Hamster Kombat: Lady with 114 Million Coins Shows How She Cracked Her Daily Cipher Code

Hamster Kombat: Lady with 114 Million Coins Shows How She Cracked Her Daily Cipher Code

  • On Thursday, June 5 and ahead of its launch, the Telegram game Hamster Kombat introduced its daily cipher task
  • The daily cipher offers players an opportunity to get one million coins, apart from the five-million daily combo
  • Speaking with Legit.ng, a crypto analyst, Ekeson Egwuonwu, shared his thoughts on the daily cipher introduction

Ahead of its launch, Hamster Kombat has introduced a daily cipher task that rewards players with one million tokens every day.

Unlike the five-million daily combo task, the daily cipher requires Hamster Kombat players to input codes that would translate into letters or numbers.

Lady shows how to crack Hamster Kombat daily cipher for 1 million coins
She showed how she cracked the cipher for June 10. Photo Credit: @loveprenuer, Hamster Kombat
Source: TikTok

In a TikTok video, a young lady showed netizens how she cracked the June 10 cipher code to claim her one million coins.

June 10's cipher code was 'AIRDROP', and @loveprenuer tapped and held the red Hamster icon to provide the required symbols.

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The lady boasts of over 114 million coins.

Hamster Kombat cipher explained

According to Decrypt, the daily cipher was introduced on June 5 and is an interesting task that lets players tap a specific daily term in Morse code and immediately get one million free in-game coins.

To start the cipher task, click the “Earn per tap” box on the top left of the main screen three times. This will change the background of your Hamster icon to red, and a “Daily Cipher” box will appear below your earnings meter.

Next, one would be required to input a code. The code strings are either a long dash, dot or short dash. People get answers to the codes on social media, just like the daily combo tasks.

Crypto analyst reacts to daily cipher on Hamster Kombat

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Speaking with Legit.ng, a crypto analyst, Ekeson Egwuonwu, said the introduction of the daily cipher was a welcome development. In his words:

"The daily cipher was actually used to unveil the order of their listing. But then, it could also a view of gifting the clickers more coins.
"It is a good thing."

Watch the video below:

Netizens react to Hamster Kombat cipher

Christian Jarito said:

"Help me to invite thanks."

Destiny said:

"I’m playing it but still know nothing, can someone explain."

yettymama519 said:

"Sister u have 106,813,881 million and ur profit per hour is just 253, ah dey play."

Jude_fan_page said:

"The letters disappear anytime i get to D."

Victor said:

"Baba use all that money to boost your profit per hour that’s what matters."

Successful lastborn ❤️ said:

"Nobody know what matter yet, you can balance the two but don’t spend everything 50/50."

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BROOM said:

"Does that pay real money?"

Legit.ng had reported that a lady shared a mistake people mining Hamster Kombat should avoid.

Hamster Kombat announces exciting update for Nigerians

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that Hamster Kombat had released an interesting update regarding its airdrop for Nigerians and other miners

In the release, Hamster Kombat revealed that its airdrop would depend on the profit per hour and other parameters that would be made public later. When quizzed on the future of Hamster Kombat, a crypto analyst, Moreblessing Ogbogo, told Legit.ng that it was worth the wait.

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