institution is the affordable UNILAG school fees.

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UNILAG cut off mark for 2022/2023: Faculties

JAMB cut off mark
A smiling woman in a graduation gown is seated with a bookcase in the background. Photo: pexels.com @Josiah Hamadi
Source: UGC

Meeting the UNILAG-JAMB cut off mark does not guarantee you admission into the University of Lagos for the 2022/2023 academic session. You should also meet the university cut off mark, depending on the course you want.

Faculty of Sciences

  • Mathematics and Statistics - 240 and above
  • Physics - 240 and above
  • Chemistry - 240 and above
  • Computer Science - 240 and above
  • Marine Sciences - 240 and above
  • Fisheries - 240 and above
  • Botany- 240 and above
  • Microbiology - 240 and above
  • Aquaculture - 240 and above
  • Natural Resources Conservation - 240 and above

Faculty of Engineering

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering - 260 and above
  • Computer Engineering - 250 and above
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering - 260 and above
  • Mechanical Engineering - 250 and above
  • Petroleum and Gas Engineering 270 and above
  • Systems Engineering - 250 and above

Faculty of Arts

  • European Languages (French and Russian) - 230 and above
  • English Literature - 230 and above
  • Linguistics, African and Asian - 230 and above
  • Philosophy- 230 and above
  • Creative Arts: Music - 230 and above

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Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Economics - 240 and above
  • Mass Communication and Journalism - 240 and above
  • Political Science - 240 and above
  • Sociology - 240 and above
  • Criminology - 240 and above
  • Public and International Affairs - 240 and above
JAMB cut off mark
A portrait photo of a man in a black academic gown. Photo: pexels.com @Pavel Danilyuk
Source: UGC

Faculty of Management Science

  • Business Administration - 260 and above
  • Industrial Relations & Personnel Management - 250 and above
  • Actuarial Science & Insurance - 250 and above
  • Accounting - 270 and above
  • Marketing - 250 and above
  • Banking & Finance - 250 and above

Faculty of Law

  • Jurisprudence and International Law - 270 and above
  • Commercial and Industrial law - 270 and above
  • Public Law - 270 and above
  • Private and Property Law - 270 and above
  • Legal Studies - 270 and above
  • Dispute Resolution - 270 and above

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Faculty of Environmental Sciences

  • Architecture - 240 and above
  • Environmental Design - 240 and above
  • Urban Design - 240 and above
  • Building - 240 and above
  • Construction Management - 240 and above
  • Estate Management - 240 and above

School of Clinical Sciences

  • Medicine and Surgery - 280 and above
  • Paediatrics - 270 and above
  • Physiotherapy - 260 and above
  • Nursing - 250 and above
  • Ophthalmology - 270 and above
  • Radiography - 250 and above

School of Basic Medical Sciences

  • Anatomy and Molecular Pathology - 260 and above
  • Morbid Anatomy - 260 and above
  • Physiology - 260 and above
  • Pharmacology - 260 and above
  • Biochemistry - 260 and above
  • Medical Laboratory Science 260 and above

School of Dental Sciences

  • Child Dental Health - 260 and above
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - 260 and above
  • Preventive Dentistry - 260 and above
  • Restorative Dentistry - 260 and above
  • Oral Pathology - 260 and above

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JAMB cut off mark
A woman is holding her diploma with a smile. Photo: pexels.com @RODNAE Productions
Source: UGC

Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Clinical Pharmacy - 260 and above
  • Bio-pharmacy - 260 and above
  • Pharmacology - 260 and above
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry - 260 and above
  • Pharmaceutical microbiology - 260 and above

Faculty of Education

  • Adult Education Management - 220 and above
  • Adult Literacy and Non-formal Education - 220 and above
  • Mathematics - 220 and above
  • Physics - 220 and above
  • Biology - 220 and above
  • Chemistry education - 220 and above
  • Integrated Science education - 220 and above
  • Social Studies education -220 and above

UNILAG post-UTME cut off mark for all courses

Below is a UNILAG post-UTME cut off mark for all courses. The merit score cuts across a department. NIL means the course is not available on that UNILAG campus:


1Creative Arts65.0561.4565.764.26164.97562.525
5History & Strategic Studies68.664.32566.9568.17564.3564.77566.525
6Linguistics (Igbo/Yoruba)61.175NIL54.97555.352.2557.62556.275
9Christian Religious Studies61.62561.625NILNILNIL57.325NIL
10Islamic Religious Studies60.225NILNILNILNILNILNIL

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2Actuarial Science61.87557.87558.4557.05NIL5553.675
3Business Administration68.6560.67565.72567.02559.960.47562.5
5ER & HRM66.9550.32565.8565.359.07563.7561.45


