Who is the best rapper in the world? - Top 10

Who is the best rapper in the world? - Top 10

rapper Eminem
Who is the best rapper in the world? - Top 10

Rap is a kind of a new musical direction, but it is already rooted in the modern world culture, giving rise to hundreds of characters. And it seems that is not willing to disappear. It is very difficult to choose some of the best singers and musicians on the rap scene, but we still dare to present the top ten, which includes the best rapper in the world. So who is in the first place?

Who is the best rapper in the world ever?

Ice Cube
Who is the best rapper in the world? - Top 10

10. Ice Cube

Popular Ice Cube is still considered one of the best rappers of all time. He began his career in the band N.W.A. He became the author of almost all his songs, and then he decided to start his career as a new solo artist. The first solo album AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted was an instant hit. It became his huge and remarkable start of a career. After a while, he became an honorable person in the hip-hop industry.

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9. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg
Who is the best rapper in the world? - Top 10

Of course, the top ten of successful rappers could not be full without Snoop Dogg. The musician got to his top of the hip-hop scene thanks to his very good friend and co-worker Dr. Dre. He stands out from the other rappers due to his quite easy-going, calm and also romantic and lyrical style of performing and singing.

8. LL Cool J

LL Cool J
Who is the best rapper in the world? - Top 10

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The representative of the old school of rap, who has become the symbol of '80s hip-hop scene, and his song Mama Said Knock You Out has become an instant classic. LL Cool J was not only a talented rapper but also a good actor, TV presenter and businessman owning his own brand of clothing. He is also a co-owner of several record labels.

7. Kurtis Blow

Kurtis Blow
Who is the best rapper in the world? - Top 10

Kurtis Blow became a pioneer who made rap music popular and proven that it could make you money. He was the godfather of the old school of rap. If you do not agree to you can just listen to The Breaks.

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6. Rakim

Rakim rapper
Who is the best rapper in the world? - Top 10

Rakim was a popular representative of the well-known old school. He became famous due to the instant mega hit after recording Paid in Full that immediately hit the top ten most popular hits on the radio. It happened because of his clear articulation and also complex texts, which he brought to the ideal during long weeks. He had a very strong influence on the modern generation of rappers.


Who is the best rapper in the world? - Top 10

It is not one person but a band standing at the origins of rap. It has defined the modern look of turnips, which boldly combined different styles. They first took a chance to release an album with the songs, which immediately became a hit. They also helped Aerosmith band to get back on stage due to their duo song ‘Walk This Way’ in 1986. This old school, which has already come back to the stage, gathers the halls again, rocking the stage as earlier.

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4. Eminem

Eminem studio album
Who is the best rapper in the world? - Top 10

The only one white man in the top ten of the best rappers in the world. Dr. Dre helped reach the big stage, and then everything was done by talent, good texts on the needed topic for the society and also his unique performance style of Eminem. The first Eminem studio album, ‘The Slim Shady LP’ was completed in 1999 after he signed a contract with Dre. He sold 3 million copies of the album and Eminem suddenly became a worldwide sensation.

There were a lot of disputes of Eminem creativity: a lot of people felt that his songs had too much violence, homophobia, and misogyny. Perhaps these arguments had spoiled his reputation, but in fact, they only made him even more popular. The history of Eminem life became a legend even before the semi-autobiographical movie ‘8 Mile’.

3. The Notorious B.I. G.

The Notorious B.I. G.
Who is the best rapper in the world? - Top 10

Notorious B.I. G. also known as Biggie was the real king of rap of the east coast. His early, unfortunately, death did not give him any chance to become the number one in the world of rap, but he still became one of the legends in the hip-hop world. During the mourning, the hundreds of different radio stations across the United States honored the memory of the rapper with 30-second silence.

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2. Jay-Z

Who is the best rapper in the world? - Top 10

The new king of east coast rap. He strayed from the bottoms and made a fortune in an unbelievable sum - half a billion dollars. His style and manner of performance are quite unique, that’s the reason why he is loved by millions of fans all around the world.

1. 2Pac

his name is 2Pac
Who is the best rapper in the world? - Top 10

You may have already guessed, who is considered the number one rapper in the world, also the king of the whole west coast - his name is 2Pac. The singer was killed at the young age, when he was 25. Reportedly it was ordered by Notorious B.I. G. King rap east coast. But still, he entered in hundreds the list of the best singers of all time, having sold (only during his lifetime) more than 80 million albums.

So who is the best rapper in the world? According to us, it is 2Pac. But everyone can, certainly, make his own choice. And answer the question ‘who is the best rapper in the whole world’ in another way.

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