Incredible: Video Shows How Maggot Factory Converts Waste Products Into Animal Feed

Incredible: Video Shows How Maggot Factory Converts Waste Products Into Animal Feed

  • A new way of managing organic waste has emerged in Tanzania as a company now uses maggots to convert them into useful protein
  • Biobu Limited is a company that farms maggots (larva), and then have them eat up household wastes produced by residents of Tanzania
  • After eating the wastes and growing fat invaluable protein, the maggots are now used as fish feeds as well as chicken feeds

A company in the East African country of Tanzania has engineered a new system of recycling waste produced by Tanzanians. The company known as Biobu Limited specialises in maggot (larva) farming.

Biobu produces larva for the specific purpose of using them to recycle waste products and then converting the maggots into animal feed. The animal feed is thereafter sold to fish and chicken farmers.

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Tanzanian maggot farmer, Biobu converts wastes products into fertilizer and animal feed
Biobu maggot factory. Photo credit: Biobu Ltd
Source: UGC

How it works in the maggot factory

The first thing Biobu does is collect organic wastes in Tanzania. These wastes are taken to the Biobu maggot (larva) farm where it is fed to tiny, freshly hatched maggots.

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After days of feeding on the waste products, the maggots will get fat as a result of the rich protein content of the organic waste. The process does not end there, as the maggot is then utilized as fish feed or chicken feed.

Biobu also makes fertilizer

Another product that comes from the process is fertilizer. This comes from the leftover waste. Explaining the process, Kigen Compton, the co-founder of Biobu says in a video shared on Facebook by BBC News Africa:

"What we do is we take organic waste and introduce it to the black soldier fly larvae. That larvae processes the waste, and then we then have two products. One is, we then process the larvae into protein powder, and the other is, the leftover waste, we process into fertilizer."

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Social media users react

Many people on social media are shocked that maggots could be of any meaningful value. So expectedly, they took to the comment section of the interesting video to share their views concerning the innovation. Here are a few of the comments:

Angela Filose:

"This a great project, needs to be expanded to more countries!! Reduce waste and gain a more sustainable form of protein for foodstuffs."

Álvaro Morte:

"Creative mind I love the creativity."

Jimmy Bwalya:

"Just wow. That protein can be used for fish feed chicken. you name it. This is amazing."

Monika Moanka:

"Very interesting project.... Talking to someone who perhaps is interested to try in future too."

Watch the video below:

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