1Biomedical Engineering74.2NILNIL74.1573.67571.27573.225
2Chemical & Petroleum Eng.76.67562.07570.7574.72574.765.57572.175
3Civil & Environmental Eng.73.660.5568.77571.9756173.37570.625
4Computer Engineering79.372.87578.27278.12577.27573.2578.125
5Electrical & Electronics Eng.78.12576.62575.72577.374.57572.974.125
6Mechanical Engineering78.862.72574.973.92571.670.62575.275
7Metallurgical & Materials Eng.72.8563.368.871.971.62572.37570.7
8Petroleum & Gas Eng.73.92572.37573.07572.769.92569.3570.425
9Survey & Geoinformatics Eng.68.664.77565.866.865.866.967.4
10Systems Engineering76.47574.975.02575.5571.22572.573.275

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2Medical Laboratory Science74.67569.87574.2573.37573.973.12572.7
3Medicine & Surgery80.875.62579.42578.92577.2580.27579.75
4Nursing Science70.87563.570.867.256570.02561.975




3Cell Biology & Genetics70.1562.62567.17569.1565.62563.264.625
5Computer Science77.87573.77575.52574.82574.375.273.725
8Marine Biology66.1NIL63.1565.2561.1564.9561.275
11Industrial Mathematics69.075NIL68.87568.561.6564.22563.55

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3Estate Management6561.52561.3564.160.87560.457.075
4Quantity Survey66.4NIL65.865.85NIL58.665.325
5Urban & Region Planning62.25NIL59.275NILNIL59.256.375


1Adult Education62.775NIL6059.855.92555.8955.65
2Education Economics66.353.764.07561.3553.9561.92565.25
3Business Education63.8NIL61.42562.5NIL60.960.15
4Ed. Islamic Religious Studies59.4NIL54.625NILNIL56.87557.2
6Education English70.42565.12568.97569.47566.5568.470.175
7Early Childhood Education64.155.7555.12562.6558.5058.2561.675
8Education Yoruba53.925NILNILNILNILNILNIL
9Education French62.125NIL60.9NIL52.67557.85NIL
10Education History60.875NILNILNILNILNIL59.05
11Ed. Christian Religious Studies67.925NIL61.67566.27560.0559.352.775
12Education Geography59.575NILNILNILNILNILNIL
13Educational Administration63.92557.0560.6559.125NIL59.559.6
14Educational Foundations66.0552.856.5551.9755960.92553.625
15Health Education60.256.15NIL56.2NIL57.47557.825
16Human Kinetics Education52.45NILNILNILNILNILNIL
17Education Biology66.0552.856.5551.9755960.92553.625
18Education Chemistry60.256.15NIL56.2NIL57.47557.825
19Education Home Economics55.275NILNILNILNILNILNIL
20Integrated Science Education 53.725NILNILNILNILNILNIL
21Education Mathematics61.325NIL56.6559.32556.4560.17558.5
22Education Physics56.4NILNILNILNILNILNIL
23Technology Education 63.525NIL62.57559.2559.82561.875NIL

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3Mass Communication72.12567.52569.1570.9565.570.870.025
4Political Science68.2562.37566.765.72559.257.565.35
6Social Work68.567.0564.92565.45NIL56.47566.575

What is the cut off mark for UNILAG?

The University of Lagos' cut off mark is 200, but some programs have a higher score/target mark.

How does UNILAG admission work?

The deadline for UNILAG admission 2022/2023 is 6th November 2022. The institution will notify selected candidates about their admission via email. Therefore, provide their email addresses while applying for admission.

UNILAG admission has two phases. First, you will undergo a pre-screening exercise. Take your JAMB scores and SSCE results to UNILAG upon receiving their email.

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UNILAG releases a student admission list. Those who passed the pre-screening exercise are invited for another screening via email. Bring these documents with you:

  • Letter of good conduct from your village head or any responsible community member.
  • Original copies of the educational qualifications. Awaiting results are not accepted.
  • Original copy of a birth certificate.
  • Certificate of Local Government of Origin.
  • JAMB result slip.
  • Secondary school testimonial.
  • Eight passport-sized photographs.

How to calculate the JAMB-UNILAG cut off mark for 2022/2023

Only those who pass screening exercises and submit all the required documents are admitted. Increase your chances of admission by calculating UNILAG's departmental aggregation score. You should have these figures to calculate your JAMB post UTME score:

  1. O - Level: 20%
  2. UTME: 50%
  3. Post UTME: 30%

How to calculate a UTME (JAMB) score

  • Divide the UTME (JAMB) result by eight.
  • Divide the post-UTME (JAMB) score by two.
  • Sum up the two figures you get.

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UNILAG entrance candidates who score below 40% in the post-UTME (JAMB) tests lose their chances of admission.

How to calculate your O- level points

  • A1 – 4 points
  • B2 – 3.6 points
  • B3 – 3.2 points
  • C4 – 2.8 points
  • C5 – 2.5 points
  • C6 – 2.0 points

Use the grade point for calculating your five core subjects. However, subjects with D7, E8, or F9 are not considered in calculating O- Level points.

The JAMB-UNILAG cut off mark for 2022/2023 helps higher learning institutions manage the massive applications and stiff competition among applicants. Most applicants qualify for direct university entry, but a large potion prefers some courses and institutions. As a result, JAMB created the cut off marks for each school and course for fairness when higher learning institutions select candidates for enrollment.

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