Rapper Rick Ross weight loss secret

Rapper Rick Ross weight loss secret

Rick Ross, the popular rapper, has been struggling with excessive weight for many years. His weight caused a lot of life-threatening problems including seizures. However, Rick did not give up and lately, it's clear that he has lost most of his extra weight. How did he drop 75 pounds of weight when he once weighed 350? Find out all the secrets of Rick Ross weight loss.

Rick Ross before and after

How did Rick Ross lose weight?

Born in 1976, the hip-hop and rap musician William Leonard Roberts II, known among his fans as Rick Ross, quickly became a world-famous superstar after the release of his first singles. Currently, his discography consists of nine albums, and he is planning to release the tenth next year. Many fans of rap music call Rick Ross a legendary rapper. With all the fame that came to him, he also had his struggles. For example, for many years, he could not get rid of his excessive weight.

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Lately, a lot of media outlets have pointed out Rick Ross new look and noticed that he looks much healthier and slimmer than he used to. Obviously, he lost a lot of pounds in a short period of time – the overweight rapper was replaced with a healthy and happy man. Rick himself said that he did it because his health became much worse in the past couple of years and he had to change something about his lifestyle. Many fans started questioning how much weight has Rick Ross loss. He appeared at the recent award ceremonies as a completely different person, and fans could not believe this man used to be proud of his big size.

Rick Ross after losing weight
Rick Ross: before and after

Rick Ross speaks about his loss of weight

Although the legendary rapper still records music and plays at concerts, he admitted that he started paying a lot more attention to his health, which is now his first priority. After his seizures, he realized it was time to make a change. Now, he says that he is happy with the way his body is. When he noticed he had a problem with his weight, his willpower was so strong that he changed his whole lifestyle. He also added that he is happy to be gaining muscle.

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Rick Ross said that there is absolutely no need to torture yourself with diets and restrictions. Instead, he says you should take things slow and not be very harsh on yourself. He never gave up some of his favorite food, however, he restricted himself on the quantities, and this seems to be giving the result.

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Rick Ross photoshoot

Rick Ross weight loss diet

Here is some general advice from Rick Ross about losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. Following these beneficial principles helped the rapper regain his health, so maybe it can be useful for other people who would like to lose some extra weight:

1. Rick Ross believes that consuming soda is not healthy, and for the sake of your well-being, you should restrict yourself when it comes to drinking soda. If you have to drink it, it is better to choose diet soda which has fewer calories than the regular one.

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2. The rapper advises his fans not to eat heavy meals at night and schedule them for earlier hours because when you eat a lot closer to your sleeping hours, you get more excess calories. This is closely connected with people’s schedule: if you have eaten a lot in the daytime, you will be able to burn off the gained calories by some kind of physical exercise, but if you eat much closer to night time, you are less likely to burn them off. Rick Ross says that he used to consume huge meals at 2 am, saying it was because of his tight schedule. However, now he always finds time to eat during the day rather than night.

Rapper Rick Ross new look

3. Drink a lot of water – this is Rick Ross’ motto. He believes that everyone has to drink lots of water throughout the day. Plain mineral water keeps you refreshed and washes out all the toxins from your body.

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4. While restricting yourself is important, treating yourself with something nice is no less significant. Rick Ross said that whenever he was pleased with himself or did something extraordinary to be proud of, he always went to his favorite restaurants and ordered delicious snacks. Of course, you should not go overboard with that, but it is always a huge mood and energy boost.

Rick Ross with food

5. Following a strict plan of exercises will increase your concentration and put your life in order. In Rick Ross’ case, he followed the Crossfit program that was introduced by Reebok, which includes doing exercises for all the groups of muscles within twenty minutes. Asides that, he goes for a jog four days per week.

6. Motivating your friends and family to work out with you can make the process more fun. Rick Ross said that he has engaged twenty people to exercise together with him, and was thankful that they agreed to take this opportunity because exercising with other people makes time pass quickly.

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7. Watch your eating habits and regulate food consumption. The famous rapper pointed out that he gave up on some kinds of food completely, such as bread, and rice. He also restricted himself when it comes to alcohol and started eating more fruits.

8. Giving up every food and tormenting yourself with hunger will do you no good. For example, Rick sometimes treats himself by going to his beloved restaurant and eating lemon pepper wings there. However, he says he does it much less often compared to how he used to.

Rick Ross 2017
Rick Ross in 2017

In general, Rick Ross advises everyone not to make losing weight feel like a job or stress yourself over food, drinks, and your constantly comparing your weight with others.. Once you get hold of a plan and process, everything will come naturally, and you will see results. Also, if it seems like you do not have time to exercise you should remember that famous people like Rick Ross and other artists have an extremely busy schedule too and still find a while for taking care of their health.

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Self-care is the most important thing for every person, and you can never replace lost health, so get inspired by the famous people and their determination to drop excessive weight. If they can do it with their tight schedule and constant workload, then you can do the same without problems.

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