Video Shows Moment White Groom and His People Were Humbled as They Greeted Yoruba Bride's Family

Video Shows Moment White Groom and His People Were Humbled as They Greeted Yoruba Bride's Family

  • A scene from an interracial marriage involving a White man's people and his Yoruba bride's family has left people in stitches
  • At the traditional wedding, the Caucasian husband-to-be and his loved ones were made to greet the bride's family in Yoruba language
  • The groom and his people struggled as they tried to interact with their future in-laws according to Yoruba culture

At an interracial traditional wedding, a White groom and his family struggled as they were made to interact with their in-laws in Yoruba.

In a short clip from the occasion, the groom and another white man prostrated before the bride's family with his people standing behind him.

White groom and his family struggle to greet Yoruba in-laws in Yoruba
The caucasians were made to interact with their in-laws in Yoruba. Photo Credit: @dfabulousss
Source: TikTok

In line with Yoruba culture, they were all made to greet the bride's family members and tried to say the words as the female MC directed.

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"Ekaaro sir, ekaaro ma," the MC said in Yoruba meaning 'goodmorning sir and good morning ma' and the visitors tried to repeat after her.

Mixed reactions trailed the short wedding incident as people laughed at the caucasians. It also sparked a conversation around the Yoruba culture.

The TikTok clip shared by @dfabulousss has amassed over 390k views at the time of this report.

Watch the video below:

People comment on the Yoruba culture

Deprince said:

"Nigeria get voice for the word sha.. Ghana people go think say na juju we take Dey humble the white.. We are blessed by God."

Segungospel said:

"That's Yoruba culture for u, when you married them,u never think about divorce, anytime u are angry, when you remember, Along u passthrough to get her."

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P&K said:

"Oyinbo rogo lowo Yoruba culture, Yoruba ladies too fine walahi,we go soon convert all oyinbo guys to do our culture,e rogo lowo wa."

Yemisi Puke said:

"Marrying a Yoruba lady is a priceless venture u can embark on.
"It needs ur passion and total humility to d parents of d bride no matter how rich u are."

horluwabunmi said:

"Until all this oyinbo marry all of us our boys go get sense."

Bolutife said:

"Omo if I go this kind wedding I go take up too 5 clients ajeh."

keanureeves1a2 said:

"Those yoruba people fit humble person ehn."

White groom taught Yoruba culture

Meanwhile, previously reported that a white groom and his people were taught the Yoruba culture ahead of his traditional wedding.

Dobale is a customary greeting in every Yoruba wedding and it is performed by the groom and his friends by prostrating. They are expected traditionally to go round and greet elders and family members of the bride. Many friends of the groom actually look forward to this moment.

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In a video seen on Instagram, the groom's men were taught how to greet in Yoruba by a lady. She described the steps involved to them and one of them demonstrated it in a funny way.


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