"They Warned Me Never to Marry My Husband": Lady Who Ignored Prophecies of Pastors Regrets Later

"They Warned Me Never to Marry My Husband": Lady Who Ignored Prophecies of Pastors Regrets Later

  • A woman has vented her frustrations about being the breadwinner of her family, although her husband was still alive
  • The woman lamented that her mother had warned her against marrying her husband, but she disobeyed her
  • While sharing her sad story, she asked netizens for advice on how to make things better for her family

A Nigerian woman has cried out on social media over the enormous financial burden she's facing with her nuclear family.

She shared her story with an X user identified as @jon_d_doe, who posted screenshots of her messages on his page to solicit advice for her.

Lady cries out over family's financial burden on her shoulder
Lady regrets ignoring warnings not to marry husband Photo credit: Gideon Mendel, KOLA SULAIMON/ Getty Images. Depicted persons have no relationship with story. Photos used for illustration only.
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Woman cries out over breadwinner duties

The woman lamented that she was exhausted from her 12-year marriage after being in charge of all the financial responsibilities in her home.

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According to her, her mother had taken her to church before the marriage, and she was asked not to marry the man, but she defied all instructions and married him.

In her words:

“My mum took me to some prophets(she attends C&S church) to inquire about the man I wanted to marry. I was told not to marry him and that he would be struggling financially.
"I also had a dream where I saw the two of us walking, carrying loads on our heads looking tired. In summary, Agba, I ended up marrying him, I do not even know why.”

The 39-year-old lady, whose husband is 52, revealed that they have two daughters aged 9 and 11, and she was responsible for their fees, clothing, shelter, etc. Her husband only cares about what he will eat.

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The heartbroken woman further stated that she was no longer romantically attracted to her husband, but she didn't want to cheat on him because of her excellent morals.

She said:

“I'm a beautiful woman. There's no day I step out that I won't see/hear men say, "Let me be taking care of you." But I can't have sex with another man. I'm very confused and choked that's why I'm reaching out to you. I have thought deeply about the situation l am and I do not even know what to do. I don't know, the responsibilities are choking seriously. I'm just tired.”

Netizens advise married woman in dilemma

The comments section was filled with different suggestions and advice from netizens.

@MideSkaya said:

“You are a good woman and rare to find, you have every reason a regular woman needs to cheat or abandon her husband but you are not regular you are an outstanding woman, do what agba said and I pray things change in your favor.”

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@Iselema said:

“@ 39 with two kids, men will just want sleep with for pleasure, don't leave your husband, just as Agba advised, device a means to make your husband productive, sometimes some men needs someone to think for them before they can make something out of life.”

@DOTAfriend reacted:

“That advice was the best advice sire! What I really noticed there is that she has her eyes set out already, so no matter what the man does she will not be satisfied because of the attention she's getting outside or wants to explore! I pray they truly get the man a car, if he's not lazy he will be able to get something out of it and put his home in order! But the lady is stressing on the attention she's getting outside, that's my concern, but it doesn't mean the man shouldn't play his part as a provider in the house, he should do that with dignity and take pride in it.”

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See the post below:

Man who married lazy wife shades her

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that in a viral video, a married Nigerian man showcased a series of work he does at home thanks to his wife. A TikTok video showing the man doing some chores at home had the caption, "POV: You married a lazy wife."

In the clip, the man was seen ironing a cloth on a table in the living room and was shown next, tending to his daughter's hair. Another scene showed him sweeping the floor. Many women gushed over him, with the clip amassing over 143k at the time of this report.

In another clip, the man revealed that his wife recently welcomed their second child. It is not clear if his tagging her lazy was a joke attempt, but what is certain is the man loved what he was doing.

Source: Legit.ng

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