Parents Receive New Phones from Their Daughter at Restaurant and Their Reactions are Priceless

Parents Receive New Phones from Their Daughter at Restaurant and Their Reactions are Priceless

  • A daughter surprised her parents with new phones at a restaurant and captured their joy on video
  • The father found his phone first and was delighted, while the mother followed suit and was equally thrilled
  • The video showed their happiness and gratitude for their daughter’s generous gesture

A thoughtful daughter decided to treat her parents with new phones and took them to a nice restaurant for a meal.

She secretly recorded their reactions as they unwrapped their presents and shared the heartwarming video online.

Photo of parents
The parents received the phones. Photo credit: @essyessy0/TikTok
Source: TikTok

The parents had no idea what was inside the two bags that their daughter handed them and opened them with curiosity.

The father was the first one to discover his new phone and his face lit up with joy, while the mother quickly followed and found her own phone in the other bag.

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The video, as shared by @essyessy0, captured their genuine happiness and appreciation for their daughter’s kind and generous act.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Dasha said:

“This mum is serious like my mum congratulations. The best gift I gave my mum is a house and a several phones.”

Essy Essy:

“Mums always wonder why we have them expensive things instead of giving them the money to take to Chaya's and churches.”

Naomy Ngugi89:

“How I wish mines were a live.”

Maggie Daniels:

“Dad is soo happy.”


“One day al gift my mum n play this song. Inshallah.”

Violet Liammes:

“Soon i will do this to my parents.”


“Mummy waiting for instructions.”

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