"How to Become Rich in 24 Hours": Awed Lady Shares Her 13-Year-Old Brother's Browser Search History

"How to Become Rich in 24 Hours": Awed Lady Shares Her 13-Year-Old Brother's Browser Search History

  • The web search history of a 13-year-old Nigerian boy has gone viral on social media after his sister shared it
  • While the secondary school boy was away, his sister went through his search history and was marvelled by what she saw
  • Many people funnily warned the lady that she might find what she was looking for in his search history

While her younger brother was out, a Nigerian lady fed her eyes with his web search history and was shocked by her findings.

Taking to TikTok, @nuel_shawty remarked: "This generation."

Nigerian lady goes through her 13-year-old brother's search history, shocked by her findings
The boy's search history amused Nigerians. Photo Credit: @nuel_shawty
Source: TikTok

@nuel_shawty showcased her 13-year-old brother's search history to netizens and made remarks about each search headline she came across.

The young boy's marvelling web search history

Some of his searches include "How to become rich in 24 hours," "5 things to do to annoy my sisters," and "5 easiest ways to leave Nigeria."

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@nuel_shawty wondered why someone only in SS1 would be looking up such things.

Legit.ng reported that Google allows users to delete personal information from searches.

Watch the video below:

People react to her brother's search history


"Why doesn't he clear his brouse history then log out of his gmail account and login..... everything go clear."

Moxxie said:

"I don't know what they told him but he is going to stay in this country for a long time."

milion8903 said:

"Just chatted your brother up through his gmail."

brokeazamannn said:

"Watch this ur brother well o bcos he go soon run."

Umar Shettima said:

"That thing wey u dey find, check your search history."

manzy said:

"As a guy we once searched “how to grow taller in a week” idc what y’all saying."

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Sigma said:

"Normally i know wetin you dey find.
"But we were once a victim."

sheluvsecoz. said:

"Sister mi..that thing you're looking for one Day you'll see it..safe."

How to delete Reddit history

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported how to delete one's Reddit search history.

Deleting your Reddit history is important because it protects your privacy, anonymizes your browsing habits, and allows you to maintain some control over the content you view.

Finally, it can help you avoid seeing irrelevant or outdated content, allowing you to see the most recent information. For example, deleting the web search history is more complex than deleting it from your smartphone app.

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Source: Legit.ng

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