Deji Adeyanju Speaks On Why Nigeria Should Accept Regional Govt, Gives Reasons

Deji Adeyanju Speaks On Why Nigeria Should Accept Regional Govt, Gives Reasons

  • Deji Adeyanju has thrown his weight behind the implementation of regional governance in Nigeria
  • Adeyanju criticizes the excessive power held by state governors, describing them as "sole administrators" who undermine local government functionality
  • Adeyanju believes that regional governance with stronger local government administration would lead to better governance and more balanced power distribution

FCT, Abuja - Prominent human rights activist Deji Adeyanju has spoken out in favour of the regional government as a means to enhance governance in Nigeria. recalls that when a draft bill proposing the re-adoption of regionalism went viral on social media two weeks ago, the House of Representatives denied the document's existence, stating that no such bill was under consideration by its committee.

Deji Adeyanju speaks in regionalism
Deji Adeyanju speaks in regionalism Photo credit: Deji Adeyanju
Source: Facebook

The bill, written by Akin Fapounda, a retired federal civil service director, aims to establish a new legal framework titled "The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria New Governance Model for Nigeria Act 2024."

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However, Fapounda plans to submit the document to President Bola Tinubu, who may then present it to the National Assembly as an executive bill.

Reacting to Fapounda's call for regionalism, Adeyanju, who spoke exclusively with emphasized that the viability of states across various regions, including the north-central, northeast, and south-south, is questionable.

According to Adeyanju, many of Nigeria's current states are not viable, pointing to examples such as Kogi and Kwara.

He said:

"I support regionalism because we currently have too many states in the country that are not even viable. For example, Kogi state, how viable is it? How viable is Kwara?
"How viable are the majority of the states in the north-central and the northeast, in the south-south, in the north-east and the north-west?"

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Local government focus

Adeyanju expressed the belief that a shift towards regional governance with a stronger emphasis on local government administration would improve the nation's governance.

The lawyer criticized the current state of local government in Nigeria, suggesting that governors have too much power and control, leading to ineffective governance.

"Suppose we have these regions, and we now emphasise more of the local government administrations in the country. In that case, I think we will get better as a nation because all we have now are mini-lords in the state who run riots with security."

Governors as sole administrators

Adeyanju highlighted the concentration of power in the hands of state governors, who he describes as "sole administrators" with unchecked authority.

This centralization, he argues, stifles local governance and creates an environment where local governments exist only on paper.

He asserted:

"They have enough to loot and play around and practically local government administration in the country does not even exist.

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"They only exist on the paper. The governors are the sole administrators of the state, they are the lord and master, the judge, jury and the executioners and it is what they say, or whatever they will that exists in their respective states."

Call for regional governance

Adeyanju concluded by asserting that regional governance would be more appropriate for Nigeria, providing a better framework for effective governance and administration.

Adeyanju maintained that such a system would reduce the concentration of power and improve the overall governance mechanism in the country.

He said:

"So. Unfortunately, we are not having the best governance mechanism in the country. But in terms of governance procedural steps, I believe that regional government is the most appropriate for the Nigerian state."

Deji Adeyanju advises Tinubu over Nnamdi Kanu's detention

In another report, Adeyanju issued a strong message to President Bola Tinubu, urging him to release Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

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Adeyanju pointed out that the Supreme Court has ruled that Nnamdi Kanu was subjected to extraordinary rendition, rendering his detention legally questionable.


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