It Is Biblical": Why Christians' First Salary Is Meant for Church Leaders, Pastor Ighodalo Explains

It Is Biblical": Why Christians' First Salary Is Meant for Church Leaders, Pastor Ighodalo Explains

  • Pastor Ituah Ighodalo of Trinity House Church in Lagos has explained the Biblical concept of first fruits
  • In a modern context, the pastor interprets the first fruits as the first salary or income earned by an individual, emphasising the importance of presenting it to the Lord to ensure financial blessings throughout the year
  • According to Ighodalo, the first fruit belongs to the priests or church leaders, serving as compensation for their commitment to the work of God journalist Nurudeen Lawal has years of experience covering the intersections of Nigerian politics, government policies and religion

Lagos - Ituah Ighodalo, the senior pastor of the Trinity House Church, Lagos, has explained that the first fruit belongs to church leaders.

In an interview with The Punch, Pastor Ighodalo said the first fruit is the first of the offerings someone gets during the harvest year or when one begins a new venture.

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Pastor Ituah Ighodalo/First Fruit
Pastor Ituah Ighodalo says Christians' first salary is for church leaders. Photo credit: Ituah Ighodalo
Source: Facebook
"It is an offering of thanks and appreciation. What the Bible says is that if you do that and you put God first, the rest of your harvest will not fail," the Trinity House Church pastor said.

Ighodalo explains first fruit in modern context

Explaining the first fruit in modern-day terms, Pastor Ighodalo said the first salary one earns, or the first income one generates from business as a businessman, is one's first fruit.

"You should come and present it to the Lord so that your income for that year will be guaranteed.
"So in the modern day, if you get a salary increase from N100,000 to N150,000, the additional N50,000 you get the first time you earn that N150,000, becomes the first fruit of your increase. This is to ensure that the increase doesn’t fail and that it continues. It is biblical and spiritual. That explains the first fruit.

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First fruit belongs to church leaders.

Asked if the first fruit belongs to the pastor or the church, Pastor Ighodalo said it belongs to the priests, adding that it is "God’s way of compensating them for their commitment and dedication to the work of God."

"These days, the money goes to the church primarily, which was what it was then, and then the church will divide it among its people as it deems fit. Some may go to the priests, Levites, welfare cases, the poor, or church building and enforcement. That is how it generally is. What you do is that you’re giving it to God and God is giving it to his people," the cleric added.

Nigerians react

Adekunle Imran said on Facebook:

"I remembered what I did with my first salary. It was a token then, and I divided it into two; one part for both my parents and the other half for myself, and since that year 2010, the God I serve and worship has never let me down. I like giving my father money , his prayer always (Olorun a fun e ni albarika) meaning. ( God bless you more.)"

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ComradeKelvin JBlog said:

"Which one is for the parents? Make una slow down on pulpit extortion and focus more on soul-winning. In this harsh economy, when the faith of many is depreciating, people need to be encouraged and motivated."

Arogundade O. Kabiru said:

"If there is anyone that deserves your first salary is your parent or those that raise you.... support your religious organization at will not by force or deceits. God bless Nigeria."

Ime Emmanson said:

"I just want to appreciate the media for how they collaborate with the Church to give men of God and God's work FREE publicity.
"Given the fact that some of the men of God actually labour so much, it is deserving. Thank you, media."

Pastor Anosike demands January salary from members

Meanwhile, Ikechukwu John Anosike, a senior pastor at the Spirit Revelation Ecclesia, Cape Town, South Africa, has told his church members that their first fruit is for him.

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In his speech, Pastor Anosike said he needs his followers’ January salaries for his “welfare”.

It is not immediately clear when exactly the video was taken.


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