"Go Back and Bring Your Mother": Teacher Blows Hot after Opening Female Student's Bag in School

"Go Back and Bring Your Mother": Teacher Blows Hot after Opening Female Student's Bag in School

  • A Nigerian teacher has exposed a secondary school student who brought sachets of dry gin to school
  • When probed about the contraband, the student claimed that she usually took the dry gin to relieve her stomach pains
  • Netizens who read the tweet were surprised at the action of a girl who was still in secondary school

A secondary school student has been dragged mercilessly online for bringing dry gin to school.

A teacher with the handle @adaobi_amadi on X narrated that the student had stolen several items from mother’s provision store which she brought to school.

Female student caught with dry gin in school
Teacher sees dry gin in student's bag Photo credit: Lisegagne, Joe Raedle/ Getty Images. Depicted person has no relationship with story. Photo used for illustration only.
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Student nabbed with sachet of dry gin

According to Adaobi, the student arrived at school with a small backpack that was banned from the school.

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When she was questioned by a teacher who was curious to know if the bag could enter her books, she lied that her books were in the bag already.

The teacher suspected her lies and decided to search her bag, only to find two biscuits, three sweets, a small nylon of groundnuts mixed with roasted popcorn seeds, two sachets of coffee creamer, and two sachets of peak milk.

When she intensified her search, the teacher found a sachet of Chelsea dry gin in the student’s bag which she claimed was for stomach pain.

She was subsequently taken to the principal’s office since alcohol was not allowed in their school premises.

She wrote:

“My principal asked me to call her parents and invite them to school. When the girl was asked for her parent's phone numbers, she said she didn't know her mother's number and gave a number saying it was her father's. The number has been unreachable.

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"Anyway, the girl was asked to go home and come back with her mother tomorrow. She wanted her bag back, but I held on to it and insisted I was going to hand it over to her mother when she comes to school with her.”

Adaobi revealed that she had come to school with her mother the next day. Her mother said she had a provision store and her daughter had been stealing from her.

She narrated:

“After having a conversation with her mother, I found out that the woman has a provision shop and for security reasons, every closing day, she would bring some of the things she sells at her store back home to keep until the next day, when she would take them back to her shop to sell.
"Apparently, her daughter had been stealing some of these provisions to bring to school (and maybe share with her friends). The woman cried about how she fed the girl and gave her extra money, and was shocked that the girl was stealing from her.

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"I asked her why she wasn't locking the things wherever she kept them and she said the key to the room had spoilt and was yet to be replaced."

The woman and her daughter were subsequently asked to write an undertaking for the school.

The student's backpack was also handed to the girl's mother but she hurriedly tried to take it away from her mother which made Adaobi suspicious and she decided to search the bag again.

To her astonishment, she found more sachets of dry gin in her bag that the other teacher didn't see.

She said:

“As the woman wanted to leave, I handed over the girl's bag to her. The girl immediately wanted to take the bag from her mother, insisting that her school books were still inside. I remembered the other teacher had told me she searched the girl's bag and there were no books in it. So I told her mother that there were no books in the bag. Yet, the girl tried to snatch the bag from her mother again. It made me suspicious.

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"It occurred to me that I hadn't searched the bag myself when it was handed over to me. Another teacher who was witnessing what was happening asked that we check the bag again. This time, the girl's mother did the checking. Two more sachets of powdered milk. One more biscuit. Three more sachets of Chelsea dry gin. One sachet of DeRok liqueur.”

Reactions as student arrives school with dry gin

The post sparked lots of reactions from netizens who shared their thoughts.

@M Kalejaiye1 said:

“Omooor, what is this?She dey take the gin "for stomach's sake" kpele 0, Apostle Timothy. We understand that some parents are trying their best in raising some of these kids, sometimes the best isn't enough. A little extra push can still be exerted. It is not easy raising kids.”

@nonsookongwul said:

“Adaobi, thanks for being an exceptional teacher. But on a much higher level, I wish you really tried to council the girl. Understand why she did what she does. I think some of these children are just a little rough around the edges for reasons they think are right.”

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@KingsleyHugo3 said:

“Things dey occur o! Small suspension would suffice in this kind of matter.”

@miphzee said:

“Parents too are to blame but they are quick to push the blame to the school.”

@mr_ancientglobe said:

“This is terrible. The student is seemingly not serious with her academics.”

See the post below:

Mum shocked after opening son's school bag

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a young Nigerian lady on TikTok, @shindaramayah, has shared a video showing the love letter her brother was caught with at home. The lady revealed that when the boy came back from school, their mother called him and said she would like to search his bag.

When the bag was opened, they discovered the love letter he had written to his lover in class. A part of the letter read: "I love you so much because when I set my eyes on you I was like God see this beautiful lady... I am always thinking about you and loving you."

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Many people who read the letter commended the kid's command of English. Others said his handwriting was impeccable. Read the letter here. The video has since gotten over 1400 comments and more than 10,000 likes.

Source: Legit.ng

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